The Legend of Korra Book 2 Speculation: The Setting

This is a series where we speculate everything there is to know about Book 2 of The Legend of Korra. Today we focus on the stories setting.

So how will Book 2 of The Legend of Korra pan out? I personally feel that Book 2 of The Legend of Korra won’t be as much focused in Republic City as Book 1 was. And if this is the case, I’ll be ecstatic. It’s not that I have something against Republic City, I personally though that the idea of a steam-punked city in the Avatar World was fantastic. But Mike and Bryan have shown us a lot of the new city, and in case you may have forgotten, there is much more to the Avatar World than Republic City.

Whatever happened to Ba Sing Se and the Earth Kingdom? Or the Western Air Temple? Only Mike and Bryan know how the rest of the Avatar World has changed in so many years, and I’d be pretty intrigued to see it for myself.

I have pretty much made up my mind that The Last Airbender is a better series than The Legend of Korra (In my opinion of course). The one thing The Legend of Korra lacked that The Last Airbender had was the element of adventure. In The Last Airbender, Team Avatar went on so many different adventures, literally traveling the entire world. I personally felt that the constantly changing setting was quite refreshing. Unfortunately, in Book 1 of The Legend of Korra, Korra traveled to Republic City, then…no where else.

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‘The Legend of Korra’ Episode 8 Prediction

In the last episode of The Legend of Korra, we a learned a lot of new things: Asami may actually join Korra and the gang, Hiroshi Sato is an Equalist, Tenzin can actually fight fairly well and Chief Bei Fong may no longer be the Chief Officer anymore.

Episode 7 was plagued with all kinds of new themes, the most prominent one being deceit. All along we thought Hiroshi Sato was a nice, wealthy man who was kind enough to sponsor the Fire Ferrets. But in the end, Sato was nearly the opposite of who many perceived him to be.

Another thing that made this episode particularly interesting was the major cliff hanger at the end. Will Chief Bei Fong resign as Chief Officer? Will Chief Bei Fong get her lost men back? Where will Asami, Mako and Bolin stay now (probably Air Temple Island)? Will Asami be a part of the Fab 3? And how will Korra stop the Equalist if they get their hands on the Mech Robots Sato made?

Obviously, we won’t get clarity on all of these questions in one episode, but I’m sure we’ll get an answer to some of them. This is how I think they will be answered:

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