Book 2 of The Legend of Korra Character Round Up

Over the past few months, we’ve learned a lot about the upcoming characters who will be present in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra. We’ve learned a lot about how the lives of the main protagonists have changed and we’ve even been exposed to a few mystery characters that we know nothing about.

In order to sum up all the character information released over the past 6 months, I have created a character round up for your reference. I’ve only included characters who will be newly introduced as well as past characters who have changed.

Korra – Avatar Korra is officially a fully realized Avatar minus the spirituality. Now that she’s supposedly mastered all four elements, her destiny is clear: ensure peace and harmony in the Avatar World. Book 1 focused a lot on Korra’s inability to air bend as well as her conflict with Amon and the Anti-Equalist regime. In Book 2, Korra will have to focus less on becoming the Avatar and more on being the Avatar.

Mako – Mako decided to become a cop in Book 2. No reason for this decision was provided at Comic-Con, but I think I may have some ideas of my own that could answer this question. Mako helped Korra save Republic City from Amon and the Equalist Regime, so it’s fair to assume that Mako tried to take on a vigilante role of his own. Even though Mako is technically not a vigilante (because he’s a cop), he was most likely motivated to help keep Republic City in check after he helped stopped Amon from effectively getting rid of bending. Thus, he took on a job that would allow him to do just that.

Bolin – Bolin is back as expected and hopefully his character won’t play the sole role of comic-relief. With Mako and Korra off doing their own thing, Bolin decides to remain involved in Pro-Bending. Bolin teams up with two other unknown characters to compete, but their team doesn’t exactly challenge their competition (in other words, they suck). Outside of Pro-Bending, Bolin is expected to have a weird relationship with an un-introduced character.

Asami – Asami’s father, Hiroshi Sato, was imprisoned in Book 1 after he was found to be involved in the Equalist Movement. This left Asami without parents and gave her the burden of running Future Industries on her own. There is no doubt that Asami will need to grow up quickly in Book 2 if she is to have any chance of taking these challenges head-on. And it’ll be exciting to witness because this will likely result in strong character development.

The Dark Spirit – The Dark Spirit is a new character in Book 2 that will be voiced by Grey DeLisle. Grey DeLisle has done voice work for countless animated characters, but she’s best known to Avatar fans as the voice of Azula. The Dark Spirit was initially speculated to be the main antagonist in Book 2, but Grey informed the fans in an interview that her character has an extremely small role in the Book.

Verick – Verick is a new character in The Legend of Korra. Nothing is really known about him except for the fact that he’s a ladies man and he’s friends with Bolin. I expect him to be another humorous character alongside Bolin.

Kya– Kya was Avatar Aang’s first daughter, and thus, Tenzin’s older sister. All we know about Kya so far is that she’s a water bender, a proficient healer and a “hippie.” She reportedly also has a special bond with her niece Jinora.

Bumi – Bumi is the son of Avatar Aang and the older brother of Tenzin. Bumi is a non-bender, but he is the Commander of the Second Division of the United Forces. Bumi appeared briefly at the end of Book 1, and based on that sole appearance, it’s safe so say that he can be described as “wild.”

Unalaq – Unalaq is the brother of Korra’s father, Tonraq and thus, Korra’s uncle. Unalaq is the current chief of the Northern Watertribe. He is considered to be a spiritual man.

Desena – Desena is Unalaq’s son, or Korra’s cousin. Desena has a twin sister whose name is currently unknown. Desena and his sister are considered to be very “creepy” according to Mike and Bryan.

Opal – Opal is a character that was recently revealed. Alyson Stoner confirmed herself to be the voice actress of Opal, but it is unclear whether or not she will make an appearance in Book 2 of Book 3. If Opal makes an appearance in Book 2, it is widely speculated that she will be Desena’s twin sister, and as a result, Bolin’s potential love interest.

April Stewart’s Character – Voice Actress April Stewart revealed herself as the voice actress for an unknown character in Book 2. After all these months since the reveal, her character is still unknown. Along with her announcement of being a voice actress for a character, April also hinted the month April as an exciting month for Legend of Korra fans. This led to many speculations regarding April being the release month for Book 2.

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  1. Can’t wait to see Bumi in book 2! He only had a single line in book 1 and is already one of my favorite characters!

  2. 🙂

  3. 10 seconds of air time was enough to love bumi

  4. Thank you so much for posting this blog post! There are many new characters I hadn’t known before and I’m really looking forward to Book 2! Can’t wait to see more of Kya and Bumi! 😀

  5. There was one episode, I don’t recall which one if it was of season 1 but it was when the fleets of ships were coming to attack and then they had airplanes as a counter-attack. I wonder if the General Iroh character was in some way related to Zuko? Possibly a son or grandson? And I wonder if we might see him this season. You could definitely tell it was Zuko’s voice in the line he says “It’s a trap!” I think it was one of the latter episodes of the season possibly 11 or 12 I’d have to check.

    • General Iroh says he’s grandfather would respect the avatar’s decision and he has Zuko’s voice so I’m pretty sure he is Zuko’s grandson. I hope Zuko will be in Book 2(Spirit) even if it is just a flashback or vision of the past!!!!!!!! : )

  6. It’s like I’ve forgotten everything. It’s been so long and I really miss the show. To be honest, the new characters feel so forced. Twelve episodes are nothing to develop affection and understanding of the new comers.

