Korra will Likely Travel to the Southern Air Temple in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra, Possibly to see Aang?

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When Comic-Con rolled around last year during the summer, we were given many different screen shots of Book 2. One of my favorite screen shots had to be the narrow image of the Southern Air Temple. It had the look of mystery and took me back to the many classic moments of The Last Airbender.

Mike and Bryan have already mentioned that approximately half of Book 2 will be in Republic City and the rest would be set throughout the rest of the Avatar world. This image pretty much confirms that the Southern Air Temple will be one of the many settings of Book 2, but the question of why Team Avatar would even journey to the Air Temple still remains.

Why would Korra and the rest of Team Avatar even spend their time at the Southern Air Temple? Aang often visited the Air Temples since it was his first home, but Korra has almost no connection to any of the Air Temples in her current life time.

It’s important to understand that even though Korra may not be connected to the Air Temples, they still serve an important purpose to her as the Avatar.

In fact, even though Aang was not connected to the Fire Temples, they still served a purpose for him as the Avatar as well. Avatar Aang had a mentor in Avatar Roku when he was attempting to master all four elements. Contacting Roku was always a challenge for Aang in the beginning, and at one point in the series, Aang came to an understanding that the only way he could contact him was through his statue in the Fire Temple.

I’ve been speculating for some time now that I believe Aang will play a similar mentor role for Korra in Book 2. Korra will likely struggle during the course of Book 2 mostly because the Book is about Spirits and Korra lacks almost all spirituality. Aang will likely play the role of Korra’s mentor and help her pick herself up when she’s down. But the issue is that Aang will not always be there for Korra. Korra will likely come to a point where she will need to contact Avatar Aang.

That’s where I think the Southern Air Temple will come into play.

Just as Aang contacted Avatar Roku through his statue in the Fire Temple, I think Korra will end up contacting Aang through his statue in the Southern Air Temple in Book 2. Maybe she’ll have to wait until the Solstice like Avatar Aang had to in The Last Airbender?

It’ll definitely be interesting to see how it all plays out. In the mean time, let me know your thoughts below. Please keep the conversation friendly.

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  1. Awesome! It’d be great to see Korra visit the Southern Air Temple to seek Aang’s wisdom. Maybe we’ll recieve some more details on conflicts that were going on when he was an adult. Anyway, I really cannot wait until Book 2! Gonna be insane!

    • Yeah it would be pretty sweet to see some more backstory on Aang. That’s what I’m really hoping for.

      I miss the old gang more than anything in the show.

  2. I know book 1 was meant to be a stand-alone mini series and that it was wrapped up pretty well, but I’m REALLY hoping we’ll still see some pockets of Equalists here and there.

    I know it’s a children’s show, but I feel that writing them off completely and never bringing them up again would be harmful to not just the series, but the franchise as well. Last airbender showed that you could tell a single story arc over a 3-season period.

    Unlike Aang, Korra possesses all the abilities to be LIKE the Avatar, but none of the spirituality to BE the Avatar. I’m hoping the ongoing conflict between finding herself and fighting the remaining Equalists will be book 2’s (if not the rest of the series’) driving force.

    • Completely agree. While I don’t think they’ll mention the equalists, I really hope I’m wrong.

      It just wouldn’t make sense not to mention them all. The story should arc a little bit at the very least even though the seasons are meant to be stand alone. But man, Legend of Korra would’ve been so much better if the four books were together.

      • Unfortunately the initial idea of the ‘Legend of Korra’ being a limited series has already damaged/dampened its story-telling capabilities, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if the Equalists aren’t mentioned again since Book 1 was wrapped up so completely and Nick apparently now has an allergy to ‘filler’ episodes.

        However, I would personally think it makes sense to keep them at least as minor antagonists, or at least present in some form or another. Despite Amon’s duplicity, the basis of his ideas were sound enough to gather many supporters, so one would think the Equalist ideal lives on, even if the organisation needs to get back on its feet. They could manage to stay in the background, or perhaps turn into a strictly political movement with a new leader.

        I just hope Bryan and Mike manage to go against expectations and the limitations of the shortened and stand-alone format of the next Books and manage to keep the good threads of Book 1’s story relevant throughout other arcs.

      • Yeah, I agree, Tumas. Mentioning the Equalists would just make sense because the movement did not necessarily revolve around Amon. Amon just rallied the troops. The hatred for benders should realistically live on despite the fact that the leader had been killed.

        I really hope Mike and Bryan make the plot realistic by breaking the constraints of shortened books and at least mentioning the Equalists.

  3. whoaw! i cant wait to see the next episode, i hope it will be more interesting and more on action since in the season 1 which the avatar is Aang have alot of actions…. but also i am expecting that her pet (Naga) can fly like the flying bison of aang (Apa)… 🙂

    • I don’t think Naga will end up being able to fly. But I remember being disappointing when I learned that Korra’s animal guide would not be a flier because it was then when I knew instantly that Book 1 would have less adventure.

