Nickelodeon Knows the Release Date for Book 2 of The Legend of Korra, But They Won’t Reveal It


Warning: This rant may not be suitable for children or adults in love with the Nickelodeon.

Clearly, I’m a bit frustrated with the “glorious” network that brought The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra to television. Just when we thought we’d get some official news about Book 2, specifically a trailer, Nickelodeon pulls the rug from underneath us and laughs. If the executives over at Nickelodeon were the least bit competent, they’d understand how advertising Book 2 during a commercial break of The Last Airbender was so perfect.

Most of the Avatar fans, both young and old, were all watching Nickelodeon together for the first time since the season finale of Book 1. When you have an entire fan base rounded up, you capitalize, but Nickelodeon ignored it. Like I have said before, The Legend of Korra is probably the most mature animated series Nickelodeon airs on their network. To think that all Legend of Korra fans are avid Nickelodeon watchers is ridiculous.

There’s a good chunk of the fan base that doesn’t even watch Nickelodeon unless The Last Airbender or The Legend of Korra airs. They’ve outgrown the network; it’s as simple as that. Obtaining a moment in which all the fans, both young and old, are watching the network is rare. It doesn’t come by that often, but when it does, Nickelodeon needs to take advantage of the scenario. They need to advertise Book 2 and show its fans that it still does exist. They need to rejuvenate the fan base that’s been left dead in the water since Comic-Con.

Besides, viewers who don’t take part in the online fandom likely know nothing about Book 2. Why should they? Ever since Book 1 ended, Nickelodeon has not even mentioned Book 2 on their network. How can you expect older fans that are not a part of the online fandom to even know about Book 2? It’s not like they spend their free time watching Spongebob Squarepants (at least I hope not). There’s no way for Book 2 to even be advertised to them. There was an opportunity when a lot of these older fans were watching The Last Airbender movie on Nickelodeon, but the network blew that chance. Realistically speaking, I don’t think there is another way to massively advertise Book 2 to the older fans that don’t watch Nickelodeon.

But surly Nickelodeon has its own plan, right? I personally wouldn’t think too much of their current “plan.” Up to this point, their “plan” has screwed the older fans and they’re currently screwing us online-fans. Why? Because based on how the Twittersphere’s been rolling these days, it looks like Nickelodeon has set a release date for Book 2, but they aren’t telling us the date for reasons that defy logic.

So far Nickelodeon has completely ignored the fact that Book 2 even exists and they refuse to release a trailer even at the most opportune time. Surly it would be in their best interests to rejuvenate a fandom that has been sitting dry for over 7 months, right? If they don’t want to give us some sort of trailer, why don’t they just tell us the release date? It’s not like it hasn’t been decided yet. David Faustino has been telling people on Twitter that it’s an “Ancient Chinese Secret” for weeks now. Earlier, he was telling people it would release in April, but in reality, this was merely a guess.

The fact that Faustino is now refusing to tell us rather than guessing proves that a release date has been set, but Nickelodeon clearly doesn’t want anyone to know about it yet. Why?

Who knows?

Before Book 1 of the Legend of Korra came out, fans were obviously very anxious for the show. We didn’t receive a release date until a month before the show aired, but it really wasn’t a problem. We received leaks of the first episodes 4 months before the show even aired. The fans were taken care of. We had enough to feed on during the waiting period.

This off-season has been utterly ridiculous so far. No trailer, no release date and no mention of Book 2. The best part about it all is that we’re expecting the Book in less than 3 months.


But if you look at the big picture, none of this really matters for us. All of us will see the trailer whenever Nickelodeon decides to air it and all of us will know the release date even if we don’t watch Nickelodeon. What’s problematic is that Nickelodeon’s marketing plan for Book 2 is beyond awful. It’s a stretch to even say Nickelodeon has a marketing plan for Book 2 at all. I’m sure they do, but it definitely hasn’t been implemented yet.

My hope is that Nickelodeon doesn’t wait until March to start advertising Book 2, because it’ll only hurt them in the end.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading my rant about Nickelodeon. Be sure to let me know your thoughts on Nickelodeon’s “strategy” in advertising Book 2 below.

59 Responses

  1. Yeah, that’s why I’m kinda worried. I think it might not come out in April because there really hasn’t been much information about coming out on Nick. The last solid information we got was back in July at Comic Con. But hey, the first time I saw an official release date on TV was a trailer during the House of Anubis (I love this show!) season 2 finale on March 9. Maybe they’ll show a trailer again with House of Anubis.

  2. Hey admin avatar, I just thought it was a little strange that nick has just posted all of the episodes of the avatar the last air bender on its website to view ” for a limited time” this seems like it could be leading up to something, no? This seems strange to me, any thoughts?

