Book 2 of The Legend of Korra will Reveal a Subset to Airbending as well as the Identity of Lin Beifong’s Father

A few days ago, an event called Momocon was held and Steve Blum (voice of Amon), Sifu Kisu (martial arts master), and Sifu Rodriguez (consultant for Toph) were present for a question and answer session.

During the question and answer, fans were able to obtain new information on Book 2 of The Legend of Korra. What we now know is that a subset to Air Bending will be shown and the identity of Lin Beifong’s father will be revealed.

It’s interesting because these are two speculative topics I’ve already covered and voiced my opinion on. Many months ago, I speculated that the Duke could be Lin Beifong’s father. I also speculated the possibility of a subset to Air Bending and I ultimately rejected the likelihood of it being revealed to us.

I was wrong. Surprise, surprise.

Both of these tid-bits of news really come as a surprise to me because I wasn’t expecting either of these two topics to ever be addressed. As the wait for Book 2 grows, so does the anticipation as well as the expectations.

This just makes me crave Book 2 even more. What about you?

31 Responses

  1. I always thought Storm Bending would be a cool subset to Air. Since storms are made from pressure systems as well as the clashing of cold and warmer air currents, it follows that an Airbender could make these things happen to unleash some sort of storm. Debatable if they could choose which type of storm to summon, but still fun to think about.

  2. Fire- Lightning
    Water- Blood
    Earth- Metal
    Air- Storm/Sound maybe?

    And here’s an off-topic, random thought: Isn’t air bending and water bending kind of the same? I mean, air is basically water. So shouldn’t water benders be able to air bend? I know it’s a cartoon, but I’m looking at it from a logical standpoint.

    • I agree with you on Sound. I’ve been thinking if a subset were to exist, Sound Bending would probably be it.

    • Dude. Air is not basically water. It’s basically a bunch of different gases floating around. Tell true, it includes water vapor, but that’s not even a fraction of it. Matter of fact, it’s mostly nitrogen…at least more than half, nitrogen. Now, a waterbender can bend the water out of the air, and I bet an airbender could bend bubbles easily enough, but you could say an airbender bends N2 and O2, while a waterbender bends H20. Though this show resorts to the unscientific “elements” for its premise, so that’s not an accurate thing to say. If it were, Lin would have been able to bend platinum, an actual element. An actual element…found in the earth. Platinum’s not an alkaline earth metal, but a transition metal, buuuuuttttt….whatever. Still funny that an earthbender can’t bend an actual element.

      I don’t mean to sound condescending, or like a jerk, but dude. Air is not basically water. Please, for the love of science, know that.

      I don’t really wanna know who Lin’s father is, but sound sounds like a good airbending subskill. Haha. Sounds.

  3. The Duke better be Lin’s dad. And I’m not too thrilled with the Airbending subset. I hope it’s done well.

    • I think the Duke has a good shot at being her dad. I just hope they don’t make the subset too overpowered. Make it realistic, not incredibly powerful.

  4. I kind of wish they would have kept the airbending information a secret unless it is a concept that is going to be revealed early in the show.

  5. So what about something even more dangerous than blood bending? with “oxigen-bending” an airbender could take away the oxigen from air and so, prevent any chance to firebend, and to breathe of course…but I’m not sure, just thinking of something really cool but dangerous as well…

  6. That’s very interesting. A few weeks ago I met Grey Delisle at Emealrd city comic con, and she said that she voicing a younger version of an established character, and that will we will find out why that person is the way they are now. Maybe it’s lin, and maybe Lin’s father had something to do with how lin turned into the person she is today. Maybe it has something to do with the plot I have no idea. I just made a random connection. Is it possible? Yes. But at the same time it could be very wrong. Buy you could very well be right. I always thought The duke was Lin’s father, but maybe not. We just don’t know.

    • That’s pretty neat. Yeah I heard about that. It’s been widely speculated that she was indeed referring to Lin as a childhood, so you’re not alone!

  7. Lool when I heard that there was a subset to airbending I literally screamed with excitement because i think thats awesome….So yeah now I am craving for book 2.

