The Last Airbender Movie will Premiere Tomorrow on Nickelodeon, Should we expect a Trailer for Book 2?

Last Airbender

After several years of waiting, Nickelodeon has finally decided to premiere The Last Airbender movie on their network. The Last Airbender will be making its first television premiere this Monday (tomorrow), January 21st at 6 PM, on Nickelodeon. Now I’m not writing this post to further bash this movie since I know that a lot of people who visit this blog seem to like the movie. I don’t know why, maybe they’re seeing something in it that I’m not.

Anyways, the premiere of The Last Airbender comes at a very interesting time. January is coming to a close and February will start up fairly soon. After a shortened month in February, we have March and then finally April, which is believed to be the release month for Book 2. That means we only have about 3 months left until Book 2 of The Legend of Korra supposedly begins.

However in the world of television exclusively, Book 2 of The Legend of Korra doesn’t even exist. Since the conclusion of Book 1, Nickelodeon hasn’t even mentioned the existence of Book 2 of The Legend of Korra on TV.

Now that may seem like a big deal, but it’s really not. Lots of people use the internet and, as a result, lots of people know that Book 2 has been in production during the past months. But that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone knows about Book 2. There are actually a decent amount of people who are questioning whether or not Nickelodeon will even release a Book 2. Not a lot, obviously, but there is definitely a good chunk of people who know nothing about Book 2.

But that’s not necessarily a problem. That’s why television networks air commercials in the first place. If Fox hadn’t aired a commercial for Paranormal Activity 4, I wouldn’t have even known it was in the makings. It’s simply the cycle of advertisements.

So that’s why we should be expecting Nickelodeon to air a Book 2 commercial or trailer in the near future. With Book 2 only about 3 months away, Nickelodeon will need to start reminding and/or notifying their fans that The Legend of Korra is not over. A second Book is still scheduled to air. But how are they going to convey that message to such a large fandom?

They’ll have to round them all up in one broadcasting segment and send a mass message about Book 2 that will likely be in the form of a trailer or commercial. But what kind of broadcasting segment would have the ability to round up all Avatar fans? Surly a few re-runs of The Last Airbender and/or The Legend of Korra couldn’t round up the fandom. But what about the world premiere of The Last Airbender movie that hasn’t even been on television yet?

Yeah, that could do the trick.

The Legend of Korra is a much more mature show, especially compared to other shows that Nickelodeon airs. As a result, a lot of its viewers are not necessarily avid Nickelodeon watchers anymore since they too are much older. They tune into Nickelodeon occasionally and at their own will especially when The Last Airbender or The Legend of Korra is on TV. Mike and Bryan know this and so does Nickelodeon. So in order to round up Avatar fans of all ages, Nickelodeon will air The Last Airbender on their channel tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter how good or how bad the movie may have been in the eyes of certain people, it will draw a crowd. And my prediction is that Nickelodeon will use that golden opportunity to remind all the Avatar fans that Book 2 does in fact exist and that it will be coming out within the next few months.

So I will go out on the record by saying that I expect some sort of Book 2 trailer or commercial tomorrow during the time that The Last Airbender premieres. Don’t get yourselves too excited and expect it, as we don’t exactly know Nickelodeon’s actual thought process. But based on my thought process and how I see it, tomorrow would be a golden opportunity for Nickelodeon to advertise Book 2 of The Legend of Korra.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

61 Responses

  1. I actually think after this trailer we will get an LoL trailer therefore I am gutting through t…

  2. I actually think after this trailer we will get an LoL trailer therefore I am gutting through t… My and my sis anyway

  3. I just wanna make something clear I am not watching that…that THING. That thing will be muted the whole time while I pass the time on the internet. I am merely having that thing on for the commercials to see if a Korra trailer comes on. Otherwise f@$% that thing!

  4. NO!! Nickelodeon!! Don’t do it!

  5. LOK, BE ON ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh, the things i do for my favorite show

  6. I hope they have a second season I lllllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the legend of korra

    • Second season has been confirmed. There will be Books 2, 3 and 4. It’s been official and set in stone for a while. Voice work for Book 3 is in progress currently.

  7. Really hated the film, so I won’t be watching it on TV. Thankfully, if any Korra material pops up, I’m sure it will find its way to the internet, where I can watch it safely.

  8. Pfff..Fist of all..The movie sucks DICK! (sorry!) And if there will be a trailer,would you put it on your blog,please? Cuz I live in Belgium (Europe) and we only finished book 1 a month ago! I really hope that they’ll show something of book 2!