      • yeah.. likewise! hope she can find a sea creature and i think that would be great! isn’t it? im too excited for the next adventures of korra!

  4. Im just excited to see a statue of Aang when he’s an adult. Can we all just agree that he did puberty sooooo well (as if that wan’t apparent enough)? I hope they stay true to the true character of Aang when they portray him in the second series, and I’m excited to see how these polar opposites (Korra and him) are going to get along.

    • I just can’t wait to see more of Aang. I hope they do an episode on Aang like they did one about Roku. Instead of getting into his youth, they could get into the events covered in the Promise and Search. Would make for an awesome episode.

  5. I’d say it makes sense to have Aang as a mentor figure, for various reasons. Firstly he’s her predecessor and has already established a link with her in the Book 1 finale. He was also spiritual in life, and is now a spirit himself, so he would be the perfect guide for all things spiritual and supernatural Korra will have to face. It makes sense to have her meet him at the Temple like Aang had done with Roku, due to the affinity of the place to their respective elements and the Avatar per se. I’m not sure if initial contact with Aang will have a particular time window like Roku or how that would work, but I look forward to see how it plays out either way.

    Plus it would be great to see how much has changed at the Southern Air Temple, if at all, and I’m hoping more appearances by Aang would mean more flashbacks and backstory of the older Team Avatar.

    • Completely agree. Should be fun to see how it all plays out. I don’t think much will have changed in the Air Temples since Aang probably requested them to be left alone.

  6. Maybe it has to do with Aangs death. I don’t know how, but I want to know more about that.

    • Almost forgot about that, Drace! They definitely need to go into further details about Aangs death.

      Did they mention at all how he died? I don’t remember anything about that. Let me know, please.

      • No, they haven’t revealed anything about Aangs death yet. I just heard (and I gotta say I’m not sure if that’s official or made up by some fan) that full-fledged Avatars don’t die by age like normal humans and that this is why Avatar Kyoshi became so old. If that’s true Aangs death could only have been a murder, some disease or he sacrificed himself for some reason.

        However, I believe the destinies of the core characters from TLA will become very important in the future of the series. After all, there’s much plot potential in it and Mike and Bryan usually take full use of it.
        Maybe Aang died in the temple and Korra has to go there to investigate the circumstances of his death. Maybe that has something to do with these evil spirits. Maybe they killed him all these years ago and now have an appetite for the next Avatar, now that Korra became fully realised. XD Well, this theory came to me just while writing this, but I think Avatar-eating ghosts are a good way to start speculation about Aangs death.^^

      • I kind of hope he died by a cause other than old age. It would make for a much better, emotional story similar to Roku’s.

  7. It would be amazing if Aang was her mentor!!!

  8. Ok this is kind of unrelated but, it’s been driving me nuts. I posted a comment on a different post (it was on the post of the book 2 charac ter round up) that was about how Amon actually got his power to take people’s bending away. But no one had really replied, so… Now, I could be wrong, but in season 1 they seemed to have discovered that it had something to do with the blood. But I think Amon’s ability is probably not the same ability that Aang learned from the giant lion-turtle creature.

    • Hey Jeremy. I usually make it a point to reply to any comments that create discussion, but I must have missed yours. I’ll try my best to read over it an reply to start a conversation a bit later.

      • Well I’ll copy and paste a bit of it here.
        Ok, I was thinking just a moment ago, and I am quite curious as to how Amon gained the skill to take away peoples’ bending. In the original series, Aang was at a conflict when he had to face Fire Lord Ozai as he was always taught not to kill people, so he was unsure what to do in his current situation as he was the one who was supposed to destroy the Fire Lord. Now, when he was conflicted with this problem, he had awoken in the night and seen an island in the distance if I remember correctly. He had flown to it on his glider, and had fallen asleep I believe. And during this time he seemed to vanish from the mortal world. He soon realized that this island was in fact alive. A giant creature in fact. Now I’m not sure what this creature was, but if I remember correctly the creature touched his forehead and gave him the ability to take away peoples’ bending, and he was able to return to his friends. And that was how he defeated the Fire Lord.

        Now: I am curious how Amon learned this skill. Is this skill really just something to do with the blood? Blocking something in the brain? Or did he find this mystical creature and force it to teach him the skill? Or will we never know….

        Perhaps my over-curious brain thinks too much sometimes 😛

  9. Apparently, Nick has their upfront presentation where they release information on new and returning programming for the year on February 26th. This was when they announced Book 1’s release date last year (and a second trailer, if I’m not mistaken). This will probably be when they release a Book 2 trailer and/or release date.

    Source: http://www.medialifemagazine.com/a-first-look-at-the-2013-upfront-schedule/

    Just for reference, this is a link to a video from their presentation last year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yls-sDgGkr8

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