Will we ever see a Subset to Air Bending in The Legend of Korra?

Out of the four elements in the Avatar World, we have seen the Subsets of Earth, Water and Fire Bending. Earth Benders have the ability to bend metal, Water Benders have the ability to blood bend and heal, and Fire Benders have the ability to produce and re-direct lightning.

All of these Subsets have proved to be extremely valuable assets for the bender who possesses them. Toph was able to bend metal and escape captivity, Katara was able to heal Aang with the water from the Spirit Oasis, and Zuko was able to redirect the lightening Fire Lord Ozai directed at him once the Eclipse ended on The Day of Black Sun.

Unfortunately, Aang never had the luxury of utilizing a Subset from his natural form of bending: Air Bending. He was constrained to utilizing what Air Bending could accomplish itself rather than utilizing a possible Subset.

But despite the fact that we still have yet to see a Subset to Air Bending after all these years, it’s still valid to question its existence. Just because we haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In fact, I’m fairly confident that a Subset to Air Bending does indeed exist, but I don’t think we’ll ever see it or learn what it is.

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Avatar Aang Could Have a Big Role in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra

Since Book 2 of The Legend of Korra is titled ‘Spirit’, it has been well known that The Spirit World will be very important to Book 2’s plot line. Avatar Korra has already mastered the physical side of being the Avatar, but she must still master the spiritual side. This will likely result in a few episodes devoted specifically to The Spirit World.

In case you may have forgotten, Avatar Aang’s first trip to The Spirit World was full of a lot of confusion and fear. At the time, Aang was a novice to The Spirit World, and thus he needed a bit of guidance. So to help Aang out, Avatar Roku was introduced: he helped guide Aang on his quests in The Spirit World as well as his journey to becoming a fully realized Avatar.

When Korra enters The Spirit World in Book 2, there is no question that she will also feel a bit confused. She will likely feel alone and powerless against the elements before her, but I think Korra will soon realize that she’s not as alone as she may anticipate. Just as Avatar Roku helped Avatar Aang, I believe that Avatar Aang will help guide Avatar Korra.

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‘The Legend of Korra’ Episode 9 ‘Out of the Past’ Recap

The Legend of Korra episode 9 titled ‘Out of the Past’ was yet another fantastic episode. It further developed the characters, showed us the old ‘Team Avatar’ in numerous flashbacks, and thickened the plot to a point that all my speculations have been proven faulty.

The episode starts off with Tarrlock essentially announcing that the Equalists had ambushed him and Avatar Korra the night before to take Korra captive. In case you may have forgotten, this isn’t what actually happened. In episode 8, we see that Tarrlock attacks Korra and takes her captive himself.

When Tenzin, Bei Fong, Mako, Bolin and Asami hear about this, they decide to break into an Equalist-run underground passage in hopes of finding Bei Fong’s lost men and Korra. Towards the end of the tunnel, Tenzin and company find Bei Fong’s lost men, but not Korra. The lost men confirm that Amon had taken away their bending once he took them hostage.

Later, Tenzin and company find out from an Equalist member that the Equalists were not responsible for the attack that Tarrlock accused them of. Tenzin then uses this as evidence to convict Tarrlock of framing the Equalists for the attack and taking Korra hostage himself.

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‘Legend of Korra’ Character Tree Released


Above you’ll notice a family tree representing all of the known characters so far. Now we know Aang and Katara’s children, as well as Toph’s child. But we know nothing about Toph’s husband. Very mysterious.

We should find out more about the family linkage once the show airs later in April.

Katara Looks to be Alive in ‘Legend of Korra’

Recent evidence (possibly leaked) has pretty much confirmed the presence of another important, but familiar character in Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

The recently leaked ‘Legend of Korra‘ video clips have appeared to show us much more than Korra’s bending styles. We also saw an old water tribe lady that remorsefully talked about how Aang was no longer present, and how her brother along with the rest of her friends had all passed. Oh, and she has “hair loopies” too.

I think you can certainly take that as a confirmation that Katara will indeed be in ‘Legend of Korra‘. But my question to you is: how long will she stay alive?