    • They’ve also been playing a lot more episodes of A:TLA and LOK recently…

    • I had another thought, David faustino said that the release date was an ancient Chinese secret, so what if nick is going to announce it on feb 10? (which is the Chinese new year) it makes sense since the show is Chinese-ish? I don’t get how to phrase it but you know what I mean. It seams like a good way to advertise it.

  3. Nickelodeon seriously is retarded but it could be that Mike and Bryan are holding back because something BIG is happening this season.

    • Maybe. But by comic-con last year they told us that half of Book 2 was pretty much completed, which you’d think would finished by now.

    • i was thinking that too but like Admin said why not just give us the f!@##ing release date?!

  4. Ugh. Maybe they think that Avatar fans are so devoted that we won’t lose interest by Book 2. I am, and most of us are, but what about other people? Blah! It’s like they’re purposely stringing us along.

  5. Oh my Gosh, your Absolutely right! I have been monitoring and reading Nick’s Facebook and twitter for MONTHS. All they do is promote Marvin Marvin and house of Anubis, and Big time rush fans are asking when their new season is coming out and nickelodeon is responding to SEVERAL fans saying, “Oh, it’s been filmed and edited so it will be out soon!” I have been leaving constant tweets and messages on Facebook since October and NOTHING. I am so frustrated with Nickelodeon for not saying a freaking WORD about book 2 since July! And then I sat through that horrible exuse for a movie The Last Airbender with no Book 2 preview, I’m so upset with them, I use to watch Nickelodeon tv shows but now, I don’t even bother putting up with it, icarly and the fairly odd parents were the last shows I watched besides Korra, now that those are done, (except Fairly odd parents, I don’t even know what that Status is on that show, it comes, and goes, idek) now, I don’t even watch Nickelodeon, I won’t until Korra comes back on, so nickelodeon, RELEASE SOMETHING FROM KORRA OR I WILL SNAP. It’s just like Nick too, to do this. It’s like the Organization issues they had with Avatar, do you Remember the wait between seasons 2 and 3? Nine months! And here I though it was going to be different this time. Stupid stupid me. Once shame on you, twice, shame on me. Hopefully sometime soon, their silence will break and the fandom will rejoice and dance around the Internet in blissful happiness.

    • What you said about their Facebook and Twitter is exactly what I’ve noticed. They do the same thing on their network; they constantly advertise Marvin Marvin, which by the way looks to be awful, and seemingly ignore Korra. That really seems backwards to be ignoring basically their best show, and to constanty advertise a show that has been very negatively received.

      I hope the reason for all of this secrecy is because they’re planning something good, because if they aren’t then they’re really shooting themselves in the foot. With a show of this quality and wide appeal they need to be sure they handle it with care.

    • Hell Legend of Korra is the only reason I turn nick on anymore. Any other channel would have been advertising the crap out of it by now.

  6. Hi! You’re completely right! i just advertised your article on my tumblr! I hope my followers will read it! And think the same about it! Nickelodeon sucks right now! WE want KORRA,that’s all!

  7. That’s they do one more thing and were declaring war! Lol

    • You’re right! Here is something:
      Long ago in June the Avatar fans of Tumblr lived with peace of mind that 3 more seasons of Korra where coming. Then everything changed on 1/21/13 when the Last Air Bender attacked. Only Nickelodeon the producer of both the amazing TV series and heinous movie could satisfy the fans. But when the fandom needed them most, they betrayed them. 2 hours past and many fans were lost searching for a promo for book 2. And although our dashes are in chaos I believe Mike and Bryan will eventually make up for this day.

      The End
      R.I.P Korra-fans

  8. Ubut don’t worry Korra will be back

  9. Haha Obamaniqua, that was hilarious!!

    It’s odd how Nickelodeon goes about advertising ATLA and LOK. It’s almost as if they’re against it and hesitate to air it on their channel. Sometimes it seems like they regret having signed the contract with Mike and Bryan. But I think there’s a reason behind this: they realize how successful Mike and Bryan’s shows have been and acknowledge the fact that they have such a vast, dedicated fandom that will never die away as long as there are new episodes on deck. Therefore, they don’t see the dire need to constantly promote these shows; however, their less successful shows are the ones that need the little cushion of support. I think they’re just trying to “even out the playing field.” In other words, NICKELODEN IS AMON!!! :0

    • OMG the idiot theorists were right!!!! AMON DOES LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • OMG! Now amon didn’t die,b’cuz he bloodbend tarlok at taht boat,he’s still alive,and he went to our dimension,and now hisrunning tha freakin’ place!

