Book 2 of The Legend of Korra Character Round Up

Over the past few months, we’ve learned a lot about the upcoming characters who will be present in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra. We’ve learned a lot about how the lives of the main protagonists have changed and we’ve even been exposed to a few mystery characters that we know nothing about.

In order to sum up all the character information released over the past 6 months, I have created a character round up for your reference. I’ve only included characters who will be newly introduced as well as past characters who have changed.

Korra – Avatar Korra is officially a fully realized Avatar minus the spirituality. Now that she’s supposedly mastered all four elements, her destiny is clear: ensure peace and harmony in the Avatar World. Book 1 focused a lot on Korra’s inability to air bend as well as her conflict with Amon and the Anti-Equalist regime. In Book 2, Korra will have to focus less on becoming the Avatar and more on being the Avatar.

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Nickelodeon Knows the Release Date for Book 2 of The Legend of Korra, But They Won’t Reveal It


Warning: This rant may not be suitable for children or adults in love with the Nickelodeon.

Clearly, I’m a bit frustrated with the “glorious” network that brought The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra to television. Just when we thought we’d get some official news about Book 2, specifically a trailer, Nickelodeon pulls the rug from underneath us and laughs. If the executives over at Nickelodeon were the least bit competent, they’d understand how advertising Book 2 during a commercial break of The Last Airbender was so perfect.

Most of the Avatar fans, both young and old, were all watching Nickelodeon together for the first time since the season finale of Book 1. When you have an entire fan base rounded up, you capitalize, but Nickelodeon ignored it. Like I have said before, The Legend of Korra is probably the most mature animated series Nickelodeon airs on their network. To think that all Legend of Korra fans are avid Nickelodeon watchers is ridiculous.

There’s a good chunk of the fan base that doesn’t even watch Nickelodeon unless The Last Airbender or The Legend of Korra airs. They’ve outgrown the network; it’s as simple as that. Obtaining a moment in which all the fans, both young and old, are watching the network is rare. It doesn’t come by that often, but when it does, Nickelodeon needs to take advantage of the scenario. They need to advertise Book 2 and show its fans that it still does exist. They need to rejuvenate the fan base that’s been left dead in the water since Comic-Con.

Besides, viewers who don’t take part in the online fandom likely know nothing about Book 2. Why should they? Ever since Book 1 ended, Nickelodeon has not even mentioned Book 2 on their network. How can you expect older fans that are not a part of the online fandom to even know about Book 2? It’s not like they spend their free time watching Spongebob Squarepants (at least I hope not). There’s no way for Book 2 to even be advertised to them. There was an opportunity when a lot of these older fans were watching The Last Airbender movie on Nickelodeon, but the network blew that chance. Realistically speaking, I don’t think there is another way to massively advertise Book 2 to the older fans that don’t watch Nickelodeon.

But surly Nickelodeon has its own plan, right? I personally wouldn’t think too much of their current “plan.” Up to this point, their “plan” has screwed the older fans and they’re currently screwing us online-fans. Why? Because based on how the Twittersphere’s been rolling these days, it looks like Nickelodeon has set a release date for Book 2, but they aren’t telling us the date for reasons that defy logic.

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Alyson Stoner to Voice a Character named Opal in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra

Alyson Stoner, most famous for her past roles on Disney Channel, recently confirmed that she’ll be playing the voice of a character named Opal in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra.

This confirmation comes from her official website in which she announced all the roles that she will be taking part in during the 2013 year. The third line of her list reads “Voicing “Opal” in Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra”.

Now this line can be interpreted in one of two ways: either Alyson will begin voicing Opal’s character in 2013 for Book 3, or she has already voiced Opal’s character for Book 2 and we’ll get to see it when it airs sometime this year. It’s a bit unclear, so I expect to see different interpretations from fans around the web. Obviously I’m interpreting this quote as the latter of the two ways, but I think I may have some evidence that proves my interpretation to be correct.

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The Last Airbender Movie will Premiere Tomorrow on Nickelodeon, Should we expect a Trailer for Book 2?

Last Airbender

After several years of waiting, Nickelodeon has finally decided to premiere The Last Airbender movie on their network. The Last Airbender will be making its first television premiere this Monday (tomorrow), January 21st at 6 PM, on Nickelodeon. Now I’m not writing this post to further bash this movie since I know that a lot of people who visit this blog seem to like the movie. I don’t know why, maybe they’re seeing something in it that I’m not.

