Merry Christmas Legend of Korra Fans – Let’s Chat About the Holidays!


Merry Christmas, everyone!

Christmas is finally upon us and that means that the time of giving has now begun. The goal for today should be to spend time with our family and give back to as many people as you can. You may not have realized it, but most of you are giving right now. By reading this blog, you are giving it more success than I ever dreamed of it receiving.

When I started this blog back in January of this year, I had no idea it would develop into what it is now. It has developed into a fantastic community for Legend of Korra fans and I cannot thank each and every one of you enough for supporting me and this blog by simply reading it and commenting.

My family and I already had our Christmas party yesterday (today is Christmas Eve) which consisted of Flip-Cup, Beer Pong and watching Ted. But that doesn’t mean we won’t celebrate on Christmas Day. I think I’m feeling a trip to the movie theatres to check out The Hobbit with the family. Then I’ll probably start getting back on track by actually blogging about The Legend of Korra, something I have really been slacking on as of late.

But enough about me! Tell me and our awesome community about your plans for the Holidays. Use this post to comment about your Christmas plans as well as what you hope to get from Santa this year.

17 Responses

  1. Well…Admin all I really want is to be able to be with my family. Which I finally am! My entire family gathers and we watch a Christmas Story while trying to rope the littler kids away from gifts before after lunch. We then open presents, and we just talk about what’s been happening. We all spend te night but before bed we all gather round grandmas piano and just sing. My Christmas has already been made because just a few minutes ago I got my first kiss– Haha…. But anyway Meery Christmas!:)

  2. My family is coming over tomorrow (Christmas Day) to my house for our annual feast and get together! I’m so excited, this Christmas season has been so amazing for me! I’m a freshman this year, so it’s my first year of High School, and I’ve made so many new awesome friends that are also obsessed with Avatar! 😉 Plus, ABC Family has been playing all (well, most) of my favorite specials all month! Everything’s going great, except I am really disappointed that LOK won’t be out on DVD by Christmas…so I’ll just have to get it myself the day it comes out! 🙂 Merry Christmas, Admin! And may 2013 be filled with many new supporters of this amazing blog, and hopefully Book 2 of Korra!!! ;D

  3. I just want to say one thing:
    IS The legend of Korra BOOK TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! i got the new 3D ds XL!!!!! my sister came home from college she got a record player, (wonder if those are in the avatar universe now) i got lots of manga, the other thing i was forced to go cold turkey on yes, yes, yes! 🙂 and an itunes card which i’m saving for the the LOK season 2 pass. impressive paint skills again Admin LOL!! and i say the hobbit the other day too its awesome! another thing to look forward to next year is the next hobbit, (thank you world for not ending)

  5. i got a wii u n some games yay

  6. Mu uncle gave me a Vibrator…And condoms…No joke -_-

  7. I came home from first semester of college and what a relief it is to be back at my house! It was really nice to go to see family out of the state and be back home for Christmas! Got a brand new Droid Razr Maxx and its awesome!! Hope all went well for you Admin and that everything on your wishlist was under your tree :). As for the Korra DVDs for season 1, I was hoping for a Christmas release but Amazon hasn’t told me when they will be shipped because I preordered them. I’m sure they’ll come out soon, right? How was your holiday?

    • Hey Ian,

      That’s awesome! I’m sure coming back home after such a long time is nice! I got an iPhone for Christmas last year and after a year with it, I think I’m starting to lean towards the Droid side. I hope you enjoy the phone. Christmas was great for me, thanks for asking. I got a BUNCH of Gift Cards since most people don’t know what to get me. I’ll be doing some after-Christmas shopping pretty soon.

      As for Book 1, yeah no release date has been named yet so Amazon can’t really give you an estimate ship date as of now. I’m hearing that Mike and Bryan are just adding some cast commentary to the DVD now, so it should be complete pretty soon. Amazon will probably send you an e-mail when it gets shipped though, so just hold out a little longer.

  8. well the wii u is good but it all depends on the games u get. it also depends on the person some ppl just cant get used 2 the style of gameplay on wii u. but i loved it.

  9. did anyone stay home on 12/21? i did, i thought everyone was going to go crazy cuz of the end of the world crap, and i couldn’t go to school for 1 more day i got “seniorittis” when seniors have officially checked out for the year cuz i go accepted into 2 colleges 🙂 and applying really burnt me out. winter break couldn’t have come at a better time for me this year. all work and no play makes X a dull kid, all work and no play makes X a dull kid, all work and no play makes X a dull kid… i love playing hooky

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