Mae Whitman, Voice of Katara, Thinks She’ll Voice Act for The Legend of Korra

Mae Whitman, the voice actress of Katara from The Last Airbender, recently stated in an interview that she expects to eventually begin voice acting for another character involved in The Legend of Korra.

This answer was formed when Whitman was asked, “Is there any possibility that you might come back to record for The Legend of Korra at some point, too?

Mae’s exact answer is as followed:

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‘Legend of Korra’ Character Tree Released


Above you’ll notice a family tree representing all of the known characters so far. Now we know Aang and Katara’s children, as well as Toph’s child. But we know nothing about Toph’s husband. Very mysterious.

We should find out more about the family linkage once the show airs later in April.

3 More Characters Named for ‘Legend of Korra’

Today we have some information on 3 new possible characters that could appear in Avatar: The Legend of Korra. According to IMBD (Internet Movie Data-Base), “Teenage Noatak”, “Earthbending Gangster”, and ” Waterbender Gangster AKA Viper”  are all characters that will make their debut in the first episode of ‘Legend of Korra‘.

No information on the background of these characters have been given, but you can certainly speculate a lot based on the fact that two of these characters are in gangs.

Earlier this week, an Older version of Katara was confirmed to be a character in at least one episode of the show. If you are interested in viewing all of the confirmed characters so far for in ‘Legend of Korra‘, you can visit IMBD’s list of confirmed characters.

Katara Looks to be Alive in ‘Legend of Korra’

Recent evidence (possibly leaked) has pretty much confirmed the presence of another important, but familiar character in Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

The recently leaked ‘Legend of Korra‘ video clips have appeared to show us much more than Korra’s bending styles. We also saw an old water tribe lady that remorsefully talked about how Aang was no longer present, and how her brother along with the rest of her friends had all passed. Oh, and she has “hair loopies” too.

I think you can certainly take that as a confirmation that Katara will indeed be in ‘Legend of Korra‘. But my question to you is: how long will she stay alive?