Reader’s Opinion: Legend of Korra RPG Style Video Game – My Thoughts & Opinions

Late last night, I opened my e-mail to find a rather long message sent from a reader by the name of Zach. In a nutshell, the e-mail contained ideas for a potential Legend of Korra/Last Airbender RPG Video Game. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, RPG stands for Role Playing Game. In RPG’s, players take the role of a single player and play out the life of that player in a fictional setting.

Zach had a very interesting idea of incorporating the aspects of an RPG style game with Avatar. We’ve seen plenty of Avatar games over the years that have pretty much set gamers on the path of playing out specific story lines. All of the games were very basic and, in my opinion, too simplistic. Personally, I love RPG styled games. Even thought I’m not much of a gamer anymore, I’d prefer to play some sort of online RPG game over a lot of other genres in gaming.

I just love interacting with people, and doing so in a gaming medium has always been sort of intriguing. This is one of the reasons why I love Zach’s idea so much. But before I get into the nitty-gritty details on how I would see it shaping up, check out the e-mail Zach sent to me so you can get a better understanding on the vision:


What would your thoughts and opinions be on a, more in-depth, game of Avatar (ATLA/LoK)?

I’m a pretty big video game person and i love games where you get to play as a character, level up and with each level up unlock new skills, and explore a huge world.

So it would be set in the Avatar world with the 4 nations and you get to make your character (name, appearance, and element). You could choose where you want to grow up (where in the earth kingdom, water tribe, etc.) and you could master your skills (element) and by practicing a move the greater chance you have of using that skill with precision. If you could, with each level-up, use exp towards a strength skill, speed, life force, defensive techniques, offensive techniques, hunting, meditating (maybe within each meditation, you would have to complete a puzzle and by doing so you could gain more spiritual exp allowing you to eventually be able to see the spirit world (like Iroh).

Bare with me, these are just thoughts and i figured that with having writing skill (also meaning you do a lot of thinking) you might be able to give me some good feedback (or at least your personal opinion).

You wouldn’t be the avatar (or maybe you could be in a story mode, idk), but your character would age as you explore. The environment (weather) would change too depending where you are and it would change from day to night. You could visit famous places mentioned in the show or just in the middle of nowhere, where you would have to try and survive using any means.

You would also get to choose whether you would want to use your bending for good or evil/your own purposes.

As you travel you could find some side quests as well as be able to trade with people within villages, cities, towns, and kingdoms…and what not. But there would still be a main quest that you can choose to follow.

Maybe even an online option where you and others can dual each other and roam within the same world (possibly having multiple worlds) and these duals would give you exp as well that you could put towards becoming a master of your element.

So think Assassin’s Creed, Runescape (kinda), and any other game where you explore with a map but still have to go through new areas before they show up on your map.

I know you don’t have any say to make this a possibility, but once again, it would just be interesting as to what you think.

Thank you


I love the idea of starting off in one of the four nations of your choice. Instead of having the Avatar Role thrown at you, you would have the option of choosing your own path or destiny. Besides, isn’t that what Avatar is all about? I would imagine that your character would start off at a young age. You could go to the respective school of your chosen Nation, and you could be trained in the art of bending at a very young ago. I would see this part being similar to Fallout or a game of that caliber. You could make friends, explore your Nation (with restrictive boundaries so you can’t sail off to other Nations) and just live the life of a child in the Avatar World. After you’ve completed specific tasks and/or objectives, you would level up.

Tasks or Objectives could include defeating someone in an Agni Kai duel to obtain experience points or doing Quests for the needy in town. The more experience points you obtain, the more levels you gain. As your character levels up, he or she would receive a fixed amount of skill points. These skills points would be used to increase traits such as bending, leadership, strength, spirituality and pretty much everything Zack mentioned.

Once you’ve reached your teenage years, the game would really start going. Your character would then receive the ability and trust to leave your nation and help fight for his or her respective cause.


Every RPG style game has a form of currency and an Avatar Style RPG would be no different. Upon completing tasks and/or objectives, players would receive currency in the form of Gold, Silver and Copper pieces. Currency would be used to purchase articles of clothing, pets, weapons, food and any other objects of need.

You could spend time earning money to purchase weapon upgrades or armor upgrades. As you begin to fight, armor will begin to wear down. Currency would be used to make repairs.


Mastering forms of bending will be dependant on a lot of different things. Finding and hiring a capable master could go a long way, but finding and purchasing Bending Scrolls could also do the trick if you want to master forms of bending more quickly.


Players could have the ability to purchase different weapons. As they level up, they get an opportunity to purchase higher leveled equipment that is significantly more powerful.

Mini Games:

Ever wanted to player Pai Sho or Pro Bending? Sign yourself up for a match to earn notoriety in the Avatar World as well as a little bit of cash. The more you win the more you get recognized. Get invited to play in tournaments and rack up your earnings.


