Katara Looks to be Alive in ‘Legend of Korra’

Recent evidence (possibly leaked) has pretty much confirmed the presence of another important, but familiar character in Avatar: The Legend of Korra.

The recently leaked ‘Legend of Korra‘ video clips have appeared to show us much more than Korra’s bending styles. We also saw an old water tribe lady that remorsefully talked about how Aang was no longer present, and how her brother along with the rest of her friends had all passed. Oh, and she has “hair loopies” too.

I think you can certainly take that as a confirmation that Katara will indeed be in ‘Legend of Korra‘. But my question to you is: how long will she stay alive?

13 Responses

  1. “her brother along with the rest of her friends had all passed”
    This is sooo depressing to me 😥


  3. ye its so hard to see that they al ar dead but i wanna see if there is some family of zuko in there

  4. but it wil be interestind i wanna now if toph daughter can fight to just earthbending like toph end i wanna see tenzin son en daugthers in action mer korra it wil be interestind this avatar

  5. Ya but where’s da rest of da gang I know aang will be dead by now but the gang???why couldn’t they at least pt da gang

  6. i swear korra looks just like katara

  7. Thank you all for staying with the site despite the fact that we have not updated. I will be fixing the site, and I will be updating immediately, so stay tuned!

  8. In season 1 of Avatar the last air bender the fortun teller reads Katara’s palms and said you will quietly pass away in your sleep after the birth of your Great Grand daughter. So they HAFT to keep her alive! 🙂

  9. I was a huge fan of Avatar and having seen the first season of Korra, I feel the writers really upped their game. it was genius to pick up 2 generations later so not only are we wondering where we’re going, but what happened in between! I feel like the new characters are fleshed out; i certainly know real friends who share some characteristics of them. and I enjoy the new takes on bending.

    • Yeah the creator will cleverly tantalize us with small bits that slowly reveal stories of the old gang. It was definitely a good idea to take the story in the route of Korra.

      I appreciate the comment, by the way!

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