  8. I think this new subset will be breathbending!! I feel like it has to be something dangerous and lethal like lightning and blood. Whatever it is I’m excited to see it and this just increases the amount of anticipation I have. Can’t wait till book 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That actually makes a little sense. Bloodbending bends the water in blood, metalbending bends the earth in metal. Though, to take it a step further, one could, with this skill, bend the oxygen in the blood (oxygen is a good enough fraction of air for me to assume an airbender can bend it specifcally) and create ruptures in the bloodstream, possibly to the point of blindness, deafness, and all sorts of terribly painful and incapacitating effects.


    So excited! Can’t breath! Fan-girling over here! EEEEEKKK!!

    Okay, I’m called down now. 🙂 Maybe. I can’t wait!

  10. Interesting… I can’t wait to know what kind of man was courageous and not to say crazy enough, to tame that stone-throwing lady.^^

    But I’m confused. Haven’t we already seen a subset of air-bending in Book1? Meelo’s Fart-Bending? XD However, I believe, it will be something like Vacuum-Bending or Thunder/Shockwave-Bending. (At first, I actually thought that was what Korra was using in the climax of Book1.^^)

    • A vacuum is empty of anything. No air, no matter, nothing. Nothing to bend. Airbending itself could create an air vaccum; an area empty of air, but that would be them removing the air from an area. By airbending it away.

      Thunder is just noise. Sound. Possible. I like it.

      A shockwave isn’t really one kind of thing. Also hard for me to describe. It’s like….a medium being distorted or reacting to a wave of energy. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Toph create a shockwave via earthbending, and Aang create a shockwave through airbending. I’m finding it difficult to say what I mean about it….perhaps you mean to say they could bend kinetic energy? That could work. Would be overpowered, but I’m game.

      Fartbending. No words….no words.

  11. I’m super excited to see the airbending subset! i had the feeling we were going to get one

  12. WOW lin’s father!!! yess! I’ve been waiting for this a looooonnnggg timeee SO excited about book 2 aaahhhh!!!

  13. I am unsure of how they could handle the Airbending subset. I mean, from a logical standpoint, Airbending is ridiculously overpowered as it is. Aang has been shown multiple times to be able to compress air enough to cause major shenanigans. Example: the air combined with the rock wedge broke Azula’s metal drill-invader-thing. Aang regularly uses it to lift himself up, despite having no aerodynamic form. Finally, the final battle with Ozai was full of this. That doesn’t even count the numerous times he could have sucked the air out of people causing them to suffocate, fall unconscious, and thus prevent any conflict. Air is also abundant no matter where he goes (except underwater, of course, and even that has some). To me, it seems that any subset would just be too close to normal airbending. Pressure waves seem cool though, to allow for sonic booms and whatnot. I don’t know where they’ll go with this, but I hope it’s done well.

    As for Lin’s dad, well, my main hope is that it is a previously encountered character is chosen. I hope it’s really The Duke, like everyone else is saying. I honestly can’t think of much else, other than Sokka (only viable if he broke up with Suki; again, possible, but not likely).

    Either, this is brilliant news. Honestly though Nick, Y U NO GIVE BOOK 2 RELEASE DATE?

    • Remember that Lin and Tenzin dated at some point. Now if this were an actual anime and not a somewhat anime-inspired American show, this wouldn’t matter because cousins dating ain’t that frowned upon. But this is a Nick show, and if they potrayed cousins dating they’d have it in for them but disturbed parents everywhere. So no. Sokka is not the father. I don’t really wanna know who it is, but I must say I did alway like Sokka x Toph. Though, looking at it, The Duke wouldn’t be a bad choice for them to go with.

  14. In the collectible card game, it was mentioned that using air, an airbender could use a technique that worked a lot like gravity pulling a person closer tot he ground. Maybe its going to be shown that that’s what the sub group bending it is?

    • That’s suction. As in pressure differences. Pressure differences usually caused by air. Air as in airbending. Denied.

