Book 3 and Book 4 of The Legend of Korra Will Likely be Connected

The biggest knock I have on The Legend of Korra so far is the fact that Books 1 and 2 are not connected. For some reason, Nickelodeon Studios decided to green-light 12 episodes of The Legend of Korra, then order 14 more episodes after the first Book proved to be successful. This forced Mike and Bryan to develop the Books separately, causing each one to essentially be stand-alone.

Book 1 of The Legend of Korra covered the story of the Anti-Bending Revolution, while Book 2 is expected to cover an unspecified plot dealing with Spirits.

If Nickelodeon Executives allowed Mike and Bryan to work with 2 Books in the first place (like they should have), Books 1 and 2 would’ve most likely been connected. This would have made Book 1 feel less crammed since many of its plot elements would have been carried over into the next Book.

But even though Nickelodeon undoubtedly made a big mistake by ordering these Books separately, they seemed to have redeemed themselves when they ordered Book 3 and 4 together.

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Are Four Legend of Korra Books Too Many?

When I first heard the news that The Legend of Korra would include four books, I was ecstatic. Why shouldn’t I be? That essentially means that we as fans will get to watch more Legend of Korra episodes for many years to come. But when the news really sank in, I realized that four Legend of Korra books may not be as good as it seems.

Let’s start off my explanation with a question: Did you enjoy Book 1? Most likely, the answer to that question is yes. Book 1 of The Legend of Korra was without-a-doubt an awesome season of television. But the Book also had its fair share of problems, and most of these problems derived from the fact that the Book was only 12 episodes long.

A common opinion around the Avatar Fandom is that Book 1 was rushed, and I agree with that. The Book may not have felt rushed after episode 7 or 8, but once we saw how fast everything was wrapped up in the season finale, it was obvious that Mike and Bryan had a cram-fest when it came to writing the last two episodes. But it’s not the creators fault: Fitting a story as complex as Amon’s into a 12 episode Book is extremely difficult. But despite the fact that Book 1 seemed rushed, Mike and Bryan seemingly don’t plan on fixing this issue, as Books 2-4 will also contain a low episode count (13-14 episodes).

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Book 4 of The Legend of Korra Confirmed, Expected to be Last Book in the Series

A few days ago, we reported that 26 more episodes of The Legend of Korra were ordered. The big question at the time was how these 26 episodes were going to be divided: Would they all be devoted to one book, or would they be split up into two books?

Bryan Konietzko cleared it up for us on his Tumblr yesterday by explaining that the 26 additional episodes would be broken up into Book 3 and Book 4, each containing 13 episodes. Here is the breakdown directly from Tumblr:

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Legend of Korra Comic Con Panel Starts Tomorrow

On Friday, July 13 (tomorrow), the Legend of Korra Comic Con panel will finally start. All this time we figured we’d be receiving some Book 1 discussion followed up with a few Book 2 teasers during the event. But after yesterday’s surprising news, I think we’ll hear a lot of talk about the idea of having a Book 3 and possibly, Book 4.

If you’re heading out to Comic Con tomorrow, have fun. If you’re not, I can guarantee that we’ll have some pretty good coverage of the event here. Tomorrow will be interesting, but until then, here is a description of the panel to keep you anxious:

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Book 3 of The Legend of Korra Confirmed, Book 4 also Possible

Hopefully you’ve fallen in love with The Legend of Korra by now because Mike and Bryan reportedly have no intention of ending the series at Book 2.

According to Inside TV, 26 more episodes of The Legend of Korra have been ordered on top of the 26 current episodes. Book 1 includes 12 episodes while Book 2 will include 14 episodes. With 26 additional episodes confirmed, it is unclear how they will be divided.

If Mike and Bryan decide to make Book 3 similar to a season from The Last Airbender, it is likely that all 26 episodes would be devoted to that one book. But if they decide to continue their streak of making filler-less seasons (seasons without filler-episodes), then the 26 ordered episodes will likely be divided into Book 3 and Book 4.

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