Book 2 of The Legend of Korra to be promoted at Anime Matsuri Con 2013

Janet Varney, the voice actress of Korra, has been scheduled to take a trip to downtown Houston on Friday, March 29th in order to make an appearance at the Anime Matsuri Con. According to a YouTube video from the official Convention, Janet will be making an appearance to talk about The Legend of Korra.

There is no word yet on whether creators Mike and Bryan will be making an appearance (or other voice actors, for that matter), but we can confirm that Janet Varney will in fact be present.

Conventions like these are generally highly anticipated because they are almost always a source of news and information for whatever product promoted. At the San Diego Comic Con, we receive tons of news for movies, television shows and games. In fact, Comic Con 2012 was the last time we received official Legend of Korra information.

I think we should be expecting the same thing from the Anime Matsuri Con.

The Anime Matsuri Con could be huge for Legend of Korra fans because it will likely reveal any last Book 2 information that hasn’t been release already. That means if we haven’t received a Book 2 release date or trailer by March 29th, expect the Anime Matsuri Con to be responsible for releasing that information to us.

But we’ve been disappointed in the past, so I think it’s important for all of us to keep our expectations low. Despite the fact that I expect to see some sort of imagery of Book 2, it is still possible that Janet Varney will simply talk about Book 2 rather than show us Book 2.

Is it likely? No. Is it possible? Yes.

But the one thing I know we’ll be receiving from this Convention is Book 2 information. No matter how Janet Varney goes about conveying Book 2, we will still get news. And not just any news, OFFICIAL news.

12 Responses

  1. so excited for this!!! 😀
    thanks for posting, always loved reading your blog post~ 😀

  2. Wait when is the anime matsuri con?

  3. I guess all we can do is wait and eavesdrop for as much information as we can for the time being. Hopefully Nickelodeon will spill the beans sooner or later.

  4. Let’s hope this means we’ll get a release date before then. I really don’t think Janet would go of her own accord. Clearly Nick would be paying her to fly there and do press for LoK. Here’s hoping the next two months will be good to the fans.

  5. Omg I can’t wait! Hopefully some news will be leaked!

  6. Can’t wait for it!
    I hope the news is good!

  7. Do you think there will be a trailer or something in one of the super bowl commercials?

  8. korra X angel beats
    korra X steinz gate
    but hopefully we get a trailer or some thing cuz i have had enough time of waiting…

  9. MAKORRA FOREVER! YAY! WE WILL GET TO SEE A LOT MORE MAKORRA! Those two are just so perfect for each other<3! Those two are true soulmates!

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