Full Colored Image of Book 2 of The Legend of Korra Released

Bryan Konietzko used Tumblr once again today to release a bit more details regarding Book 2 of The Legend of Korra. Yesterday, we received two Story Board images of Book 2. Today we received a full colored image from Book 2.

As you can see above, the image simply depicts Korra standing upright, looking rather angry.

It’s likely that she is either already engaged or about go be engaged in some sort of fight. The background image is a bit unclear, but based on how I see it, it may depict the Southern Watertribe.

If Korra is indeed standing in the Southern Watertribe, this image is likely taken from one of the first few episodes as the beginning of Book 2 is supposedly going to start off with some sort of Watertribe festival.

Let me know your thoughts on the newly colored Book 2 image in the comments below.

19 Responses

  1. That’s it I need a release date!!!!

  2. In the background, it kind of looks like there’s a building or something that’s on fire. And if it is in the Southern Water Tribe, then perhaps it got attacked? That would probably explain Korra’s emotion in the picture. Who knows!

    If it is, then it looks like the story is jumping into the conflict pretty quick. But that’s what I like, so DEAL WITH IT! Hope to see Korra kicking butt more in the Avatar state!

  3. I am having the most amazing feeling about this right now. I think on the 26 we will certainly get some news and that April is the release month. I have a great feeling about, I just know it.

    • I’m having a really good feeling about it too. I have said in the past that I’m starting to have doubts about an April release month, but the crew is in an excellent place to finish the Book very soon. I say April is still a go.

  4. I think the background is from the Water Tribe,people say they see fire,well,I think these are the candle-light from the Southern Water Tribe Festival. From the promo that we’ve seen at comic con,she’s fighting a dark spirit…Then (in that promo) she goes into the Avatar State..And go on. That’s what I think. If you’ve seen the promo,make sure you check it out again,and look out for the fence (same as on the picture above) and Korra,getting in the Avatar state.

  5. once again the flood after the drought with Korra news here, we’re on a roll!!

  6. You know what? If you look at Brians Blog. The color corrections sessions from book 1 (thats what hes doing right now) was at the 11. FEBURARY 2012. So at the exact same time as the color correction for book 2. I guess this confirmes a release date of april/march

    Probably it will be annouched on this nick showdown like last year. I guess it will be the same sceudle as last year 🙂

  7. This is the scene from the storyboard at comic con just before she closes her eyes and goes into the avatar state to fight the spirit who attacks her.

  8. where do i find this promo???

  9. Korra looks like she’s really angry

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