Legend of Korra Episode 10 ‘Turning the Tides’ Recap

Episode 10 of The Legend of Korra titled ‘Turning the Tides’ was a bit more simplistic than past episodes – until the end. It contained the common theme of Good vs. Evil: Equalists attacked Republic City and it was up to the Avatar and her friends to help save the people. The theme was certainly present throughout the episode’s entirety, but what made the episode exciting was the element of surprise at the very end.

Episode 10 starts off by showing Korra eating with Mako, Bolin, Asami, Tenzin and his family. Korra tells the gang everything she encountered while being held captive: Tarrlock is the son of Yacone and Amon took Tarrlock’s bending away.

Afterwards, we see Tenzin asking Lin Bei Fong to stay and protect his family while he leaves Air Temple Island for a short excursion. Lin agrees and Tenzin travels to meet with the Chief Officer. Upon his arrival, Tenzin is informed that the Equalists have attacked and captured the rest of the Council Members. This essentially leaves Tenzin in control of Republic City.

When Tenzin leaves the vicinity along with the Chief Officer and his men, they are all attacked by Equalist Mech-Machines. The Chief Officer and his men are eventually captured, leaving Tenzin and a few others to fend for themselves. Tenzin fights off the Equalists for some time, but he is ultimately defeated in the end.

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Legend of Korra Episode 10: Turning the Tides Preview

A clip of The Legend of Korra Episode 10 has been released. It shows Korra telling Tenzin and Bei Fong all that she learned about Tarrlock in the previous two episodes.

The clip is not very much, but nonetheless, it’s all we have of Episode 10 so far. Unfortunately, I cannot embed the video into this post. But if you would like to view it, click here to be taken to the Tumblr page with the clip.

‘Legend of Korra’ Episode 10 to be Titled ‘Turning the Tides’

The XFinity television guide has officially revealed the title of the 10th Legend of Korra episode. Episode 10 will be titled ‘Turning the Tides,

We should be able to do some speculation on the episode once we either see episode 9 or find a description of episode 10.

But for now we’re in the dark.

Update: The description for the episode has been released VIA TV Guide:

Republic City gets bombarded by the Equalists.