‘The Legend of Korra’ Episode 9 ‘Out of the Past’ Recap

The Legend of Korra episode 9 titled ‘Out of the Past’ was yet another fantastic episode. It further developed the characters, showed us the old ‘Team Avatar’ in numerous flashbacks, and thickened the plot to a point that all my speculations have been proven faulty.

The episode starts off with Tarrlock essentially announcing that the Equalists had ambushed him and Avatar Korra the night before to take Korra captive. In case you may have forgotten, this isn’t what actually happened. In episode 8, we see that Tarrlock attacks Korra and takes her captive himself.

When Tenzin, Bei Fong, Mako, Bolin and Asami hear about this, they decide to break into an Equalist-run underground passage in hopes of finding Bei Fong’s lost men and Korra. Towards the end of the tunnel, Tenzin and company find Bei Fong’s lost men, but not Korra. The lost men confirm that Amon had taken away their bending once he took them hostage.

Later, Tenzin and company find out from an Equalist member that the Equalists were not responsible for the attack that Tarrlock accused them of. Tenzin then uses this as evidence to convict Tarrlock of framing the Equalists for the attack and taking Korra hostage himself.

Tenzin and the gang then confront Tarrlock about the matter afterwards. Tarrlock sees no other way to lie himself out of the mess so he conveniently blood bends Tenzin, Bei Fong, Mako, Bolin and Asami to the ground.

Meanwhile, while all of this is happening, Korra is meditating in her chamber that Tarrlock contained her in. She focuses on connecting with Aang, and as a result, we see tons of flashbacks of the old ‘Team Avatar’. We essentially see ‘Team Avatar’ trying to bring a blood bender named Yakone to justice. Out of all this, Korra realizes that Avatar Aang was trying to warn her about Tarrlock the whole time because Tarrlock is in fact Yacone’s son.

When Tarrlock returns from his latest blood bending session, he confronts Korra and explains that they will be leaving the city so he can hold a new identity. Tarrlock’s master plan becomes short lived when Amon finally shows up and takes away his bending.

But of course, Tarrlock didn’t back down without a fight: He tried to blood bend Amon, but it basically had no effect on him. Now I’m really confused: Amon can take away bending and he’s not affected by blood bending. He has traits that even the Avatar doesn’t have.

After Tarrlock loses his bending, Amon focuses his attention on taking Korra hostage. Korra pulls a trick of her own and escapes the vicinity. She finds herself in the middle of nowhere, but Naga, her Polar Bear Dog, conveniently finds Korra and takes her safely back to Republic City were the rest of the gang awaits her.

We’ll update all of you very soon on next week’s episode, ‘Turning the Tides’, which is followed up with a 1 hour season finale of The Legend of Korra.

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