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  1. hey anyidea when book 2 will actually come out
    myguess is a 2 weeks to a month

    • Book 2 is actually about a year away give or take some months. We have a little while to go.

      • Spirit(Book 2) should be released soon, though it had better hurry up ’cause I want to know if Korra has trouble with unlocking the last(or crown) chakra like Aang. Can’t wait!!!!

  2. Well, are Mako and Korra dating in this new season of legend of korra?

  3. Is the game avatar legends of the arena going to come out again , i just heard about it and really wanna try it 😀

  4. your email address doesn’t recieve e-mail. I wanted to tell you that you can see the actor Mako act on camera, if you watch episode 22 “Author, Author” of season 1, of Frasier. If you have netfix you should be able to see it. Mako have a very brief role in the episode, but you can see him on camera and speaking.

  5. how come you guys arent putting sokka’s children i think you guys need to make more sence by putting some of avatar the last airbender parts into legend of korra……!!!!

    • I so agree, and where the heck is Zuko???? I wonder if Sokka has childern and if dose are the like him??? I LOVE AVATAR!!!!!!!

  6. So, I was wondering…
    Back in TLA Princess Yue, the heir to the Northern Water Tribe, passed away. The hierarchy of the tribe was never mentioned again in the series…until it has been revealed recently that Korra’s uncle is the leader of the Northern Water Tribe. Have you heard of any speculation about the history of the NWT power shift? Wouldn’t this be a fun story arch to imagine?
    And with Tarlock gone, who will fill the NWT chairman’s position? What if it’s Korra’s uncle to move into the position? (Although that might be considered somewhat of a demotion…)
    I wonder if Mike and Bryan have had any of these same thoughts and will give us some of this info in book two!

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