Nickelodeon Disappoints Again: No Legend of Korra Book 2 Release Date Announced


I’m honestly at a loss for words…

I really don’t know what to say. I decided to write this post as soon as it became official: no Book 2 release date was announced. You are currently reading my raw, uncensored emotions.

F**k this sh*t!

Just when all the points seem to line up perfectly, Legend of Korra fans still get screwed over by Nickelodeon. I’m even angrier at the fact that I got all of you so hyped for this, only to be disappointed. That being said, I truly am very sorry for hyping all of you up disappointment – yet again.

But this was on a different level. We actually had proof that we could get an announcement today. Nickelodeon announced Book 1’s release date at last year’s Upfront. Heck, they even released a trailer. If you really want to look at the bright side of things, Nickelodeon did mention The Legend of Korra in their press release. They basically just said that it’s coming.

Like we didn’t know that all ready.

I’m honestly in no mood to rant right now. I’m just posting this so all of you aren’t left hanging. But I will rant HEAVILY about it soon. Stay tuned for that.

Let off some steam in the comments. Talk about how much you hate Nickelodeon, but remember, don’t take out your anger on fellow commenters! I’ll probably join in on the fun soon.

Note: Sorry for the delayed post. I had to get groceries from Safeway for my mom as I was writing this. It wasn’t a pleasant drive.

84 Responses

  1. Surprisingly, I’m not that pissed. I’m not even disappointed. I’m just like, “Oh! Well….” 😐

    • Well then you have a really good attitude about it!

      • Maybe it is because we have been let down so many times before, Or perhaps I’m just very very complacent. Or maybe I’m just well rested. :3
        In any case I do believe there will be a great backlash against Nick for this. It seems they don’t know when it will be done. But I feel that if I was a Nick executive looking at the coinage we get from LoK I would be breathing down the teams neck. Not that I’d be mean and forcing them to finish before a certain date, but i’d certainly keep them under my eye.

  2. I was drinking water when I read this and I spit out all of it… WHY UPFRONT WHY! YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!

    • Ha ha “chosen one” I know, right! I was really hoping they would tell us it’s coming out in late March. Guess not

  3. I bet Nickelodeon is just jealous of the Avatar series and the fandom itself. I just hope the show releases in spring.

    • I don’t freaking understanding why the heck Nickelodeon is not just telling us when the release date is, Its so aggravating that they wont tell us because im just sitting and waiting and who knows watch it come out next year!!!! ;:( bull crap pissing me off

  4. I don’t understand Nick. First with Season 1, they only ordered 12 episodes. How?? After the success of the original series, you would think they would scramble to sign 20 episodes. I don’t understand TV execs sometimes.

    • I agree, Nick was simply idiotic with this show. They should have anticipated the success of it and planned accordingly. They really should have considered three seasons right off the bat and make each one the full 26 episodes. If they had done that any problems with the legend of korra would have disappeared, such as the pacing. Poor execution with this show. That being said I still very much enjoy LoK but they were just plain stupid.

  5. getting real tired of your sh*t nickelodeon

  6. Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents have been on for over ten years, and now even my younger siblings think they’re stupid. Meanwhile, people like me have loved Avatar from the start. People don’t want to watch dumb cartoons! If they really wanted to make the most out of this upfront, they should’ve tried to target the teen audience, too. Failing to announce a release date, in my opinion, just makes things worse for themselves.

  7. My sentiments exactly Keval, I am a hardly dissipointed in nickelodeon becuase i am just so used to this crap it just does not get to me anymore.
    I am just thinking about how Bryan and mike have let us down! But oh well, I guess it’s just not worth getting excited about things like this because nick will just let us down…

    • I feel bad now for blaming mike and Bryan, it’s all nicks fault anyway, but I think that the fandom is just tired, we are a tight community full of amazingly awesome people that just want our avatar back! (as cheesy as that sounds!) but nickelodeon does not really care about the community, they care about the money. I have come accustomed to being let down by nickelodeon, as I’m sure many of my other fellow avatards have. Let’s just all relax, book two will be here in the next few weeks, we have made it this far and we’re at the home stretch now.
      Sorry mike and Bryan, I just had a rage moment.

      • Have you noticed that every single time you wrote Mike’s and Bryan’s name, you used an upper case in the begining of Bryan’s name and a lower case in Mike’s name? In BOTH comments?

