Commentaries on The Legend of Korra DVD Finished – DVD Should be Released Soon

Earlier this afternoon, Bryan Konietzko used Tumblr to confirm that the crew had finally finished the commentaries for the Legend of Korra DVD this morning. There is still no official word on when we should expect the DVD to hit shelves, but I see no other reason for Nickelodeon to delay its release date any further.

Earlier in December, I wrote that I was fairly confident that Nickelodeon would release the DVD by that month. With Christmas being the primary day of December, it’s only logical to think that Nickelodeon would have pushed to have the DVD released sometime that month.

Unfortunately, Nickelodeon managed to prove me wrong when Mike and Bryan announced that they had started the commentaries for the DVD, which would delay its release date. But now that all of the Special Features look to be finished, I expect Nickelodeon to release the DVD fairly soon. I don’t want to quote myself on a specific time frame, since I don’t want to get your hopes up, but just understand that the wait for the DVD shouldn’t be much longer.

In the mean time, why not pre-order a copy of the DVD so you get it shipped to your house once it’s actually released?

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  1. I’d rather get more bang for my buck, so its worth the wait!!

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