Why Toph’s Husband could be The Duke

One of the major plot points not answered in the season finale of The Legend of Korra: Book 1 was the identity of Lin Bei Fong’s father or Toph’s husband. We knew how Aang and Katara got together and we assumed that Sokka and Suki got together, but what about poor Toph? Surely she must have at least had some sort of relationship, right?

Well she did, and we have reason to believe that her (lone?) relationship was with The Duke. Before I get into that whole thing called “evidence”, I wanted to provide just a tad bit of background information on The Duke in case you may have forgotten about him.

The Duke is of Earth Kingdom nationality and he joined the Freedom Fighters when he was caught stealing food from them. According to Jet, The Duke never had a home so it is assumed that he is an orphan. So how does an Earth Kingdom Orphan end up with a wealthy, Earth Bending prodigy? I’ll show you.

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