Subset for Air Bending and Identity of Lin Beifong’s Father Confirmed for The Legend of Korra, but NOT Book 2

Two days ago, we were given the information that the identity of Lin Beifong’s father as well as information on the subset of Air Bending was going to be revealed in The Legend of Korra. I had explained that these two aspects would be revealed in Book 2, but I may have had a bit of a slip-up.

While I was reading Morgan Bannon’s (Airspeed Prime) latest post on Avatar: The Last Airbender Online, he pointed out a very interesting observation: this information was never confirmed for Book 2, specifically. While going over the Tumblr post again that had revealed this information, I realized that Morgan was correct.

Even though we will learn about Lin Beifong’s mother as well as the Subset to Air Bending at some point in time, we can’t necessarily confirm that this information will be revealed in Book 2.

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Will we ever see a Subset to Air Bending in The Legend of Korra?

Out of the four elements in the Avatar World, we have seen the Subsets of Earth, Water and Fire Bending. Earth Benders have the ability to bend metal, Water Benders have the ability to blood bend and heal, and Fire Benders have the ability to produce and re-direct lightning.

All of these Subsets have proved to be extremely valuable assets for the bender who possesses them. Toph was able to bend metal and escape captivity, Katara was able to heal Aang with the water from the Spirit Oasis, and Zuko was able to redirect the lightening Fire Lord Ozai directed at him once the Eclipse ended on The Day of Black Sun.

Unfortunately, Aang never had the luxury of utilizing a Subset from his natural form of bending: Air Bending. He was constrained to utilizing what Air Bending could accomplish itself rather than utilizing a possible Subset.

But despite the fact that we still have yet to see a Subset to Air Bending after all these years, it’s still valid to question its existence. Just because we haven’t seen it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. In fact, I’m fairly confident that a Subset to Air Bending does indeed exist, but I don’t think we’ll ever see it or learn what it is.

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