Anyways, the premiere of The Last Airbender comes at a very interesting time. January is coming to a close and February will start up fairly soon. After a shortened month in February, we have March and then finally April, which is believed to be the release month for Book 2. That means we only have about 3 months left until Book 2 of The Legend of Korra supposedly begins.

However in the world of television exclusively, Book 2 of The Legend of Korra doesn’t even exist. Since the conclusion of Book 1, Nickelodeon hasn’t even mentioned the existence of Book 2 of The Legend of Korra on TV.

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Hear me Talk about The Legend of Korra on Avatar: The Last Airbender Online’s Podcast

Earlier this morning, 6 AM to be exact, I guest-stared on Avatar: The Last Airbender Online’s official Podcast. Morgan Bannon, also known as Airspeed Prime on their hugely popular fan site, interviewed me and asked some questions about my take on running an Avatar Fan Site or blog. We then went into some Book 1 discussion as well as Book 2 speculation. If you want to hear more about my thoughts on The Legend of Korra, be sure to check out the Podcast.

Download Podcast: (Click Link and Either Save or Open)

Avatar: The Last Airbender Online’s Official Podcast – Admin Talk (Download Link)

Here’s a brief rundown of the overall Podcast from start to finish:

  1. Introduction
  2. My thoughts on what it’s like to run this blog
  3. Thoughts on the Avatar Community
  4. Discussion of Book 1
  5. Speculation of Book 2, 3 & 4
  6. Discussion of Avatar Comics (I forgot the title of ‘The Promise’ in this segment)
  7. Closing

The Podcast is a little over an hour long, but I highly recommend that you listen to it in your spare time and be sure to let me know what you think. My voice was a little groggy since I had just woken up, but I think I pulled through OK for my first Podcast.

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Happy One Year Anniversary, Legend of Korra Fans and Readers!

One year ago today, I registered for this WordPress Domain and decided to start blogging about The Legend of Korra. I wrote a few posts and kind of forgot about this blog until May, when The Legend of Korra was actually airing. The reason why I started writing the blog again was because despite the fact that I was not even writing any posts, I was averaging almost 50 people a day – with close to no content. That’s unreal. And those 50 people who were visiting began to comment, “Why is content no longer being posted?” Obviously, I could not leave them hanging.

That’s when I realized how much potential this blog truly had. There is no doubt that we are still growing as a community, but I am ecstatic about how far this community has come as a whole. According to the Dai Li Breakthrough Design, we are the third most popular Avatar Fan Site world-wide, and we’re hardly a year old – more like 9 months old. That’s truly a remarkable accomplishment and I owe that completely and solely to you, my readers.

Without all of you, this blog is nothing. It’s merely a template of some High School kid’s opinion on an animated series that happens to be hugely popular. No one would be interested in reading that, but a lot of you did anyways and it started a trend. I’ve written a few blogs in the past, but none of them have grown like this. I’ve now learned that the reason they didn’t grow is because they lacked the community that all of you have formed. It lacked the unity that all of us here have created.

Avatar is a unique show because it comprises of one of the most close-knitted, hard-core fans out there. And that’s been proven with all of your comments time and time again. The passion with which some of you discuss the show on the comment board is truly remarkable and it motivates me as a writer to post better content each time.

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Was Amon and Yacone Related to Hama from The Last Airbender?

One of the most mysterious episodes in The Last Airbender happened to introduce one of the most frightening characters in the entire series: Hama. When Hama was younger, she resided in the Southern Watertribe along with Katara’s grandmother Kanna. She lived the life of a normal water bender until the Fire Nation attacked her small tribe. Slowly, the Fire Nation soldiers picked off each waterbender one by one until Hama was finally captured.

From there she remained imprisoned, with no plans of remaining captive for long. She invented and perfected her skill of Bloodbending and used it to escape. From there she became the insane Inn Keeper that we all know her to be. Her reign of Bloodbending ultimately ended with her in handcuffs while she crackled with laughter, reiterating the fact that her job was done.

So her role in the series is done, right? Her legacy stops right there? Not necessarily. I think her insanity might have been hereditary.

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