Subset for Air Bending and Identity of Lin Beifong’s Father Confirmed for The Legend of Korra, but NOT Book 2

Two days ago, we were given the information that the identity of Lin Beifong’s father as well as information on the subset of Air Bending was going to be revealed in The Legend of Korra. I had explained that these two aspects would be revealed in Book 2, but I may have had a bit of a slip-up.

While I was reading Morgan Bannon’s (Airspeed Prime) latest post on Avatar: The Last Airbender Online, he pointed out a very interesting observation: this information was never confirmed for Book 2, specifically. While going over the Tumblr post again that had revealed this information, I realized that Morgan was correct.

Even though we will learn about Lin Beifong’s mother as well as the Subset to Air Bending at some point in time, we can’t necessarily confirm that this information will be revealed in Book 2.

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Book 2 of The Legend of Korra will Reveal a Subset to Airbending as well as the Identity of Lin Beifong’s Father

A few days ago, an event called Momocon was held and Steve Blum (voice of Amon), Sifu Kisu (martial arts master), and Sifu Rodriguez (consultant for Toph) were present for a question and answer session.

During the question and answer, fans were able to obtain new information on Book 2 of The Legend of Korra. What we now know is that a subset to Air Bending will be shown and the identity of Lin Beifong’s father will be revealed.

It’s interesting because these are two speculative topics I’ve already covered and voiced my opinion on. Many months ago, I speculated that the Duke could be Lin Beifong’s father. I also speculated the possibility of a subset to Air Bending and I ultimately rejected the likelihood of it being revealed to us.

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How will Lin Beifong Fit into Book 2 of The Legend of Korra?

Despite being the daughter of Toph, Lin Beifong didn’t come off as very likable in the beginning of The Legend of Korra. She came off as extremely rude from from the start, but quickly began to change for the better towards the end of the Book.

One action that I found to be admirable from Lin was when she resigned from being the Chief of Police in order to take actions that the law wouldn’t have permitted.

She became the vigilante of Republic City that Batman was to Gotham City. She’s not the type of character who would lurk in the shadows and throw Batarangs at her enemies, but she was someone who would undoubtedly protect her city as well as what she believed in.

For that reason alone, Lin Beifong went from a character who was rude and unlikable to a character who could truly be admired. As a result, she started to become a fan favorite. Unfortunately, I don’t expect to see much of Lin  in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra.

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