Republic City Needs to be Explored More in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra

One thing I have learned over the years is that there’s no such thing as a perfect show. The Last Airbender was probably one of the best series’ of television I have ever seen, yet the show did have its fair share of flaws. The same thing can be said for The Legend of Korra.

One thing I noticed in Book 1 of The Legend of Korra was that Mike and Bryan really shied away from showing off Republic City. With the invention of the Satomobile and the constant use of Naga (who can walk through a city much easier than Appa would have been able to), we never really had the chance to see Republic City for the awesome city it supposedly is.

Instead, we saw the same parts of Republic City over and over again in different episodes. Personally, I never felt as attached to Republic City as I felt towards Ba Sing Se mostly because I have yet to see the city as a whole. I’ve seen Air Temple Island and the Pro Bending arena loads of times, but what about the shops and merchants on the sides of the streets? Or the towering sky scrapers that Mike and Bryan talked so much about?

We saw parts of Republic City that were meant to continue the story line, but there was very little exploration that was actually done.

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Zuko is Still Alive in ‘The Legend of Korra’

Zuko is still alive and well in ‘The Legend of Korra’ according to the interactive Republic City on He stepped down as Fire Lord Years ago and now travels the world as an ambassador for peace.

Zuko gave the thrown to his daughter, who hopefully still carries the same peaceful mentality as her father.

Because Zuko was kept alive, I feel that we’ll see him at some point during an episode of ‘The Legend of Korra’. But he’ll be different: He will be very old, and he won’t have Dante Basco’s wispy voice. Bummer.

Synopsis for First Two Legend of Korra Episodes


An officially synopsis for the first two episodes of The Legend of Korra have been released. The first episode is titled ‘Welcome to Republic City’ while the second episode is titled ‘A Leaf in the Wind’.

In the premiere episode, “Welcome to Republic City,” Korra leaves the safety of her home and travels to bustling Republic City to begin her airbending training. Once there, she is shocked to find a big city full of dangers, including criminal bending gangs and a vocal anti-bending revolution. In episode two, “A Leaf in the Wind,” Korra is living with her airbending teacher Tenzin on Air Temple Island. Frustrated with her inability to master airbending, she turns her attentions to Republic City’s famous Pro-bending Arena. There she befriends two brothers, Mako (David Faustino) and Bolin (P.J. Byrne), who compete in professional bending matches. Korra is immediately drawn to Pro-bending’s dynamic fighting style.

It sounds like these two episodes will go hand-in-hand so it would make perfect sense for them to air together.