  9. To be honest, I had no problem with the movie 😀
    The reason for it might be that when I watched the movie it was the first time I heard from Avatar. I didn’t watch the Avatar: The Last Airbender books, so I thought the movie was ok. Don’t get me wrong. It definitely wasn’t a masterpiece but it was good enough for me to switch off my brain and relax.

    During the movie I fell in love with the universe (not the movie!) and started to reserche. That was during the time where LoK was already released, which is why I started watching LoK before Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    And I completely fell in love with LoK.

    But after watching the Avatar: The Last Airbender books I totally understand the fans of Aang and his crew when they saw the movie.

    • I guess if you watch the movie without watching the cartoon, the movie is alright. But if you watch the cartoon first, you likely hate the movie on an unheard of level.

      • Thats precisley what happened to me except i hated the movie even before i watched the series. Yep. The worst part is, my mom bought me tickets to that in 3D.

      • Ugh… I heard the 3D was awful. That probably made the movie even more worse than it really was.

  10. The creators already confirmed a Book 2, 3, and 4 at SDCC last summer. Nickelodeon is just being stubborn about giving us visuals.

  11. The movie may be bad, but I think the music in it is actually pretty deep

    • The music is absolutely wonderful. One critic said it only made the film more boring, but it’s absolutely great to listen to on its own!

  12. Movie could have been a LOT worse. I am one who only started watching the re-runs AFTER seeing the movie! The movie tonight on NICK was something to watch with a younger family member.

    • No the original show is something to watch with a younger family member because they wont get bored with it for one (like they would with the movie) and two because the parent(s)/guardian(s) can enjoy it too. As an adult I still love the original show because of its great writing, characters, story, action and lore. Its the for those reasons listed that many other adults still love it as well. movie is forgetabl

      • *point is show kids the show not this garbage*

      • I have seen movies remade that do not do justice to original source (book/original film) and other movies that outshine what was done horribly in the first place. The Last Airbender movie was “based” on the television series.

        Funny, my child watched the whole movie and complained when I said “No” when they wanted to watch the second showing. He/She informed me that they “liked” the live people / action. The time we spent was “bonding” over something we both enjoyed. This is true whether watching the animated series or the live action movie or reading some of the related books.

  13. So gotta ask did a trailer pop up for book 2?

    • Nope. Nickelodeon is officially insane. We should have gotten a trailer by now and showing one during the movie would have been PERFECT.

      • Well that’s just awesome good thing I didn’t watch it cause Nick doesn’t deserve the views. I love how the taglines at the bottom of Nick kept saying “catch the premiere of “hit” movie”. Nick does know that it is considered one of the worst movies ever made right?

      • It would have been a great way to bring in new viewers. Most would probably said it’s ok on their first viewing, then see the Korra promo, done some research and asking around, and possibly find out about a much better animated series and its follow-up. Just seems like a missed opportunity.

        I just hope they make up for it by promoting Korra to bits after the trailer comes out, and by having said trailer come out soon! They seriously need to build up some hype for the best show they have!

      • Good point. Yeah this was a HUGE missed opportunity.

      • It really does seem that way, especially when they were saying things after commercials like, “and now, back to the hit blockbuster movie.” With how bad the reviews and initial reactions were, they can’t seriously be saying that.

        Showing a trailer during the movie would have been much better, and would have made much more sense than showing one during some random episode of Spongebob, which they better not do. Though now that I think of it, they probably just showed the movie for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, as some sort of holiday special. But with Book 2’s premier approaching, they should have known people would think they were planning on showing a trailer.

      • I’ll be so mad if a trailer comes on during Spongebob. There’s no way I’ll see it until it comes online if that’s the case.

      • you got that right, so did you really torture yourself to wait for the trailer we didn’t get? I’m so sorry you did

      • Nope. I was out skiing with friends and family. I just had some Twitter followers tweet me to let me know if a trailer popped up.

      • I will say I was very disappointed no LOK trailer. Come on NICK! Listen to the FANS! We need something!

      • Yeah seriously. Making us fans sit through that with no reward. Pshh.

