Subset for Air Bending and Identity of Lin Beifong’s Father Confirmed for The Legend of Korra, but NOT Book 2

Two days ago, we were given the information that the identity of Lin Beifong’s father as well as information on the subset of Air Bending was going to be revealed in The Legend of Korra. I had explained that these two aspects would be revealed in Book 2, but I may have had a bit of a slip-up.

While I was reading Morgan Bannon’s (Airspeed Prime) latest post on Avatar: The Last Airbender Online, he pointed out a very interesting observation: this information was never confirmed for Book 2, specifically. While going over the Tumblr post again that had revealed this information, I realized that Morgan was correct.

Even though we will learn about Lin Beifong’s mother as well as the Subset to Air Bending at some point in time, we can’t necessarily confirm that this information will be revealed in Book 2.

The Tumblr post never mentions anything about this information coming in Book 2. It just says that the information is coming, so that could mean it’ll appear in Book 2, Book 3 or even Book 4.

My apologies for the slip-up, hopefully we receive the information during the course of Book 2.

8 Responses

  1. Not a problem! I’ll just be more than greatful to even see book 2 any time soon!

    • Well obviously the subset for the Air element is going to be SOUND- bending. It’s the only logical subset for that element.


  2. This is exciting, yet slightly concerning. One of the major issues some fans have with the first book of the show is pacing, to many story threads, and most of them wrapped up in the finale. Now on the whole I do think that the Legend of Korra is a great show, but when talking pacing and stuff throughout its run, well it could have been better. With this new info being released I can just chalk this on a list of what else we will be seeing in book 2. Romance, Lin’s history, airbending sub-skill, spirit world shenanigans, history of the NWT and SWT and of Tarrloq and Unalaq, air temples, probending, mako being a cop, Asami leading Future Industries, Korra being the Avatar. Now I know that a lot of these things go hand in had with one another and I don’t want anyone to think that I don’t like this new development or the LoK, all I am saying is that they should proceed with caution, if it is possible I think they managed to cram even more stuff in Book 2, which is great, should it be executed precisely.

  3. Huh. That’s fine, it’s an honest slip up. By the way, did you hear about the Book 2 trailer scare yesterday\last night? There was a post on tumblr with a link that supposedly led to a Book 2 trailer, but it claimed it was taken down 15 minutes after it was posted, and the link led to an error page. But nobody is claiming to have seen it, and if they do, they don’t have any proof. Other fans say it was just an old link to the old book 1 trailer. But who knows? I think it was just a troll. Just though I’d let you know if you hadn’t heard.

    • Thanks for letting me know about that. No I didn’t hear anything from that. I try to steer clear of the Tumblr community, they kind of agitate me a little bit.

      Just another SOB trying to start something to gain some followers. Everything is a publicity stunt nowadays, I’m afraid.

      • That’s probably a good idea. The shipping stuff is kinda crazy, and I’m saying that as a diehard makorrian. And with this big long season wait, most of the avatar/korra blogs I follow are posting nothing but Doctor who and Sherlock so much I’m considering giving it a try. (I’M GOING BONKERS) not that those shows are bad, in any way. They look like awesome shows…(I really need book 2…)

  4. don’t worry about the slip-up, we all do that 🙂
    to be honest, at this point i just want Book 2’s existence to be acknowledged with a release date before i start thinking about what they will and won’t reveal >:/

  5. Don’t worry about it, I make mistakes all the time. 🙂 Still dying for book two though!

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