  10. LOK better be out by april at the latest i can’t afford a psychiatrist 😦

  11. Yer – this isn’t new for Nickelodeon unfortunately. They’ve done this shit before; especially with season 3 of ATLA. For nine months (I call it The Avatar Pregnancy period) we had to wait for the start of season 3 (I can’t remember if there were adverts/promos/any info released or not – I know at NYCC Bryke showed a trailer for it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t) – I honestly thought the show was canceled. I understand animation is arduous and takes a tedious amount of time (I’m taking an animation class omg WHY DO I WANT TO DO THIS AS A CAREER [answer: for the satisfaction of seeing my work all moving and shit it’s so cool omg], but, c’mon Nick – throw us a bone here would ya? Like I said before, I can’t remember exactly what went down – I was, like, 12/13 during this period of time and now I’m 18 (and then I scream because I have a sudden realization that all the season 3 wank was half a decade ago), but I’m pretty sure that after the Day of Black Sun special (which wasn’t advertised well either, if I recall correctly) it dropped off the radar again for a few months and, with little to no warning or notice, Nickelodeon decided to marathon the final episodes in succession during the WEEK leading up to the finale (I think Nick promo’d it in the few commercials they aired something like “COUNT TO TO THE COMET” …yeah). NOT TO MENTION that Korra wasn’t announced until 2010 – 2 years after the finale which aired in 2008 – and then the wait for it to premiere so basically we waited around 4 years for it.

    People inexperienced with this monkey-feather system get so angry and frustrated (and rightly so) but, being through it a few times before, I sorta just sit back and laugh at the fandom because what can we do, really? We can protest and express our (legitimate) irritation with them all we want, but Nick doesn’t take the fans seriously (for some reason?) – they will just see it as pouty hissy-fits and ignore us.

    To be honest, I’ve kinda given up on them and lost the zealousness to get them to listen to us, so I’ll let the younger/newer fans do it for me 😛

    • To your 2nd paragraph, they indeed do not. It’s all about the money money money.

      • Yeah, and it’s so illogical! They’ve always been pretty bad at handling – from merchandising to marketing. It’s like, you have a HUGE fan base with very diverse demographics and you can’t figure out some way to treat us fairly!? I homestly feel that they don’t even CARE – almost to the point of apathy and/or dislike. I say monkey feathers 😒

        argh and also typo: “COUNT *DOWN TO THE COMET”

    • ^ Yep! I guess it’s going to be the waiting game for now, like it has been in the past. At least we got sooome news about Alyson Stoner voicing ‘Opal’ but it’s not even from Nick! *SIGH*

  12. I can understand there can be some strategy somewhere to starve fans a bit so we get extra hyped when the first information comes up and Book 2 is near, but this is getting ridiculous in my opinion.

    I think it’s just symptomatic of something which, as you pointed out, I feel Nick’s becoming known for: not treating its best series as it should. When I discovered what great quality ‘Avatar’ was, I was quite surprised it was produced and aired under the Nickelodeon banner, so it continues to irk me how much they don’t flaunt it as much as they should.

    I don’t now why this is so, maybe it’s because they don’t appreciate how much Avatar fans have outgrown their other programmes. I just hope that however things turn out, new viewers can still be attracted to both ‘Avatar’ and ‘Korra’; if not by Nick itself, then maybe by us old-time fans.

  13. when will thw season 2

  14. Stupid Nickelodeon. It seems like you want to lose your viewers. All the shows you have on are retarded. I mean, c’mon SPONGEBOB??? Three syllables: RE-TARD-ED! Bring back the good show!!

  15. Maybe the lok will air like in the summer and the trailer will be released in april

    • I have to agree with you. Imo Nick probably plans to release LoK Book 1 dvd in April and about the same time show Book 2’s trailer for a June/July premiere date.

      Given the fact that the majority age demographic for LoK is in school (primary to college) we can assume Nick maybe taking this into account regarding the series airing this time around.

      Plus if you happen follow the co-creator Bryan’s tumblr ( he put up a post about a week and a half ago showing a pic of his fellow avatar creator Mike looking over some ADR sessions. I brought that up b/c animation production 101 dictates that doing ADR is one of the final steps in making any animated series (music and sound are the other last steps).

      To sum up everything we know Book 2 is still being worked on but should be completed (just guessing here) around April/May.

      • Actually scratch that last sentence, not tryin to sound overly hopeful but it could probably be done by as early as mid to late March.

      • Interesting. If only we knew what episode they were doing that on. Clearly, they’re pretty close. I know it will be worth the wait and all that jazz but I’d still like to know when!

