According to Dante Basco, Mike and Bryan Disliked The Last Airbender Movie and Warned Him to “Never See it”

Remember the movie that talked about the life of some kid named Ahng and how he was destined to be the Uhvatar? It had decent special effects, but when it came to dialogue and plot integration, it looked like the works of a 10 year old. Maybe you remember it. I wish I could forget, but that would only be possible if someone gave me the address to Lake Laogai.

Brain washing, anyone?

Anyways, The Last Airbender, by M. Night Shyamalan turned out to be an epic flop that was liked by a small population and hated by the rest of the world. Mike and Bryan, the creators of the animated series, always declined to comment about the film publicly, but that didn’t stop them for sharing their opinions with others such as Dante Basco.

Dante Basco, best known to the Avatar Community as the voice of Zuko and General Iroh II, recently held a Reddit AMA a few days ago in which he responded to fans’ questions on a comment board. One fan asked him what he thought about “m night shaymalamadingdong’s” movie, and he responded as followed:

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