Blurred Image Looks to Feature Bolin and Korra’s Twin Cousins from Book 2 of The Legend of Korra

I have now come to realize that Bryan Konietzko’s Tumblr is the best thing that has happened to Legend of Korra fans over this off season. Within the last few days, we’ve received Story Board art as well as an actual image of Korra from Book 2 all from Bryan’s Tumblr.

Today’s image isn’t quite as good as past images, but it is a scene from Book 2 and we can’t ignore that.

As you can see, the image is extremely blurry to a point that it’s almost impossible to comprehend, but I think I may have some ideas as to what the image depicts. Here is a closer look at the image from the picture for a better reference.

Zoom in

The first two figures look very alike so I think it’s safe to assume that they could be Korra’s twin cousins. Korra’s twin cousins have been described as very creepy, and it is well known that they are of opposite genders. We can confirm that the boy’s name is Desena, but the girls name is currently known. Many have speculated that Alyson Stoner could end up voicing Korra’s female twin cousin.

Next to the twins, we see what looks to be Bolin wearing his usual green attire.

The ground in the picture is white, so it looks like this image could be from the Southern Watertribe Festival which is expected to take place in the beginning of Book 2.

When you put the scene together, it looks like it depicts Bolin’s first encounter with Korra’s twin cousins in the Southern Watertribe. This could also be Bolin’s first meeting with his future love interest who I have speculated to be Korra’s female twin cousin.

Leave your thoughts on the image down below, as it can be interpreted multiple ways.

24 Responses

  1. Very nice. Looking forward to Feb. 26. Lets hope the best. Lets hope that it will be like 2012. Korra would save my summer.

    I’m 95 % sure that the second season will air in summer. Lets be optimistic fellas 😀

  2. I saw this and thought the same thing. Let’s hope Korra’s cousin isn’t overly creepy if she is, in fact, Bolin’s love interest. How weird would that pair be if so? And what would that say about Bolin? He liked Korra and she and her cousin appear to be complete opposites.

  3. If the cousins are creepy and Bolin’s love is supposed to be interesting, then it’s probably the girl cousin. She better not be TOO creepy and it needs to make sense to have Bolin go for her, otherwise I’m going to be feeling bad for that guy all over again. *sniffle*

  4. I will definetly be keeping a keen eye on the internet Monday. Hopefully we get a trailer *fingers crossed*.

  5. Well,IF she is going to be the love intrest of Bolin,I just think that she is going to be creepy in the beginning,but after a while,she’s going to be a funny,shy person sho loves to hang out with guys like Bolin. But Desena,her twin brother won’t really like Bolin or something,he is going to try to convince ‘Opal?’ to not hang out with him, these are my thoughts about book 2 🙂 Maybe you have other thoughts? Let me know 😀

  6. “We can confirm that that boy’s name is Desena, but the girls name is currently known.”

    Correct that typo, please. 😀

  7. Judgement Day is 3 days away 🙂

  8. what do you mean to watch the upfront what is going on sunday ???

    • On February 26th, Nickelodeon is holding something called an Upfront Event. It is widely speculated that we will get the Legend of Korra release date at this Upfront.

  9. I suspect that the female cousin *is* going to be Bolin’s love interest, but that it will take a while for her to warm up to him, seeing as she’s going to be “creepy”. Interested to see what will happen in this season… I bet it’ll be better than the first.

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