Three Things Legend of Korra Fans Have to Look Forward to in the Coming Months


The past few weeks haven’t been the best for Legend of Korra fans. All this hype was built up for Nickelodeon Upfront 2013 and then – disappointment. Complete and utter disappointment. But it’s time to move on; dwelling on the past can be dangerous and depressing.

Besides, there are plenty of things we fans have to look forward to. There are, in fact, three pretty big things we have to look forward to in the coming months. And even though I’ve been wrong on pretty much everything up to this point, I think it’s safe to let our guards down and truly anticipate these upcoming events:

Matsuri Con:

The first upcoming event is Matsuri Con which will be taking place on March 29th. The exciting thing about this is that Janet Varney (the voice of Korra) will be showing up to host a Legend of Korra PANEL. She’s not just showing up to sign some autographs for the fans, she’s coming to talk about The Legend of Korra. This was confirmed by a Matsuri Con staff member who sent me the following email a few weeks ago:

Janet is hosting The Legend of Korra panel, autograph sessions and photo ops at the con on Friday only.
I hope that answers your questions!

Thank you!

The Month of April:

After Matsuri Con, the infamous month of April is upon us. In case that doesn’t ring a bell, here is a refresher:

This past August, voice actress April Stewart, who has a role in Book 2, tweeted directly to Legend of Korra fans stating that she has to keep her mouth shut until April and that the wait will be worth it.

So what will April entail? A release date? A trailer? The premiere? More news? All are valid options, but no one really knows for sure and it would be unwise to speculate on such an open matter.

But please keep in mind that the reference to April hasn’t been touched upon since August, so we still don’t know for sure if the events planned for April are still on.

Our Amazing Fandom

The Legend of Korra fandom is probably the best group of fans out there. The dedication and support they show for their favorite show is truly astonishing. Many of you have come back to this blog and showed unbelievable loyalty to my posts, but did you know that this blog is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to The Legend of Korra community?

I wanted to take this time to give a shout out to all the other Legend of Korra fans who have taken time out of their day to provide for this fandom:


Avatar Patel – Avatar Jesal’s channel started it all when it came to Legend of Korra news and speculation in the YouTube community.

GPokemon12 – GPokemon12’s channel has really developed into a premiere source for Legend of Korra fans. She deserves much praise for her accomplishments over the past few months.

AvatarTherapy – AvatarTherapy has to be the most enthusiastic Avatar YouTuber out there. He has great coverage of the show and an interesting twist of humor in each video.

AvatarLegend34 – AvatarLegend34 has showed great appreciation for his subscribers over the past few months and he has rewarded them with great coverage of The Legend of Korra


Avatar The Last Airbender Online – Amazing news and opinion source for The Legend of Korra.

Mundo Avatar – Fantastic source for Legend of Korra information written for Brazilian fans.


Cast Bender – Fantastic Pod Cast that would be a good listen for any Legend of Korra fan. The humor is fantastic and the dedication shown by the hosts is undeniable.

Obviously, I’ve missed a lot of other channels, blogs and podcasts, but these are the sources of Legend of Korra news and opinion I often look to every now and then.

I strongly urge you to check them all out.

19 Responses

  1. Even though this wasn’t entirely news, I’m very grateful that you posted this article. Its nice to read some Korra stuff and think positively about the future.

  2. Thanks! This really lifted my spirits! I was beginning to think we’d all given up haha!

    • No problem. I wouldn’t give up on the show just because we haven’t received some silly release date! There’s more to Avatar than that!

  3. Not that I gave up…

  4. Thanks for lifting my spirits! 🙂 My avatar state has been aborted… for now…

    And you use a semicolon correctly! THANK YOU!!! The grammar nazi inside of me is happy. 🙂

  5. Don’t forget The Search Part 1!

  6. There’s the KCA’s (Kid’s Choice Awards) too. They’re huge for Nick, and a great time to advertise. They’re on March 23rd.

    • I could literally take the whole fandom on the same Joy Ride again with KCA taking the Upfront’s place, but I don’t think I will haha.

      If it happens, it happens I guess.

      • Yeah, not worth the hype. They could show a trailer and give a release date, or they could completely ignore it again. We don’t want to set ourselves up for possible disappointment.

  7. Its not really big news, but its something to look forward to.

  8. To Keval: I recently went to Emerald city comic con and met the one and only Grey DeLisle. My friend, Sea-dilemma and I asked her if she could tell us anything about book 2. She said she couldn’t tell us much, but she did tell is that she is voicing three characters, one of which is a younger version of an established character, and that we find out why the person is the way they are in the present. We were thinking Lin? Who else could it be? Sea-dilemma posted this news on tumblr and a lot of fans speculated it was Lin, some thought a younger Korra or Asami? But who knows? I really want your thoughts about this little tidbit of news as well as other LOK fans. The slow news is just driving me (and the rest of the fandom right now) completely insane. I found your blog a few weeks ago and I love it! I’m recommending it to all my Korra friends! I can’t wait to check my email one day and have an alert saying you posted a blog about a Book 2 release date and or trailer! Which ever comes first! 😀 Thanks again!

  9. My Guess?? April brings with it a new trailer citing Summer 2013 release.

    We won’t get a full-blown season in April cuz marketing would have to be rolling out with trailers, ads, and the like to build up the hype and get the word out, which would be happening just around now. Since everything is silent on that front, April looks to be a good month to start the marketing press up slowly and getting the word out for its new season in Summer.

    What do you guys think?

    • Although I hate to think that Book 2 is that far away, logically it’s very possible that Korra won’t premier until summer or fall because we just don’t know how much longer its going to take to finish the episodes, as well as when the network plans to air them. I think that if it was going to premier in April, then we would ether have a trailer by now or in the next few days at the very latest. It’s sad to think about it may be a whole year since a new episode of Korra aired if Book 2 does not air by the end of June. That’s a scary thing, a whole year! Where has the time gone…
      I’m getting sidetracked, but my point is: We just don’t know when Book 2 is going to be done, it may be done already and Nickelodeon is just figuring out their scheduling and advertisers. Or it could be a few more weeks or more before the episodes are finished, and then I believe Nickelodeon has to approve them, and like I said earlier, scheduling and ads and whatever else networks have to do to prepare for a new season of a show.
      Stay strong! If we’ve gotten this far it’s not too long now.

      • I totally agree! We have gotten through almost a whole year without Korra! If we have patiently waited this long, a couple of months is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Before we know, we will be excitedly debating and relentlessly discussing the newest episodes to our heart’s delight.

        Stay Strong Korra/ATLA Fans, the light is near at the end of this mysteriously long tunnel.

  10. Just 20 more days!
    Anime Matsuri is coming, though not fast enough. Now, we know that we have endured blow after blow but luckily it’s confirmed that Janet is promoting book 2. We can only wait.

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