How to Easily Help The Legend of Korra Beat My Little Pony in Best Animated Series Award

[Update:] Please understand that this is more or less just for fun. It’s realistically impossible for us to catch up with My Little Pony because they are ahead of us by 2 million votes.

That being said, this is more of a test to see how The Legend of Korra community would respond to this kind of event. It’ll be interesting to see how much we can increase our total votes by. Do it if you feel like it, don’t feel like you’re forced to. It’s all fun and games.

As many of us know, the animated show known as My Little Pony is currently beating The Legend of Korra for the best Animated Series of the year. As I have stated, I am not mad that My Little Pony is beating The Legend of Korra, I am mad that the show is beating The Legend of Korra by millions of votes. I have now learned that the reason for this is My Little Pony fans are using Scripts to help auto vote My Little Pony.

Luckily for us, an anonymous source has sent me a script to help up vote The Legend of Korra as well. The only problem is that one man can’t do it alone. To help The Legend of Korra surpass My Little Pony and their band of cheaters, you can run the script and help the Legend of Korra get more votes!

The script is really easy to use. Instructions after the jump.

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Legend of Korra Currently behind My Little Pony for the Best Animated Series of the Year – by A Lot

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know how baffled I am at the fact that The Legend of Korra trails My Little Pony in the Best Animated Series award. Let me be clear that I’m not angry at the fact that My Little Pony is leading The Legend of Korra. Obviously, that show must have some pretty dedicated fans and they deserve the support that they have claimed.

What surprises me is the margin of victory My Little Pony is about to have over The Legend of Korra. Currently, The Legend of Korra is in second place with about 263,000 votes. My Little Pony is in first place with over 2,000,000 votes. That’s not a typo; My Little Pony literally has over 2 million votes to Legend of Korra’s mere 263 thousand.

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