  14. My heart is broken.

  15. Wow a lot of people hate this movie it wasn’t totally awesome but it was cool. Unlike a lot of u,obviously, I have seen every single avatar the last airbender episode there was. I started watchin the show when I was like 8 or 9 when the show had already been on tv for about 2years but like I said I’ve seen every episode top to bottom by now. Even though I’m bout to be 14 on the 7th of feb. I still absolutely luv the show! I don’t care how old I get I will never get tired of watchin it. I actually wish the show still aired on tv! You guys that have never seen avatar the last airbender series missed out on an awesome show.To tell the truth I tried watchin lok but I didn’t like it nearly as much as avatar:the last airbender one reason for that is probably bci watched and fell in luv with this series long b4 lok come. I even was wishin to myself as soon as themovie went off last night that they would have a 2nd and3rd movie for the 2nd and 3rd seasons of the show. They only covered the first season in the movie but they skipped A LOT but I liked it anywayy cuz iI’m an avtar:last airbender fan :). So u guys just give the show and movie a chance and maybe y’all will luv it as much as I do which might be impossible cuz I lllluuuuvvvv it!! Actually some of the stuff that happens in the last airbender series will explain some of the stuff that) happens in lok. Btw they were saying Aangs name wrong so don’t thin:k his name is retarded if u watched the movie. Well tha:t’s finally all I have to say. I hope I inspired u ppl to stop bashin other shows. Without the last airbender series there would have been no lok so u guys better be thankful of the show! So u guys luv ur shhow and ill LUV mine forever & infinity! Plz reply nicely cuz ik what I’m tlkin about lol :).

    mmovie went off last

  16. I’m really surprised Nick didn’t feature a season 2 trailer last night… They truly missed a golden opportunity, despite how much criticism The Last Airbender received. My only question now is, when WILL they feature the season 2 trailer? I remember for A:TLA, the trailer for season 3 was released much before the premiere, and I must have watched it at least a thousand times in anticipation! It really excited all the fans and compelled them to mark the date on their calendars. But for LOK, they haven’t even mentioned the season 2 at all on TV, which I find very strange. LOK’s cyber fandom may already know a lot about season 2, but the fans who are limited to TV alone must be pretty clueless by this point.

    • I’m honestly kind of lost now. I REALLY thought we’d get a trailer during the movie.

      Maybe we’ll have to wait until mid feb? Not sure what Nick is thinking to be honest.

  17. Well…I did watch the movie on TV a year ago. I loved the music, though, ( I think it’s called “Flow like water”). Anyway, I would be more than happy to see a 30 sec trailer of Book 2. I love the animatics from Comic Con ’12, but I wish there would be something more :/

  18. Yah I’m now pretty certain I’m dead. I sit through that….Thing and Shay is sitting with her head in her hands, Chris looks like he’s going to loose it, everyone else is looking at the screen in utter discust or on the floor shaking there heads like ‘have mercy’. Every commercial was a saving grace and NO TRAILER!! I’m loosing hope guys….

  19. I don’t think legend of LOK actually needs a trailer, most fans already know about it.

    • ya I watched the movie on the 21st but I decided to watch it again last night and give it another try. I guess it didn’t blow my mind as much as it did the first time when I rly payed attention to it but there r still A LOT of mistakes. Like sokka was like 24. Aangs arrow wasn’t even blue it was blck with squiggly things in it. Monk iotso was a big blck dude. Zucko was indian, didn’t have a ponytail, and BARELY had a scar. King bumi wasn’t even in the picture. Appa looked like a monster from the underworld and momo looked like a flying rat! Aang was ong iroh was eeroh & sokka was soukka. The only person that looked the same was Yue. And ppl it took like 7 earthbenders to move a stinkin rock. The firelord has long hair not short. Aang never tlked to any dragon spirit! And aang hardly went into avatar state & didn’t even turn into the big glowing monster! The bending movements were way too much for the little things they were actually doin. I mean did M. Night even watch one episode of the show. He needs to go bck to scary movies. Uknow they should have just made an animated movie or a 4 th season, that would of made me very happy! But its too late now cuz the shows been off the air for bout 4 years now. But they still have A LOT of fans. I was on a ATLA website yesterday & a lot more ppl that were fans were on there chattin than I thought there would be! So maybe if they did make a fourth season or ANIMATED movie it would still be a big hit. Ik I would rly like it! I stiill cnt believe I’ve been watchin the show since I was 8, ( or 9 & I’m about to be 14 on the 7 th of feb. So I’ve been watchin it forr like 5 yrs! Anyways I even told my friends & family that I wanted the DVD packs of all the episodes I also want the books. I hope they keep showin the reruns of ATLA onon nicktoons until my teen years r over lol. As a matter of fact isee that my show is comin on in an hour & 33 mins! yay! Iwill always be part of the Aang gang. I’m not gonna let that movie ruin it for me for ATLA BABY!! 🙂

  20. I’m sick of this jerking around, what is so hard with just giving a release date? They missed a golden opportunity to show a trailer or even give the slightest inkling of book 2. I really wish they could just give a date.

  21. They are playing the movie again tommarow (Sunday) at 8:30 on Nick

  22. i really dont want another airbender film, the last one was a disgrace, i reckon if they just had a bigger budget it would have been ok, but wow, it was awful, i hope this one wont be

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