Everyone needs an Animal Guide. If you’re tired to roaming the Avatar World on foot, pick up an Animal Guide to give you a helping hand. Don’t forget to feed it!

I also really like what Zack said about choosing between good and evil. This would be a lot like a Star War: Knights of the Old Republic. Players would have the option to use their talents for Good or Evil. This could change how the character begins to look as well as the type of quests that are given to the player.

If a player begins to look towards the Good side, quests could be a long the lines of helping others and stopping the Fire Nation from invading villages. If a player begins to turn to the dark side, quests could be more a long the lines of helping the Fire Nation win the 100 year war.

All in all, I’d see an RPG of this style to be more of a “choose your own path” type of ordeal. Zach mentions an online option were players could converge in an Agni Kai style duel with other players. While I do like this idea, I think it would need to be expanded. Why not make this RPG and MMORPG? An MMORPG is essentially an online RPG where players all around the world can come together and play a game.

Currency would begin to be more important as buying and selling would be a much more prominent feature. Developing a social aspect to a game like this would make all the difference because – let’s be honest – with social media such a focus in today’s world, being social has become more important than ever. Integrating that social aspect in an Avatar style RPG would make all the difference.

Zach also relates this type of RPG to Assassin’s Creed. What he is basically trying to say is that an Avatar styled RPG game would have to be a sandbox game and I completely agree with that. A sandbox game is essentially a more technical term for “free roam” – players would have the ability to travel the world at their own will.

Let’s go to the fire nation! Let’s go to Ba Sing Se, and then take the Serpents Pass to the Cave of Two Lovers! Let’s go find Jet in his tree house and give the Duke an ass kicking (just kidding)!

If the game wasn’t free roam, there literally wouldn’t be a point to making it. Free Roam is a must.

That’s just a basic rundown of my thoughts on this type of game. I could literally go on for pages and pages, outlining each and every aspect of this game but I don’t want to bore you with the technical details of everything.

The unfortunate thing about this is while all of Zach’s ideas are obviously tremendous, they’ll all go to waste unless Mike, Brian or Nickelodeon reads this post and decides to act on it.

So, I put this in the hands of my dear readers: run with it. Post it. Share it. Tell everyone and anyone on the internet because what Zach has come up with could truly revolutionize the gaming world if done correctly.

I know for a fact that Mike DiMartino has read this blog once, so maybe he can read this post and take action. That could be awesome.

By the way, don’t forget to read Mike’s latest blog post that references one of my favorite movies of all time, Argo. Leave him a comment; show him some respect and love. But don’t bombard him about the release date.

Hopefully we can get this idea jumpstarted. Thanks again to Zach for sending this my way. By the way, if you read this whole thing, I commend you.

9 Responses

  1. Hmm, yes I love this idea! Something like World of Warcraft like MMORPG or something but than with avatar, I’ve been waiting for it like the first episode of the very first book! Hopefully this will happen!

  2. If they do this, my life is complete.

  3. This would actually make my life. Just reading through this forum post has filled me with so many ideas that would fit in brilliantly in a game like this.

    LOADS OF LORE. LOADS AND LOADS AND LOADS OF LORE. This would be an amazing thing for the world of Avatar.. imagine it as a way for the creators of Avatar to release as much information about the world of Avatar (like how J.K Rowling does with Harry Potter in Pottermore, but of course this would be an online Avatar RPG.)

    Something like World of Warcraft but for the world of Avatar with lots of information and new things on the history of the Avatar world.. and if it was a single player game, doing quests for people like Aang or Katara (or Korra, depending on which time line it would be in.)


    I could literally write hundreds of pages depicting all the tiniest aspects and details that a game for Avatar could feature.

    OR MAYBE 2 GAMES. ONE FOR AANGS TIME AND ONE FOR KORRA’S TIME OMF. This needs to be made. My life would be complete. UGH.

    Ok I’m gonna stop now before I turn into the foaming mouth guy x_x.


    I am dying right now. Spread the word, peeps! Let’s see if we can get someone to make this game a reality!

  5. You know, as tedious as it sounds, if they could find a way that was intuitive enough to apply a motion extension to a game like that, I might just turn into the foaming mouth guy myself. That’s just me though…I don’t know how many fans try to bend in the real world next to a mirror after an Avatar marathon…

  6. If this was really made into a game, I would buy it! It would really boost the Avatar world!!

  7. it wouldnt be a triple A game at all ,first of all.It would most likely be like the naruto video games which arent good at all imo.

  8. this would be an epic MMORPG… think about it waterbenders could be healers or dps.. earthbenders tank or dps… firebenders dps … airbenders also dps plus maybe healing… and weapon class…. this could be epic… plus they could connect both of the worlds as you maybe at higher levels you try to go to the spirit world but you rbody comes along and yada yada yada and you end up years later in the time of korra ..( with no going back…) that would be totally awesome…

  9. You should make a tumblr account devoted to getting support for a game like this.

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