Follow me on my Personal Twitter, Legend of Korra Fans!

I don’t think I ever really officially introduced myself to all of you. Hey everyone, my name is Keval and I am currently a senior in High School. I’ve been going as the alias of AdminAvatar because I wasn’t too sure how comfortable I’d be with sharing some of my personal life on this blog. In fact, I wasn’t sure if there would ever be anyone to share my personal life with in the first place.

Obviously, I was wrong because the overall response to this blog has been outstanding! We’ve all grown into such a tight nit community that I am so proud to call myself the writer of this blog.

Anyways, I recently opened up a personal Twitter account, and I’d love to have all of you following it! You can follow it @kevshah95 and I plan to be using that Twitter Account MUCH more often than I use the blog’s Twitter account.

That’s pretty much all I wanted to say in this post. It’s a but unusual to write a post like this that has nothing to do with The Legend of Korra, but since we are in the off season, I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to give myself a bit of a shout out! If you’d like our awesome community to follow you too, leave your twitter name in the comments if you feel comfortable doing so.

I’ll resume my coverage of The Legend of Korra tomorrow. Hope for some news!

9 Responses

  1. Avatar Shyz @CrazyAvatarFan

  2. omg, you’re indian

  3. “Dobby deserved it” haha

  4. well there are many cultures here thats awsome. Globalization and diversity FTW!!! im mexican!!! yup. i always thought u were some white dude. awsome to kno the internet is diverse…. most people pass themselves off as white…

  5. If I used Twitter in any way shape or form, I’d follow you. 😀 Does that half count?

  6. my twitter is @sxs311 😀 and so is my pinterest, where i have a board dedicated to Avatar and, trust me, it’s rapidly growing!

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