  7. Who is Makorra here? ;)<3

  8. Hey does anyone here happen to be a member of the Avatar Wiki?

  9. “Avatar Korra is officially a fully realized Avatar minus the spirituality.”

    I’m just gonna leave that here. KORRA IS NOT A FULLY REALIZED AVATAR. We’re only told that. It’s like a lot of things with Korra. Bad writing.

    I’m not looking forward to Book 2. I used to, but everything I hear just makes me dread it more. It honestly is sounding like a bad fanfic.

    People are welcome to hate me for not absolutely loving terrible writing.

    • Well you make a good point with this saying “she’s a fully realized avatar” then it says MINUS the spirituality it sort of contradicts itself in that senctence…. BUT since we have very little to base our second season predictions on (other than the fact that it will focus a lot on spirituality) you can’t really go talking trash about it already.

      I happen to think (as with most people) that this is one of the most mature animated television series that I’ve ever seen. There may have been some things I didn’t like (I personally thought Korra learned the elements with just a snap if her fingers and I thought she should have spent more time actually learning them…. But that’s just my opinion). Perhaps we will just have to wait this one out like we did when the original series had its long 9 month wait between seasons and we can maybe see then how all this will turn out.

      • I don’t think the writers wanted to waste time showing us the same things. We already had enough of that in the previous series, I don’t know y u would want to see that again.

    • Well, being a fully realized Avatar just means you’ve mastered all 4 elements. Being Spiritual is A PART of being the Avatar, but it isn’t necessarily required to be a fully realized Avatar.

      Korra supposedly mastered all four elements (and I agree, it certainty didn’t look like she did) so she is a fully realized Avatar.

  10. I just wanted to state some thoughts I was having about Book 2. The last Waterbending Avatar, Kuruk, was very arrogant when he was young, and when he became older and more disciplined and found a woman, Koh stole her face as a punishment to his past arrogance. Fastfoward many years to the next waterbending avatar, Korra. This is just me, but I think Korra is nothing like Aang. She deals with all her problems like a bull, head on without thinking of the repercussions. She is arrogant. I got to say it. And entering into bending competitions (just like Kuruk did) only makes her look worse as the Avatar. Remember Kyoshi created the Dai Li herself and it did not take long for them to become immensely corrupt. You must constantly shape the destiny of the world, and Korra would rather play stupid bending matches, than fix the world. Aang would never be caught doing that crap. This is why I personally think the writers titled Book 2 ‘Spirits’ Because of Korra’s bullheadedness and arrogance, she has angered a spirit, or spirit(s), that is not happy with her diminishing the Avatars honor. And she will learn a quick and tough lesson for a spoiled teenager, especially since she has opened her spiritual side. This is just my personal insight though.

  11. i can’t wait to meet/see more of these guys!
    NEWS UPDATE!!! Janet Varney is going to be promoting LOK book 2 at a texas comic con!!!!
    i think we might finally get more news!!!!

    • aw crap now the link isn’t working right 😦

      • Hey not sure if this is anything… But while I was browsing on DirecTV I noticed that Korra hasn’t been playing the past week or so BUT over the next few days it will be playing at random points throughout the day and then on Monday the schedule will resume to its normal self. So it’s like: Aang on the weekdays and Korra on the weekends… Sort of at least, but I hadn’t noticed them doing this in the past… So idk if this is maybe leading up to something. Perhaps they’ll tell us some more information soon. We can only be hopeful.

      • Ehh, sorry Jeremy. I think it’s just Nickelodeon’s awkward scheduling. But don’t worry, we’ll get Korra information soon!

      • Yeah I’ve been recording it on there two and keeping my fingers crosesed that if it’s airing that means something..

  12. Ok, I was thinking just a moment ago, and I am quite curious as to how Amon gained the skill to take away peoples’ bending. In the original series, Aang was at a conflict when he had to face Fire Lord Ozai as he was always taught not to kill people, so he was unsure what to do in his current situation as he was the one who was supposed to destroy the Fire Lord. Now, when he was conflicted with this problem, he had awoken in the night and seen an island in the distance if I remember correctly. He had flown to it on his glider, and had fallen asleep I believe. And during this time he seemed to vanish from the mortal world. He soon realized that this island was in fact alive. A giant creature in fact. Now I’m not sure what this creature was, but if I remember correctly the creature touched his forehead and gave him the ability to take away peoples’ bending, and he was able to return to his friends. And that was how he defeated the Fire Lord.

    Now: I am curious how Amon learned this skill. Is this skill really just something to do with the blood? Blocking something in the brain? Or did he find this mystical creature and force it to teach him the skill? Or will we never know….

    Perhaps my over-curious brain thinks too much sometimes 😛

  13. Thanks for the summary of what’s going on with the characters! I knew most of it already, but it’s just been so long since Korra ended…I needed a refresher! Thank you, again! 🙂

    As always, I totally agree with your stance on the hopes of more character development. It drove me crazy how Korra just spontaneously mastered the avatar state and all four elements from Aang…so abrupt you know? There was nothing leading up to it really, like it took Aang the entire series to learn that stuff! But I guess since Bryke thought it was only gonna be a 1 book series…hopefully since apparently the other 3 books will be more connected like A:TLA, there will be more character development and an even greater storyline!

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