Check Avatar Therapy’s YouTube Channel for Even More Avatar Coverage

In case you’re a football fan, you’d know that June and July are pretty much the worst months of the year for football. Literally nothing goes on: First you have the draft in April and then, nothing. We are facing a similar scenario with The Legend of Korra: We had Comic Con in June, and now, we have nothing until who-knows-when.

It’s come to a point now where I have put it upon myself to speculate every aspect of Book 2 of The Legend of Korra just to keep things interesting around the fandom. But enough of me and my plan, today I have stumbled upon an up and coming Avatar YouTube channel that is doing a rather fine job updating its subscribers with all the latest Avatar news. So incase you’re getting bored of reading my rambles, please do check out Avatar Therapy’s YouTube channel. And why not subscribe, too?

The channel is relatively new, but maybe you could help out a fellow Avatar Fan and give him a community just as you have so graciously given me one.

The channel is similar to this blog, in fact. It gives you all the late breaking information and speculations on The Legend of Korra, just in a video format. I enjoy watching the videos, so maybe you will too.