Track Team Releases Image of Music Notes from Book 2, Legend of Korra Fan Reproduces Track on Tumblr

Book 2 Track

This past Saturday, the Track Team released an image of music notes from a specific episode of Book 2. It didn’t seem like much at the time, but it was the catalyst to see just how dedicated some Legend of Korra fans really are.

A fan with the Tumblr Blog known as Deesky used his or her musical talents to record the music depicted in the picture and post it online. So in other words, Deesky essentially leaked a track from Book 2 online.

Click the link below to be redirected to the Tumblr post so you can listen to the track:

Legend of Korra Book 2 Music Recreation

The tricky thing here is that we don’t exactly know how accurate this is. I personally don’t know a thing about reading music so I wouldn’t be much help here. But if any of you have experience in that department, it might be a good idea to check for accuracy. Be sure to fill me in on your analysis.

In terms of the track being played, it seems to have a bit of a somber feel. It sounds like a track that would be played after something terrible happens. But that’s just my interpretation of it.

Leave your thoughts down below.

12 Responses

  1. Well you’re interpretation is absolutely correct but not just only for terrible things. A moment of sadness and loneliness. I hear and feel like you are all by yourself and you just said farewell to your last friend and now heading for a long walk. Gives me almost the same feeling as you got from The New Alexandria mission/cinematics from halo reach. (Those of you who played halo reach will now what Im talking about and those who don’t, there’s always youtube).

  2. i dont want to sound mean…but i hope its the death mako…gosh i dont like him

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA! That would be semi funny.

    • Lol, I feel for you. 🙂 Mako isn’t my favorite, but if he died then I wouldn’t be happy either. (Why? Because Korra would go on a rant and we would have to deal with that for three episodes instead of watching Meelo and Bolin be awesome. :D)

      • Yeah if Mako actually died, my reaction would just be WTF. I wouldn’t be happy or sad, just more confused.

      • I actually like the death of major characters a good exemple would be game of thrones.I think it gives a lot more to the story, a reason to have a goal while it might be sad or whatsoever I think it give a realistic side to any kind of also apply to LoK

      • Maybe Bryke’s idea of making Mako a better character is to just simply kill him off? I could dig it.

  3. I’m so excited! I love it! It’s a beautiful snip it of music and it could very well be something sad has happened.

  4. Hey,it’s me again!
    So I heard this piece of music, very slow,sounds sad.
    Maybe after the attack of the Black spirit?
    I really like The Track Team their soundtracks of LoK. Their music is so beautiful and calming. 🙂

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