Happy One Year Anniversary, Legend of Korra Fans and Readers!

One year ago today, I registered for this WordPress Domain and decided to start blogging about The Legend of Korra. I wrote a few posts and kind of forgot about this blog until May, when The Legend of Korra was actually airing. The reason why I started writing the blog again was because despite the fact that I was not even writing any posts, I was averaging almost 50 people a day – with close to no content. That’s unreal. And those 50 people who were visiting began to comment, “Why is content no longer being posted?” Obviously, I could not leave them hanging.

That’s when I realized how much potential this blog truly had. There is no doubt that we are still growing as a community, but I am ecstatic about how far this community has come as a whole. According to the Dai Li Breakthrough Design, we are the third most popular Avatar Fan Site world-wide, and we’re hardly a year old – more like 9 months old. That’s truly a remarkable accomplishment and I owe that completely and solely to you, my readers.

Without all of you, this blog is nothing. It’s merely a template of some High School kid’s opinion on an animated series that happens to be hugely popular. No one would be interested in reading that, but a lot of you did anyways and it started a trend. I’ve written a few blogs in the past, but none of them have grown like this. I’ve now learned that the reason they didn’t grow is because they lacked the community that all of you have formed. It lacked the unity that all of us here have created.

Avatar is a unique show because it comprises of one of the most close-knitted, hard-core fans out there. And that’s been proven with all of your comments time and time again. The passion with which some of you discuss the show on the comment board is truly remarkable and it motivates me as a writer to post better content each time.

Treat this as my love letter to all of you from me, but not in a creepy way. I simply cannot thank you all enough for reading, and I can’t wait to cover The Legend of Korra with all of you in the future.

Lastly, I want you to use this time to let me know what I should improve on in terms of writing this blog. Be cruel, but don’t be unreasonable. I want you to knit-pick because I want to improve, but only in ways that benefit the community. If you have no criticism, let me know what you’ve liked about this blog. I’m always interested in reading the good and the bad.

Thanks everyone!

16 Responses

  1. I think your blog is awesome! It always answers the questions I may have about the loK! 🙂

  2. Your blog is really interesting, and you have knowlegde of alot of stuff to do with avatar.

  3. I have no complaints at all! It makes me happy to know that people care about the Avatar Universe just as much as I do! I appreciate you taking the time out of the day to post on here and comment on the personal level that you do. Keep it rolling, I’ll always be tuning in!

    • Thanks Ian,

      I love interacting with all of you commentators! Keep ’em coming and I’ll keep responding no matter the volume of comments!

      Thanks for reading!

  4. Happy anniversary, keep it up 😀

  5. This blog is flawless! Since I am a devoted fan of ATLA and LoK, I always find it surprising that you post news that I’ve never heard about before. I definitely depend on this website now as my primary source of information regarding LoK. Other websites I follow simply can’t keep up to par with you and your consistent posts. Thanks!

  6. happy anniversary!!!!!!!!!!! don’t know how i would get throw the off season without this blog
    only 4 months till LOK is back any idea when book 2 trailers will start?

  7. I just listened to your podcast thing and i think your a awsome dude, and your theory’s about TLOK are cool to read man keep it up (:

  8. A Belated Congratulations on the One Year Anniversary of the Blog!

  9. I never read the blog but this website does show solid information about TLoK and I’ve been wondering so many things regarding this show so keep up the blog because I’m not the only one that feels this way.

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