Korra Could Return to the Sato Mansion in Episode 8 of The Legend of Korra

A picture from episode 8 of The Legend of Korra has surfaced, and it depicts a furious Korra, spitting fire from her mouth much like The Dragon of the West. But besides the inferno, what really caught my eye was the square-like image depicted on the wall directly to the right of Korra.

What I found was that the exact same image is also printed on the front of every Satomobile. This leads me to believe that the setting of this picture could possibly be the Sato Mansion.

In that case, episode 8 could primarily be about Korra and the Gang returning to the Mansion for some unfinished business. Maybe they intend to rescue Chief Bei Fong’s lost men, just as we predicted earlier?

The last time the gang was at the Sato Mansion was when they found out that Hiroshi Sato, Asami’s father, was an Equalist.

Obviously, Korra and the Gang won’t be welcomed back upon their arrival so expect another exciting action sequence that could involve Sato’s Mech-Like machines. This is going to get interesting.