Book 1 of The Legend of Korra DVD to Release on May 21st, 2013 [Update: Release Date was Inaccurate]

Update: It looks like Amazon might have made a mistake. Their page now states that a release date is yet to be announced, thus making the previous release date invalid. Maybe we can be optimistic and expect an earlier release date now? It’s really up in the air at this point. Big thanks to Airspeed Prime from Avatar: The Last Airbender Online for pointing this out.

We finally have one of the two release dates we’ve been anticipating for several months. Book 1 of The Legend of Korra will finally hit shelves on May 21st of this year. This information comes from Amazon, who for the longest time posted that no release date was announced, but that post has since been updated with the actual release date.

A May release month is much further down the line than I would have predicted, especially since the cast commentaries were completed a month ago, but it’s no big deal.

The fact that Mike and Bryan decided to finally relay this information to the fandom is great. Hopefully they’ll decide to relay some more information in the area of “release dates” sometime soon.

Are you going to be purchasing the DVD in May? Have you already pre-ordered it? Let me know down below.


15 Responses

  1. HA. Bet people will just buy the DVD only to hope for information on Book 2. But my expectations don’t go any further than more disappointment:

    *Credits of “End Game” finishes… “BOOK 2: SPIRITS… COMMING SOON! :D:D:D:D!!!*


    • Hopefully we’ll have all the Book 2 information we need by May!

  2. i kno this is very off topic but did anyone hear that nick got digimon… or id that just a rumor??? i hope book 2 comes out soon… i will probably buy a bundle once all the books come out XD

    • DIGIMON! I remember that cartoon. Forgot all about it. Looking forward the checking this out of it’s true!

  3. Finally! We’ve actually been getting a lot of news lately!

    • yeah it’s hilarious, first a huge dry spell with no news at all and now we’re drowning in it

    • Yeah News has really been coming lately. Hopefully it keeps going. It’s been fun to write about news instead of pointless speculation that probably won’t even come true.

      • yeah I’ve also been writing my own predictions/ speculations down for a while, i even wrote a paper on korra for school ( my withdrawal symptoms are THAT bad!!!) and it’s getting pretty dull, i can’t wait until stuff is actually confirmed!!!

      • You can send it my way if you want:

        I’m interested in reading it. I may post it on the blog too.

  4. My mom just order that DVD for me alraedy but I’m ok to get that when it comes.

    • It’s sort of stupid that they said the DVD was “coming soon”. They said the DVD was coming soon almost 2 months ago which would mean that the Book coming out in 6 months is “soon”. Kind of weird if you ask me.

  5. Mike and Bryan have little to nothing to do with this release date coming out. This most likely is amazon at last getting a date from nick’s dvd section or paramount.
    Just like they have no real involvement in setting a date for the show to be released beyond how long production takes. It is the people high up at nick who decided these things and then tell Mike and Bryan.

    • Oh gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up, Air Speed! I’ll take note of that in future posts.

      • As you can probably see, both Amazon and have removed the date from their listings. So that more or less confirms it to be an amazon mistake.
        I do suspect that we will get the confirmed date soon, as the trailer back in December did say “Coming Soon” and Soon has to be under 6 months.

      • Yeah I just saw that. Thanks for letting me know. We’ll probably get a quicker release date.

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