Welcome to my Avatar: The Legend of Korra fansite. This blog is essentially my Legend of Korra news and opinionated blog. I’ll be posting all the latest Legend of Korra news as well as my opinions on topics. If you ever disagree with one of my opinions, don’t flame, just let me know what you think in the comment section.

I also plan on posting speculation posts in which I predict future events to come in The Legend of Korra.

If you would enjoy reading year-round Legend of Korra news, opinion and speculation, please bookmark us and come back daily to get the latest scoop on the best series on television!

7 Responses

  1. I love the legend of korra but the last air bender was better this one should have more info about aang because he was the best avatar ever

  2. When is season two airing?

  3. I think Asami and Bolin might end up a couple, scary hey! Though my first thoughts were Asami would turn on them, I never liked her she reminds me of someone I don’t like at school. : (

  4. Though I love Legend of Korra and have watched it all in order 7 times now, I still like Last Airbender better(which I have seen all 3 series in order 10 times and plan on watching again). I wonder if they’ll make another Avatar series after Legend of Korra? Or maybe comics that follow it like the Aang series. By the way 49 days ’till The Search. : )

  5. Does any Last Airbender fans actually like the movie? I think the movie is terrible it isn’t even to the real storyline, I sat through it(shamefully) the whole time I was thinking how are they going to do the yin spirit(Tui) encasing a large water fish around Aang? But I was wrong they used a massive wave instead which didn’t impress me and I am ashamed my sister owns a copy. : (

    So sorry if I offended anyone who owns or even likes the move.

  6. 49 days ’till The Search I will be starting a count down as a reply to this!!!! : )

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