  16. i just checked the nick twitter, and someone asked when they will have a release date for book 2 and they responded “@tyaeyu14 We don’t have one yet :/ #episodesstillinproduction”
    i have this mundane hope that they’re lying…
    heres the link to the tweet:
    its in the reply section… 😦

    • That’s TOTAL bull sh*t. I think David Faustino would say otherwise and I trust him over some unknown figure running Nickelodeon’s Twitter account. I doubt they’d know anything anyways.

      But thanks for letting me know! 🙂

  17. BREAKING NEWS!!!!! They just responded to a fan on Twitter saying Book 2 is still in production!

  18. Oh, no Legend of Korra news today? Darn.
    I’m going back into hibernation, someone come get me when it’s close to premier time. My address is 555 Nickelodeon is a pain in the *bleep* road, They Suck, NY, 74855, USA.
    It is a nice little den just ouside town with a big neon sign above it, you can’ miss it.

  19. WOW. This made me cry. I’ve been googling about the release date of book 2 everyday for the past 6 months. It’s time they projected an expected date or I swear I will throw a rant!

  20. This could just be a “friend who told a friend, who told a friend” rumor. But it’s been said that the plot for the next three books had been pushed back/ altered even more because Nickelodeon and paramount have greatly considered the animated Legend of Korra movie idea and that it will be heavily tied to the show and not an OVA…. Series finale in the big screen? Let’s hope so!

  21. I agree that they should let us know the release date or at least an approximate one!!! And where’s the DVD they haven’t released that yet or even told us a release date for it, if they don’t release the DVD soon I’m going to knock some nickelodeon heads off. : (

  22. Lets not forget that we did not find out the Book 1 Air date until Mike and Bryan found out, when they found out they immediately posted it on Tumblr.
    That was not until a few weeks before the show was due to air.

    And especially with TMNT (Nicks other big show) just started it’s second half of the season, they may not have concrete dates in place.

    Spring is the rough date for Book 2, I would not get worried at least for another month.

    Not to mention it was complete speculation that they would show something during TLA.

    Plus we do not know how good we have it, with Tron Uprising, MotorCity, Young Justice and Green Lantern all recently cancelled/put on hiatus, at least we know that Nick will for sure air all 4 books of Korra.

    • so you finally join this site? 🙂

    • Hey Air Speed,

      What you said about Nick airing 4 seasons is so true. At least they’re not like Cartoon Network. Canceling all the shows people enjoy watching before they officially end.

      • Don’t even get me started on Cartoon Network. All the good shows which were on for only short periods of time they cancelled for just stupid reasons my favorite show had been on Cartoon Network (Justice League) and then I couldn’t find a series that had such maturaty and other such aspects it contains until the avatar series came about into exsistance.

  23. I have to say that this is indeed my favorite show and Avatar definitely comes in a close second, however I must admit that Nickelodeon has been really quite annoying delaying the release of the second season. You would think they’d at least give us something to hope for. Perhaps they do have something big planned though. Although I did hear that this season may have some flashbacks of the past and might tell us a bit about what happened after the kids defeated the Fire Lord and when they became adults. Perhaps we may learn what became of Zuko’s mother?

    • That last point is already slated to be addressed in the ‘Search’ graphic novel trilogy, actually. Since both ‘The Search’ and Book 2 of ‘Korra’ deal with the supernatural, though, I’m hoping for the latter to reference the former (or vice-versa) somehow.

      • Well I don’t really want to buy a graphic novel just to find out what happened to Zuko’s mother so I’m hopeful they’ll relay info in a flashback or something…. Or maybe I’ll google it this season…..

      • Or maybe wait for all three graphic novels to come out and check the Avatr Wiki. I’m sure it will updated with every release during the year.

  24. Ok let’s just say this straight: Does Nickelodeon even pay attention to their fansites? Do they care? At all? I mean seriously. If you look at the stuff we have and compare it to what they have (information wise), it is quite obvious they don’t really tell their fans much. It would at least be nice to have knowledge that someone from Nick pays attention and cares,

  25. And, they STILL won’t tell us when Book 1:Air is coming out on DVD!They just keep telling me “soon”. Do they even care that I’ve been waiting 8 months for this news?! 😡

    Hopefully, they’ll tell us when the DVD set & Book 2:Spirits will come out within the next month or so; I’m getting very impatient with @NickelodeonDVD and @NickelodeonTV. They seem to care more about their other shows, like Victorious (which finally ended, thank goodness), Marvin Marvin, and other moronic shows. As I told some Victorious fan who recently attacked me and my love of both Avatar & Korra, these 2 shows are the ONLY good shows Nickelodeon has had in years! They have depth to them, unlike most of what’s on TV nowadays.

    Let’s start a tweet campaign! Let’s all tell them that we’re boycotting their station until they tell us more about Book 2 and the Korra DVD’s! Who knows? It just might work! 😀

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