‘The Legend of Korra’ Episode 8 ‘When Extremes Meet’ Recap


Episode 8 of The Legend of Korra takes place almost directly after episode 7. Since Asami, Mako and Bolin are no longer welcome in Hiroshi Sato’s mansion, the episode starts off by showing the gang move into their new home: Air Temple Island.

As the gang begins to settle in, Tenzin announces that Lin Bei Fong has officially resigned from her duty as Chief Officer of Republic City. Once the news is heard, Tenzin and the gang decide to go down to City Hall to see the new Chief Officer, who explains that the police force will essentially be working with Tarlock to dismantle the Equalist Regime.

Korra is not happy with this.

After the gang leaves City Hall, they eventually have a small run in with a few Equalist Members. Team Avatar makes quick work of the enemies, but a much more serious threat arrives afterwards.

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New ‘Legend of Korra’ Episode 8 Video Clip

After about a week of waiting, we have finally been graced with a minute long clip from episode 8 of the Legend of Korra. Based on the clip, it seems like “Team Avatar” (Yep, they actually refer to themselves as Team Avatar) is heading out on some sort of journey.

Anyways, just hit the “read more” link below to check out the clip.

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Korra Could Return to the Sato Mansion in Episode 8 of The Legend of Korra

A picture from episode 8 of The Legend of Korra has surfaced, and it depicts a furious Korra, spitting fire from her mouth much like The Dragon of the West. But besides the inferno, what really caught my eye was the square-like image depicted on the wall directly to the right of Korra.

What I found was that the exact same image is also printed on the front of every Satomobile. This leads me to believe that the setting of this picture could possibly be the Sato Mansion.

In that case, episode 8 could primarily be about Korra and the Gang returning to the Mansion for some unfinished business. Maybe they intend to rescue Chief Bei Fong’s lost men, just as we predicted earlier?

The last time the gang was at the Sato Mansion was when they found out that Hiroshi Sato, Asami’s father, was an Equalist.

Obviously, Korra and the Gang won’t be welcomed back upon their arrival so expect another exciting action sequence that could involve Sato’s Mech-Like machines. This is going to get interesting.

‘Legend of Korra’ Episode 8 to be Titled ‘When Extremes Meet’

The official Wikia Page for The Legend of Korra has revealed that the 8th episode in the series will be titled ‘When Extremes Meet’.

No description of the episode has been announced, but we do have some solid evidence that could tip off the episode’s plot. Check back tomorrow for that.

The 8th Legend of Korra episode ‘When Extremes Meet’ will air on Saturday, June 2nd. There will not be an episode airing this Saturday because of Memorial Day Weekend.

‘The Legend of Korra’ Episode 8 Prediction

In the last episode of The Legend of Korra, we a learned a lot of new things: Asami may actually join Korra and the gang, Hiroshi Sato is an Equalist, Tenzin can actually fight fairly well and Chief Bei Fong may no longer be the Chief Officer anymore.

Episode 7 was plagued with all kinds of new themes, the most prominent one being deceit. All along we thought Hiroshi Sato was a nice, wealthy man who was kind enough to sponsor the Fire Ferrets. But in the end, Sato was nearly the opposite of who many perceived him to be.

Another thing that made this episode particularly interesting was the major cliff hanger at the end. Will Chief Bei Fong resign as Chief Officer? Will Chief Bei Fong get her lost men back? Where will Asami, Mako and Bolin stay now (probably Air Temple Island)? Will Asami be a part of the Fab 3? And how will Korra stop the Equalist if they get their hands on the Mech Robots Sato made?

Obviously, we won’t get clarity on all of these questions in one episode, but I’m sure we’ll get an answer to some of them. This is how I think they will be answered:

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