Avatar Aang Could Have a Big Role in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra

Since Book 2 of The Legend of Korra is titled ‘Spirit’, it has been well known that The Spirit World will be very important to Book 2’s plot line. Avatar Korra has already mastered the physical side of being the Avatar, but she must still master the spiritual side. This will likely result in a few episodes devoted specifically to The Spirit World.

In case you may have forgotten, Avatar Aang’s first trip to The Spirit World was full of a lot of confusion and fear. At the time, Aang was a novice to The Spirit World, and thus he needed a bit of guidance. So to help Aang out, Avatar Roku was introduced: he helped guide Aang on his quests in The Spirit World as well as his journey to becoming a fully realized Avatar.

When Korra enters The Spirit World in Book 2, there is no question that she will also feel a bit confused. She will likely feel alone and powerless against the elements before her, but I think Korra will soon realize that she’s not as alone as she may anticipate. Just as Avatar Roku helped Avatar Aang, I believe that Avatar Aang will help guide Avatar Korra.

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Check out AvatarJesal’s YouTube Channel for Book 2 News and Speculation

As we dive deeper and deeper into the Korra-Free months, news gets slow, and so does speculation. I’ve done my best to keep all of you up to date with the latest news and speculations based on Book 2, but to stay informed and entertained, you can’t always rely on just one source.

That’s why I’m here to provide you guys with a secondary source for all your Legend of Korra needs. Besides checking back to this blog, you should also check out AvatarJesal’s YouTube Channel. He is constantly updating his channel with Legend of Korra commentary based on news and speculation.

AvatarJesal’s strength is undoubtedly his outstanding speculation videos. They are extremely professional and quite intriguing. If you’re ever in the mood to hear more about what could take place during the course of Book 2, I urge you to check out AvatarJesal’s YouTube channel as he is very good about updating his subscribers on a daily basis.

But speculation is not his only strength. If there is ever any kind of breaking news or trending information, he’ll have it on his channel immediately. He really does do a fine job with his channel, so I urge you to at least check it out – maybe even subscribe.

Keep up the good work, AvatarJesal!

April Will be a Huge Month for The Legend of Korra

A couple days ago, I stumbled upon a tweet by April Stewart (voice actress) in which she proclaimed that she’d have to keep her mouth shut about The Legend of Korra until April. This led me to speculate that April 2013 could be the release date for Book 2 of The Legend of Korra.

While I still believe that this is true, Book 2 releasing in April is not the only speculations that can be made from Stewart’s tweet. As I have previously said, something will have to happen in April to allow voice actors to start talking more about The Legend of Korra. And even if Book 2 doesn’t release in April, further speculation still leads me to believe that April will be a big month for The Legend of Korra.

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I finally decided to create a Twitter Account for this blog to make it easier for fans to get the latest Legend of Korra news on the go. All you have to do is follow us on Twitter, and whenever we post news about The Legend of Korra on this blog, you’ll be notified via Twitter.

Twitter also makes it much easier for you to contact me, so if you ever have any questions related to Avatar in general, Tweet me and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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The Legend of Korra Book 2 to Possibly Release During April 2013

April Stewart, who has confirmed that she will be a voice actress involved in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra, may have slipped up a bit on twitter.

She recently tweeted directly to Legend of Korra fans and told them that she’d have to keep her mouth shut until April before she could talk about the show. She also mentioned that it would be worth the wait.

You can see the full tweet below, but if you ask me, it looks like April Stewart may have let the release date for Book 2 of The Legend of Korra slip.

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What if JJ Abrams Directed The Legend of Korra Movie?

By now, most of the Avatar Fandom has heard about the potential Legend of Korra Movie. Ever since the news was released, forums, comment boards and even YouTube videos have hosted discussions constantly. Since the idea of a movie is currently a popular topic within the Avatar Fandom, I thought it was a good idea to discuss the possibilities.

If you revisit the Variety article that broke this news, the author mentions that Mary Parent and J.J. Abrams could be involved in a few of the future animated movies being made. Personally, the only movie I’ve ever scene from Mary Parent was Pleasantville, which was for my English Paper last year. So I think it’s safe to say that I’m not too familiar with her work, but I am very familiar with JJ Abrams’ work. If you’re not too familiar with Abrams, let me fill you in: he was the director for movies like Star Trek (2009), Super 8 and Mission: Impossible III. He was also the director for the show Lost.

Based on this, I think it’s safe to say that JJ Abrams is a big-time director. And the fact that he could be involved in one of Paramount Pictures future animated films begs the question: what if he directs The Legend of Korra Movie?

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Paramount Pictures to Produce The Legend of Korra Movie?

Paramount Pictures is on the move again. According to Variety, the studio recently hired seven new writers to help with future animation projects. It has also been confirmed that Brad Grey, the chief of Paramount Pictures, has been in search for potential projects for the Studio.

Recent reports suggest that Grey has decided to turn to Paramount Picture’s sister division, Nickelodeon, for a supply of IP’s. Of the potential IP’s listed, the only one that struck me was “The Legend of Korra”.

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