Watch Legend of Korra Book 1 Episodes for Free in HD

I decided that it was time to finally give my readers the one thing any Legend of Korra fan would want: a hub to watch all the episodes for free. That’s why I created a page on this blog that allows you to do just that. This page includes an embedded version of each and every Legend of Korra Book 1 episode released.

The best part about it is that they are all in Full HD and the streams are excellent. Hopefully you won’t have dig through Google’s search results to find the episodes any more; they’ll all be right here on this blog.

If you don’t feel like navigating to the actual page, I embedded all the episodes in this post as well:

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3 New ‘Legend of Korra’ Video Clips from the Show Revealed

Viacom has certainly been busy keeping Avatar: The Legend Of Korra on the down-low from the public eye lately. They’ve already been responsible for removing multiple video leaks of the show that’s expected to officially air Fall of 2012.

But those leaks are nothing special compared to we’ve got on our hands today. We have three video clips of the actual show itself, that show off Korra’s martial arts and, most importantly, her bending of the Earth, Water and Fire elements.

It’s uncertain as of now if these were officially released, but the consensus is that they could be a part of a leaked batch that Viacom will surly take down sooner or later. But if you happened to get to this article fast enough, maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones that get an exclusive access to the show months before it airs.

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