Republic City Needs to be Explored More in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra

One thing I have learned over the years is that there’s no such thing as a perfect show. The Last Airbender was probably one of the best series’ of television I have ever seen, yet the show did have its fair share of flaws. The same thing can be said for The Legend of Korra.

One thing I noticed in Book 1 of The Legend of Korra was that Mike and Bryan really shied away from showing off Republic City. With the invention of the Satomobile and the constant use of Naga (who can walk through a city much easier than Appa would have been able to), we never really had the chance to see Republic City for the awesome city it supposedly is.

Instead, we saw the same parts of Republic City over and over again in different episodes. Personally, I never felt as attached to Republic City as I felt towards Ba Sing Se mostly because I have yet to see the city as a whole. I’ve seen Air Temple Island and the Pro Bending arena loads of times, but what about the shops and merchants on the sides of the streets? Or the towering sky scrapers that Mike and Bryan talked so much about?

We saw parts of Republic City that were meant to continue the story line, but there was very little exploration that was actually done.

We talk a lot about character development and how important it is, but the fact of the matter is that characters are not the only things that need to be developed in a story. The setting of a story can also be developed and explored. The thing about Republic City is that it’s the Avatar’s home. We should be able to feel some sort of connection with it, and if we can’t, something isn’t right.

That’s why in Book 2 of The Legend of Korra, Mike and Bryan will need to explore Republic City a bit more to make the setting a bit more attachable. The only issue with that, however, is that only about half of Book 2 will be in Republic City. The other half will be around the rest of the Avatar World.

Developing Republic City into a comfortable setting will be extremely challenging for Mike and Bryan, mostly because they’ll only have about 7 episodes to do it. But if Mike and Bryan decide to focus more on the plot outside of Republic City, then that’ll likely leave them some room for ‘filler’ in Republic City.

I genuinely hope that this is the case because I really do think that Republic City has some potential. The steam punked city that we heard so much about hardly fit the description mostly because we haven’t seen much of it. I’d love to see Korra and the Gang enter some shops or check out some of the buildings and really just explore the place. I want to feel like I’ve actually been to Republic City.

The thing about The Last Airbender is the Mike and Bryan made everything seem so real even though it was just a mere cartoon. The Avatar World just felt so alive that we as fans began to grow attached to it.

Just think about it: Why do so many of us miss the Northern Water Tribe or the Earth Kingdom? We miss it because Mike and Bryan made us feel so attached to the settings. It’ll be a challenging task, but I think the first step in improving The Legend of Korra will be to make the settings feel more real and attachable.

But as always, I have full faith in Mike and Bryan to pull out the seemingly impossible.

21 Responses

  1. I agree.

    Moar Republic City Pleeze.

  2. Ya I want to see more of it too but I don’t want to dilly dally in it- I want to see how everything has changed lol! I say Bryke has a plan and well see what we need to see!

  3. i think they said in an interview they were going to show more places in republic city they haven’t shown yet and we’re also going to see changes in the southern water tribe. i feel the same way about them not showing more of republic but we got 3 more books to do that. it would be overdose to show to much of it all at once so we have more to look forward to the next seasons. sooooo happy we are getting more seasons

    • Well that’s good. I’ll have to look for that interview, thanks for letting me know.

      But yeah, maybe they are intentionally spreading it out. I still feel like they needed to show a bit more this time around, but we’ll see! 🙂

  4. I agree. I feel as if we’re not getting the full experience when it comes to Republic City. I liked the Ba SIng Se example you used Admin, as we clearly got a grand image through multiple episodes and plot lines. I really hope this time around, we really see the authentic Avatar world, just more modernized with new parts of RC being visited. Kind of a side note, I think this book will be significantly better due to the amount of time and thought being put into it. Now that the creators have some more breathing room when it comes to being able to tell the new story, I think they will be able to pull it off, as they have been able to do before. I mean, this is the same group that many have come to know and love for their work on ATLA, so I have faith lol. Btw great post once again! It’s a shame we haven’t gotten anything when it comes to Book 2.

    • Yeah I have faith in Bryke to make this a better book than the first.

      And yeah, the lack of Book 2 news is frustrating. I though we would have gotten some sort of sneak preview by now.

      • I’m annoyed about that to, its driving me CRAZY!!! partly because of the morons who think Amon and Tarrlok could still be alive! did Amon blood bend their brain before he left? although the lack of news might be worth it. i heard in another interview where they talked about the spirit world saying its not that the spirit world has changed its the physical world and the spirits don’t know how to fit in with all the new technology.

      • Yeah I have no idea why people think Amon might still alive. He’s dead, it couldn’t be any clearer. It wasn’t meant to be speculated.

  5. I have to disagree, I feel like they definitely explored Republic City enough. We’ve seen so many different settings, and it would be a waste of time to focus on the “ordinary” parts of the city. They don’t pose anything new or exciting; you can see virtually the same thing if you take a visit to New York, which is why Mike and Bryan haven’t exaggerated it too much. Republic City has evolved and is almost comparable to modern-day city structuring. The reason they made you love and feel attached to the settings in the old show is because they were so unique and ancient and unlike our world as we know it.

    They will probably end up exploring Republic City more anyway, since they have 7 episodes to take place there, but I’m much more eager to explore outside Republic City. I’m really curious as to what changes have taken place in the rest of the Avatar world. For instance, what became of the Air Temples? Has Ba Sing Se adopted newer technology as Republic City did? All in all, I’m just very excited for Season 2 and am unsure if I can last the upcoming 4 months! By the way, these are just my opinions; please don’t be offended if they diverge from your own. 🙂

    • Hey Falco,

      Thanks for the input, I can see your reasoning.

      And don’t worry, I didn’t take any offense to that, in fact I welcome disagreements! It keeps the discussion going!

      Thanks for sharing your perspective.

    • I agree and disagree with you. I think we should explore Republic City more, but we should also go explore some of the places that the gang had explored previously in Avatar The Last Airbender. it would be fun to see how much the cities have changed.

  6. I actually don’t really like RC,because…it’s not really the City itselfs,but the people in the city. Haven’t y’all noticed that those citizens are extremely rude??? I mean, the Water Tribes are much more fun to watch,kinda boring though, I like Air Temple Island too,but the City…Too busy,rude, I don’t know…I’m happy that TEAM AVATR <333 will explore the whole Avatar world,so we can see the other parts…The FIRE 'part',(the Fire nation that has changied into…?) EARTH' part (futuristic Ba Sing Se) The water tribes and..That air temple from ATLA (upside down,does anyone remembers that temple..?)

    But, I just hope that there will be a lot of adventure, lil' less romatic SH*T, and more ZUKO AND HIS MOM!!! (I don't think that's going to happen :ss )

    Awesome post as always! 😉

    • I think you’re right about that! Those people in RC are actually rude,and RC looks the same everywhere…But it’s just an opninion..Nothing else,Admin!

    • I agree that the romance needs to go. Wasn’t done very well and it just looked stupid. The love triangles are getting old, at least in ATLA the romance was good because people weren’t betraying and cheating.

      • there not enough time. only 14 episodes, so it is doubtful 🙂 tears boo makorra *but thier isn’t a better ship so i guess i be quiet*

  7. I want to know what happend to the air temples, and other places aang went to.

  8. i think RC is even bigger than Ba Sing Se, its made up of all the fire nation colonies plus its based off NYC which would take your whole life to see the whole thing so it will probally take the whole series to show all of RC
    nick game shows how big boarder of the city is…. so big O_O

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