      • yeah…feel like pushing my idea some more coz the more i think of it,the more i like it =) ….TADA!ASTRAL PROJECTION! xD …or at least something similar, in that the air bender would be able to control the pressure differences in the air to form mirages…like Nami does in One piece if any of you guys are fans =) ….Whatddya think??=D

  15. I know that girl in the middle cosplaying as Korra! I met her in Dragon Con.

  16. GUYS! Telekinesis! That would totally work because an airbender can manipulate the air around an object/person and move them by controlling the air around it. This would be perfect! 😀

    • That is…preeeeety much what they already do. And, sorry to burst you’re bubble, but it isn’t a perfect idea. For fire, lighening is the subskill. Fire and lightening, while alike in “HOLY MOTHER THIS IS HOT AND BRIGHT AND I CAN TASTE MY OWN MELTING FLESH!” could not be more different. Fire is combustion, an exothermic reaction. Lightening is the sudden balance of two electrically charged regions. Earthbending’s subskill is metalbending. This one is downright funny. They bend dirt and raw minerals. Not…not actual metallic elements. They bend the impurities within the metal to move it; not the metal itself. Bloodbending is quite similar. The waterbender takes control of a quantity of water that they cannot see, held within a foreign object. Blood actually is basically water with extra goodies for life support. So they bend the water. In the blood. In the person. My point is that out of the three subskills, two are technically super-focused versions of the orginal art, tailored to use an element to control something else. The other is something…well, the show uses a more primitive definition of “element,” so the science is understandably and acceptfully tossed out the window…the other is only similar in terms of a few characteristics. Fire’s hot and burns things. Lightening’s hot and can start fires that burn things. So two subskills are super-focus, the other is something remotely similar. So airbending’s subskill would be superfocused into something else, or somthing remotely similar. Like I said though, telekinesis sounds off to me, because I bet a talented airbender could do that with such simplicity that it wouldn’t be fit to be called a subskill.

      A good subskill for air would be either what they’re saying, sound, or possibly the classic Greek element aether, the essence the gods breathed, and made up heavenly bodies. I think the former would be better. Aether could be overpowered, or maybe a simple meditation tool, which would be in line with the Air Nomads.

      • hey there everyone =) yeah,i was just reading your comment and thought about something….or at least, another option for the whole airbending subset coz, even though sound sounds…i dont know,ok, i guess…its just not the perfect fit to me that all the other elements subsets are….i suppose,I’m more of a supporter of the whole storm subset, coz well,logically it makes more sense…and i mean,it requires less explanation i guess…it is a nick toon after all, they do have to cater for the younger audience and making things too complicated would just take too much time,which just doesnt seem likely considering season twos only 14 eps long…but well, not really all that convinced about that either, coz if that were the case, why didnt the airbenders just all unleash storms when they were being invaded =/….i do have this idea of it maybe being something similar to astral projection…like being able to cause mirages due to pressure differences in the air….it was actually a combination of your comment and Nami from One piece(if any of you guys know it) that got me thinking about it….plus it could be a pretty handy skill,in the hands of someone who knows how to use it =] …Just thought I’d put it out there =) Do with it what you may =}

      • Hello Trinity. I can’t (or don’t know how to) reply directly to you so I’ll just reply to myself and maybe you’ll see it later….

        I admit, I was not quite sure what astral projection was. The name gives some hints, but I still had to look it up. I have no idea how One Piece interprets it (I don’t watch neverending animes) but the actual definetion won’t work. It’s basically an out of body experience, with an emphasis on spirituality. So….yeah Avatars can already do that. Spirt World, anybody…? The meditation part fits, with the monks and all, but Avatars leave their bodies to enter the spirit world. Now, it’s possible you are right and the subskill is astral projection, and the reason we haven’t seen it thus far is because Aang, as the Avatar, could already do that, and we see Tenzin use this skill, as Korra wouldn’t really need to learn it. But that’s why it wouldn’t fit. The story is about Korra, and being the hot-head she is, she might want to know all the subskills in case someone like Amon comes around again. And astral projection would be useless as the skill comes prepackaged as the Avatar. Maybe whatever the skill is, Tenzin teaches it to Korra because her airbending needs more control or the skill aids in her spirtual connection, but like I said, that just sounds boring and out of place to me.

        And it turns out, astral projections and mirages are not the same thing. Some people take mirage to be something the mind conjures up as the heat takes it toll, but a mirage is, as I think you know, a real image produced by light rays getting played with. The former is unlikely, the latter is somewhat possible, though not as much as other possiblilties, as its really a one trick pony that would have limited aplications, both to combat and to anything about monks.

        About storms. I think a master airbender/Avatar state could pull off a storm. Aang could make a tornado, I think, (well I think he said something about it) so take it a step further. But that’s my thinking, I don’t write the show.

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