Alyson Stoner to Voice a Character named Opal in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra

Alyson Stoner, most famous for her past roles on Disney Channel, recently confirmed that she’ll be playing the voice of a character named Opal in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra.

This confirmation comes from her official website in which she announced all the roles that she will be taking part in during the 2013 year. The third line of her list reads “Voicing “Opal” in Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra”.

Now this line can be interpreted in one of two ways: either Alyson will begin voicing Opal’s character in 2013 for Book 3, or she has already voiced Opal’s character for Book 2 and we’ll get to see it when it airs sometime this year. It’s a bit unclear, so I expect to see different interpretations from fans around the web. Obviously I’m interpreting this quote as the latter of the two ways, but I think I may have some evidence that proves my interpretation to be correct.

Further down Alyson’s list, she notes that she’ll be playing a “familiar” character in a “popular” video game. She explained that she couldn’t release any details, but her IMBD page confirms that she’s been voicing Batgirl’s character for the game titled Young Justice: Legacy. This looks to be the game that Alyson was referring to on her website, but the interesting thing is that the game releases this February. That means she started voice acting for the character back in 2012 despite the fact that her list talks about her projects in 2013.

Maybe we have a similar scenario for The Legend of Korra? Maybe she really did voice Opal’s character back in 2012 and now we’ll get to see it this year in 2013? That’s where my money is, anyways.

There are no specific details citing what type of character Opal is, but since Alyson Stoner is voicing her, I think it’s fair to assume that Opal is some sort of teenaged character. Personally, I think Opal may be Korra’s female cousin (the twin) who has remained unnamed up to this point.

If that’s the case, maybe Opal will be the love interest of Bolin that we’ve heard so much about?

It’s all speculation up to this point, but what do all of you think?

22 Responses

  1. Sweet! Finally some news! I love Alyson Stoner, I’ve been watching her since I was little!

  2. I hope she’s bolins love interest…

  3. My thoughts are that she would be in book 3, voice acting is done shortly after the scripts are finished and the general concepts, and ideas are finished. Then while the actors slave away in the studio. The show is story boarded and animated. Next I would like to point out that they are currently recording the actors for book 3, as confirmed by Seychelle Gabriel (Asami Sato) and Grey DeLisle (unknown character) a while ago. So if Alyson Stoner says that one of her 2013 projects is the legend of korra that leads me to believe that she is voicing Opal in the book 3 of the Legend of Korra and therefore not Bolin’s love interest.
    Now I could be wrong but that seems the most logical to be.

    • Hey Joey,

      Yeah it can really go either way. Your analysis makes perfect sense as well. I guess we’ll get some clarity whenever the Book airs!

      • Thanks AdminAvatar. Yes, we will certainly receive clarity once book 2 airs. (Though I feel like it should be, IF book 2 airs. -_-)
        Secondly, can I just say I’ve been skimming over this site for months and I have to say it is one of the best and most thorough I’ve seen. I’m very glad to be a part of it. 🙂

      • Thanks Joey! I’m so glad you’re enjoying this blog, and thank you for consistently reading it the past few months! Glad to have you on board as a reader and commenter 🙂

      • You should be proud, it’s a great blog and very consistent.
        I am happy to be here. 🙂

  4. sounds like an earth nation name to me or fire nation

  5. I hope shes in book 2!

  6. She has been doing a lot of voicing for cartoons and whatnot lately. Hopefully, she will be Bolin’s love interest. I wonder if Mako’s “ex” (sorry, forgot her name) will find a love interest.

  7. I understand your frustration, I can’t take it. I hate everything about nick except avatar. I’ve been watching it since it premiered on tv god the first time and they obviously knew how to market and advertise the series then.

    But as for Alyson stoner, relating to this blog post, for the video game character I’m pretty sure she’s returning as Xion in the new Kingdom Hearts game. It’s been speculated and hinted at for a while now.

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