Is Bolin Severely Lacking Character Development in The Legend of Korra?

One of my favorite characters so far in The Legend of Korra has to be Bolin. He’s funny, entertaining and he’s fairly a talented Earth Bender. Unfortunately for him, that’s all he really has going for him so far, which makes him the very definition of a one-sided character.

Like Sokka, Bolin is responsible for a good chunk of the humor in the series. But if you recall the character development Sokka underwent in The Last Airbender, he was much more than the “funny guy” by the end of the series. He became dynamic: he was funny, intelligent, skilled with a blade and a natural born leader.

Bolin currently lacks the traits that would make him a dynamic character mostly because his character lacks character development. But like I have constantly reiterated, this should be expected as we’ve technically only scene him in 11 episodes. Nonetheless, I still expect Mike and Bryan to develop Bolin’s character significantly by the end of Book 2.

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Who will be Bolin’s Love Interest in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra?

One scene from The Legend of Korra that I’m sure we all remember is the moment when Bolin broke into tears once he saw that Korra was more interested in Mako. You really couldn’t help but laugh in the beginning, but feel sorry for the character in the end. It was extremely bitter-sweet.

Fortunately for all of the Bolin’s lovers, Mike and Bryan won’t leave the humorous character single for much of Book 2. We’ve already been told that Bolin will indeed have some sort of love interest in Book 2, but we just don’t know who it is.

One commentator on this site, by the name of Jason, had a pretty interesting theory on who this potential “love interest” will be, and I thought it was good enough to share it with the fandom.

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Will the Death of Bolin and Mako’s Parents be Talked About in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra?

Towards the beginning of Book 1 of The Legend of Korra, we were informed that Mako and Bolin had lost their parents to a firebending mugger at very young ages. But after this was mentioned, it was never really touched upon again throughout the course of Book 1. Mike and Bryan kind of set that story to the side and continued with the main focus: the Equalist Regime. But I can understand why they chose not to talk about the death of Mako and Bolin’s parent in Book 1. Fitting so many dynamic storylines in 12 episodes is a nearly impossible task. But either way, this is still no excuses to completely scrap the idea all together.

At some point in the series, I expect Mike and Bryan to at least revisit the death again. In reality, it’s actually an extremely important scene in the series as a whole, and by not revisiting it, Mike and Bryan could severally delay the character development of Mako and Bolin. But I have faith in Mike and Bryan to talk about the death at some point. In fact, I’m expecting a flashback of the death sometime during the course of Book 2.

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Interview with Legend of Korra’s P. J. Bryne, the Voice of Bolin

MTV Geek recently had an interesting interview with P.J. Bryne, the voice of Bolin. He answers a lot of interesting questions that directly pertains to Bolin and the current love triangle that exists in The Legend of Korra.

If you’re a big Bolin fan, I advise you to check out the interview. If you’re not (shame on you), it still provides some pretty cool insight on The Legend of Korra as a whole. Enjoy:

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