  8. I’ll probably start getting a little more heated about this soon. However, as I can still think clearly, I will say this; if it is any consolation I really do not see Nick waiting for the 2014 season for new Korra episodes. One, the team is working in the last stages of production, i.e: color correction, sound track, and mixes. Secondly, I really think it would hurt them in the long run to wait a year. Should they wait I really think that people will say, “eff you” and forget about it no matter how much they love the show.

  9. I have a really good feeling about March 23, 2013 being the release date. MARCH 23, 2013

  10. Mike and Bryan have a plan. We gotta trust them that they know best (which they do) when it comes to the release of a high-quality, well done, work of art like Korra. They haven’t let us down before.

    Nickelodeon’s schedule won’t always coincide with a passionate, impatient Korra fan base. And that’s okay. We will get book 2 eventually.

  11. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Oh well. I guess I was not fully confident they would reveal it today.
    Apparently, I am used to disappointments.

  13. What do you tkink? TLOK should be and other channel, like Disney or not?. I don’t know but i hate Nickelodeon.

    • EW! not Disney! they sugar coat everything, this is probably why so many people out there believe Amon and Tarrlok lived because Disney brain washed them into believing nothing like that could ever happen, bunnies would have jumped out of the fuel tank in that seance if it were Disney and they create horrible generic stories just to sell stuff! at least Nick gives Mike and Bryan creative freedom… well most of the time

  14. My face looked exactly like the rage face above when I read the title 😡

  15. I’m sad. I was mad at first, but now I’m just plain sad. I don’t know how many more weeks I can go without a release date idea and real trailer. I’m just so… Tired. Silver lining, at least they mentioned it. I guess we just have to wait, what other choice do we have? I
    If you need me I’ll be huddeled in a corner crying.

  16. So basically, there are no more news about book 2 of legend of korra right now?

  17. I really don’t know how they could be so retarded. Just give us a bloody release date already its not like we need a trailer.

    • This is one of Nicks most successful shows EVER!! Why in the f*ck would they not want to show it off to advertisers!!! Their logic makes no sense. It’s official Nick has gone full retard. Well actually they’ve been that way for a while now.

  18. What the hell Nickelodeon…Is the show even going to air????

  19. How could you forget the announcement for the Book 2 of The Legend of Korra? I spend months studying your plans for Book 2 and you just forgot the the release date for that season. Just think about the release date for Book 2 of the Legend of Korra just for the Kids and Nick fans.

  20. A little disappointed actually, if they didnt give us a relase date this month, that means we might not get it soon or get the first episode of book 2 until a few more months then expected.. 😦

  21. I’M SOOOO SAD!!!! :'[

  22. I guess we all GOTTA DEAL WITH IT.
    I don’t think I can, though. I’m gonna go hang with my friend Mr. Rope.

  23. Omg…you guys are way too much harcore fanboys and fangirls. You dont really need to think about it every freaking day. At least only be excited the day it comes out when they dont say anything then dont think about it. As easy as that.

    • Hard-core or bust.

    • If its something people are passionate about, they’re going to go hardcore no matter what.

    • I will understand if many of you dislike this imment, because all of this *is* really frustrating, but I may have to agree with “lost northern”. We, in the twenty-first century, have been shaped to expect things to happen right away–for example, fast food, technology, etc.–so it’s hard for us to be patient and wait for something, especially concerning the things we love. I agree that Nickelodeon should have put a little more effort into all of this, but the date will come eventually. 🙂 Look at the bright side–we still have these amazing shows (ATLA and TLOK) to enjoy and look forward to. 🙂

    • Please include fandom as well, I was introduced to the Avatar world years ago, my 3 kids twins 9, and one 11. Between all of us including my husband, now 50 I do not know who is more obsessed. I am truly passionate about the series and attached to the characters.
      In my humble opinion, I think the movie and yes it did suck, and would have been better in animation – had an impact one the continued support from the executives. In comparison to other cartoons, marketing should do a better job of promoting. This series offers a great story line without the usual ignorant verbiage of others and is far more positive. Yes I am one of the many mad “mom’s” out here missing Korra.


  25. I kind of saw something like this coming, I bet nickelodeon won’t realeasea date until a week before it gets realeased

  26. If you have Comcast like I do, I think it is also important to note what a horrible job NICK does of getting new episodes of KORRA OnDemand. If I missed an episode, I would have to wait an entire week for it to come to OnDemand, whereas it only takes Cartoon Network half a day to put Clone Wars on there. Hopefully NICK wont make the same folly they did last season. STOP DISAPPOINTING ME NICK!!!

