History is Repeating itself When it Comes to the Development of The Legend of Korra – Will Book 2 Really Release this April?

Just to clarify, the image above depicts a scene from Book 1’s Color Correction Session, not Book 2’s.

When it comes to the development of Book 2, history is repeating itself. The Crew is currently hard at work on color corrections for the new season. A year ago from today the Crew was hard at work on color corrections for Book 1.

This may not seem like such a big deal, but this is most definitely a good thing. It’s a good thing for Legend of Korra fans such as us as well as the show’s creators.

History repeating itself is good for us because it means that the schedule for Book 2’s arrival should be similar to that of Book 1. It’s good for the creators because they shouldn’t have to hear fans complaining about The Legend of Korra’s absence for much longer.

With Book 2 undergoing the same process that Book 1 did last year at similar times, it’s not a stretch to assume that the rest of our wait for Book 2’s release will be similar to that of Book 1.

Last year, we received a release date and trailer for Book 1 at the Nickelodeon Upfront. Book 1 then aired in April of that year.

The fact that the Crew’s process on Book 2 is mirroring the process of Book 1 shows that they are running on a similar schedule – a schedule that released Book 1 in April.


In reality, this doesn’t really confirm anything. It’s just putting two and two together – something we’ve been attempting to do all offseason. So it’s completely up to you if you want to trust history and make bold assumptions. But let me remind you that bold assumptions and speculation is what has gotten us news so far.

So I ask you, do you trust history? I know I do.

25 Responses

  1. I hope your trust is well-placed. But if we’re really in the same position we were last year in terms of progress on “Korra”‘s production, I see no reason why history can’t repeat itself 🙂

  2. did koh steal this guy’s face!? or are they that behind?!

  3. They were still color-correcting all the way through March, it’s a longer process than I thought.

  4. ha ha how did i see that as a head? i need my eyes checked

    • Simple. The shadows on her arm acted as the sides of the face. So at first glance it might look like a face while in a still shot. However, while she’s moving you never would have said it was a face, you’d have said it was a fist; a fist of fury.

      But I agree on this completely. History is a good thing to put our trust in I think. I mostly say this because we don’t have many other things we can put our trust in at the moment.

  5. There are also 14 episodes instead of twelve, so, that could make a big difference.

    • It shouldn’t be that big of a difference. A slight difference, maybe. But I can’t imagine 2 more episodes prolonging the process more than a month.

  6. I think it will be released April 12 or May 3 😀
    Ok, i just want to say that I love your speculations! LOL Korra fans in Brazil always ask for me to translate your posts (i always post with your credits) haha

    this one is here: http://www.mundoavatar.com.br/2013/02/a-historia-se-repete-korra-em-abril/

  7. *fangirl squeal* I’m so excited! And they’re releasing more pictures and stuff now, which gives me hope that they’re preparing us for a trailer!

  8. Why is korra licking some faceless guy

  9. I always assumed that, barring unforseen circumstances, Book 2 would start in Spring.

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