Legend of Korra Comic Con Panel Recap: Book 2 Information

The Legend of Korra Comic Con panel is now over and it definitely dished out some interesting information for us to chew on for the duration of the Summer.

The panel opened up with a montage of clips from Book 1 of The Legend of Korra. Afterwards, Mike, Bryan and the Voice Actors arrived on the stage to answer some questions. Nothing particularly interesting was said, but after the questionnaire, the voice actors began voice acting scenes from Book 1.

After the voice acting was finished, Mike and Bryan went into Book 2 discussion.

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Legend of Korra Comic Con Panel Starts Tomorrow

On Friday, July 13 (tomorrow), the Legend of Korra Comic Con panel will finally start. All this time we figured we’d be receiving some Book 1 discussion followed up with a few Book 2 teasers during the event. But after yesterday’s surprising news, I think we’ll hear a lot of talk about the idea of having a Book 3 and possibly, Book 4.

If you’re heading out to Comic Con tomorrow, have fun. If you’re not, I can guarantee that we’ll have some pretty good coverage of the event here. Tomorrow will be interesting, but until then, here is a description of the panel to keep you anxious:

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