    • I think Legend of Korra should be moved to Cartoon Network, they seem to do better with their shows.

      • I think it is bigger than either of those childish networks, but I don’t know where it would go…

      • I think it would be better to stay away from CN. Good shows may get better advertising there, but their shelf life tend to be shorter, depending on the sales of merchandise (like the recent cancellation of Green Lantern and Young Justice, Samurai Jack and Sym-Bionic Titan). At least if Nick has commissioned three more Books, we know they have enough faith in the series to actually see it through to the end now.

      • Agreed. Cartoon Network cancels shows much more frequently.

  27. Well The Last Thing We Got Is Matsuri Con. But Im in no mood to hype for matsuri con right now

  28. On a happier note, has anyone seen the Korra harlem shake? If not, check out this link->

  29. They say it coming soon, the question is, how soon? For some reason I’m not expecting it until Summer :-/

  30. ARGH!!! &$%#@^!!!! *%^#$@&@!!!!!
    D-X Come on, Nick!! Seriously?! How evil can you be?! X-/

  31. *Slowly dying*


  33. It’s all good! I’m not mad at you getting us excited. 🙂 You’re just as in the dark as we are.

    But now that that’s over with….


    *falls over dead*

  34. “For the 2013-14 season, the network will also roll out new episodes of returning hit animated series, including season two of The Legend of Korra” …alright so we know its coming at least.

  35. I used to like Nickelodeon…

  36. they seriously just said it’s coming!? that is the is the biggest piece of sh#t ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what the HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!????
    i am currently smashing my head throw the wall !!!!!!

  37. First I’m screwed over as a Young Justice fan and now I’m screwed over as a Legend of Korra fan! I’M SO ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO BREAK SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. At first I wasn’t mad but today I got so angry ! Thank you Nickelodeon for screwing over innocent korra fans! P.s. (and if they think we are not mad then they are dead wrong!)

  39. hey, not everything goes as planned, most of the time indeed.

  40. Everyone that knows about the nickelodeon upfront had hopes that they will announced the release date so isn’t your fault at all.

    At the time when I read that they only said “coming soon” or something I actually was more than only angry.

    but sadly we need to live with it and have to wait. Remember an old post that saids that they keep their mouth shut till april.

    I swear I have to wait of many things but that.. that is the hardest time 😀 !

  41. There is no need to apologize. Nick should’ve gave us a release date by now. Nickelodeon is just be dumb right now.

  42. It would be nice to know when it came out so we could at least plan to watch it on TV. not giving a release date is stupid unless they have to push it back a bit.

  43. […] 2013. However, the date wasn’t released, so many were very frustrated. Want proof? Go to this post on the Korra blog I told you about. Those are some angry […]

  44. Come on nick, when disney has something planned, they tell us a freaking year before it comes out, you have tlok which is A MILLION times better than any disney show, is it that hard to give us a 15 second trailer and say “coming soon” a couple months before it comes out?

  45. You know, I think it’s just a generic thing with all companies. They get you hyped up and will give it to you at the last minute. I’ve been waiting for this release date for forever, and haven’t gotten it, and I’ve been waiting for a release date on a show on Cartoon Network for forever, and they just barely released it, so, I think it’s just something that many networks have in common.

  46. F*k! I was seriously hoping for something!

  47. Hey if you want info go to then click on message board then on the legend of Korra

  48. There were no promises. That’s the “danger” of being a superfan. We try to find pieces of a puzzle that don’t fit and try to come to conclusions. Just because the climate was similar to last year’s does not guarantee anything this time around.

    I’m not saying it’s wrong to try to investigate and find signs. It’s just a way to be very letdown.

    I’m fine with no news, I didn’t expect anything.

    Nickelodeon, the staff, actors, etc are not to blame because they did not promise anything. But I guess it’s easy to blame corporations. :\

    • I think that the thing we are most pissed off is that Nickelodeon is not announcing LOK as it should be, neither to its advertisers nor to the viewers who are not following it through the Internet.

  49. Do you remember when this was the worst thing we had to worry about in terms of networks screwing with our shows? and

  50. f**k nick I hate this sh*t

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