Watch Legend of Korra Episodes: Book 1

Book 1 of The Legend of Korra:

Enjoy high quality, HD streams of every Book 1 Episode. These videos are embedded directly from AvatarChapter, thus you’ll notice an small AvatarChapters watermark placed on all videos. Thankfully, the watermark only lasts for about a minute so don’t fret if the watermark is interfering with your viewing please at first, it will disapear in a matter of 60 seconds.

Before you begin watching a video, I suggest you pause it an let if buffer. This should take less than it minute and will ensure that the video plays on a continuous, HD stream. I also recommend watching the video in Full Screen, which can be activated by hovering your mouse over the video, and selecting the Full Screen icon on the bottom right corner of the video.

The issue with Full Screen, however, is that it skews the stream and decreased the quality. To fix this, you can select the button titled “Scaling is On” which can be found on the top right corner of the video when it is in Full Screen mode. This will decrease the size of the screen, but the picture will be crystal-clear and the background will be black so the video will always be the prime focus.

Enjoy the stream, and if you ever have any kind of technical issues, comment below and I’ll help you find a solution.

Legend of Korra Episode 1: Return to Republic City:

Legend of Korra Episode 2: A Leaf in the Wind:

Legend of Korra Episode 3: The Revelation:

Legend of Korra Episode 4: The Voice in the Night:

Legend of Korra Episode 5: The Spirit of the Competition:

Legend of Korra Episode 6: And The Winner is…:

Legend of Korra Episode 7: The Aftermath:

Legend of Korra Episode 8: When Extremes Meet:

Legend of Korra Episode 9: Out of the Past:

Legend of Korra Episode 10: Turning the Tides:

Legend of Korra Episode 11: Skeletons in the Closet:

Legend of Korra Episode 12: Endgame:

10 Responses

  1. is this the end of the seasion?

    • ya as far as i know, but it started around january – may or something. so we are coming up on season 2

  2. is book 2 spirit already out

  3. When I find out when the new season starts I know were to go to have a Legend of Korra marathon.

  4. Makorra forever!

  5. This is great! Thanks. 🙂

  6. This series sucks so much. I won’t even bother watching the rest of it. 😥

  7. is this the end

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