How to Easily Help The Legend of Korra Beat My Little Pony in Best Animated Series Award

[Update:] Please understand that this is more or less just for fun. It’s realistically impossible for us to catch up with My Little Pony because they are ahead of us by 2 million votes.

That being said, this is more of a test to see how The Legend of Korra community would respond to this kind of event. It’ll be interesting to see how much we can increase our total votes by. Do it if you feel like it, don’t feel like you’re forced to. It’s all fun and games.

As many of us know, the animated show known as My Little Pony is currently beating The Legend of Korra for the best Animated Series of the year. As I have stated, I am not mad that My Little Pony is beating The Legend of Korra, I am mad that the show is beating The Legend of Korra by millions of votes. I have now learned that the reason for this is My Little Pony fans are using Scripts to help auto vote My Little Pony.

Luckily for us, an anonymous source has sent me a script to help up vote The Legend of Korra as well. The only problem is that one man can’t do it alone. To help The Legend of Korra surpass My Little Pony and their band of cheaters, you can run the script and help the Legend of Korra get more votes!

The script is really easy to use. Instructions after the jump.

The script will start running and The Legend of Korra will start getting votes. Just keep the tab running for as long as you can (all night?), and you’ll notice how much the overall votes increase.

48 Responses

    • Keep it running!

    • Avatar Korra Rocks. I haven’t seen My Litlle Pony. It seems to elementary for me. Yet I enjoyed Lady Georgie and Sailor Moon. Too bad they don’t have Lady Georgie in English. My first Anime series. Totally rocked!

      • Maybe you should watch it before rendering judgement. It may be colorful but it’s no elementary. If anything, Korra is more elementary than MLP.

      • I did watch it, I loved the original when I was six but tough the new series is very pretty, I don’t find it as entertaining as I did when I was a kid. But that doesn’t mean it’s nt a good show. I just outgrew it. Whereas Korra I’m totally into.

      • I miss-stated before. My mistake. As in I haven’t watched the season as I stopped at one episode. I watched it with my 8 year old. Who wasn’t much not it either. My kids got me into the Avatar series. And I for one, liked The Last Airbender movie. I’m upset about the bad reviews.

      • Wait. You like The Last Airbender movie? Yikes. For me that’s about on par with saying that you like the LOST ending. The negative reviews are because it’s a bad movie. It was unfaithful to the series, had poorly choreographed fights, wooden acting, and a lot of bad storytelling (lots of telling, not much showing).

        I’m sad that you don’t like MLP, but that’s cool. I don’t enjoy LoK because it had a lot of issues, like poor characterization, lots of unfortunate implications, character derailment (of Mako and Korra but ESPECIALLY Mako) through a poorly written love triangle, and many violations of “Show, Don’t Tell.” There was just a lot of bad storytelling because Bryke got big heads and thought that they could do the entire story on their own.

        Sigh. It was just a huge disappointment.

      • I agree that the movie could have been made a lot better, but I like the characters they used, except for Suko. Didn’t like him as Suko. The action needed some bad ass-aspect. But it was a kids movie and it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t The Lord of the Rings either or even a Potter flick, but I still enjoyed it. I love the legend of Korra. Have you seen Sailor Moon? It’s my kind of Anime, much more than Avatar was. I believe they will go more into details in season two as season one was meant to be a short season with a definete end. Now, they will further explore each character.

      • It lacked the “badass” aspect because they tried to do a number of the fights, which resulted in a lot of people standing around. Oh, and Pebblebending. Bending in the movie was terrible. You shouldn’t excuse it just because it’s a “kid’s movie.” Don’t say that like it should be of lesser quality than any other movie.

        I haven’t seen Sailor Moon. It never interested me. Not because it’s a Magical Girl series, the story was never all that appealing to me.

        The issue with that last part is that there originally was only 1 season. We were going to be left with Mako and Korra kicking everyone into the dirt to get together, and a full reset with everyone getting their bending back (Grrrrr). I hope that the new writers improve on the crap that Bryke did, but I’m not holding my breath. I want development for all the characters, because they didn’t get that in Book 1.

  1. Really? You’re supporting the use of scripts? I don’t care about who wins. I used my one vote on MLP. And I don’t think the use of scripts to combat the use of scripts (and really I’ve heard of multiple fandoms using scripts) is right. Does the million votes really bother you that much? You’re just going to turn it into a war. Bronies can be seriously intense about stuff. I don’t know if using scripts will help.

    • To be brutally honest, I don’t expect The Legend of Korra to win. The reason why I published this is because I’m more interested in seeing how The Legend of Korra Community responds. Is it, or is it not as hard core as the My Little Pony community?

      I don’t mean to start a war mostly because we are so far behind, it’ll take a furious come back to even make it close. I hope you don’t get that idea.

      It’s more for the fun than anything. It’s sort of like, how far can we come back? It’ll be kind of interested to see what happens. Sorry if this offends you, I don’t mean for that to be the case 

      • I’m a pretty mellow Brony. I don’t do art, or anything. I just enjoy the show and I don’t think I’ve seen a fandom as hardcore as the Brony community. They’re pretty intense. It will be interesting to see how the Korra fandom reacts, but I’m not holding my breath.

        You didn’t offend me, I just don’t like the “They’re using scripts! Let’s use scripts to win!” I saw it all over the place in the comments section for the poll. A lot of people were very mad that their show wasn’t winning.

      • Yeah, I’m not trying to get back at them by using scripts. It’s just for fun.

    • About Bronies being the most hardcore fandom, I have to beg to differ. The Supernatural fandom is definitely the most hardcore. We don’t cheat with scripts to win polls. They’re all won legitimately. We win pretty much everything we are nominated for because of dedication, not cheating. If the Brony community was so hardcore and dedicated, they wouldn’t need to cheat to win. For the Peoples Choice awards, one fan voted 168k times by herself for Jensen Ackles to win Best Dramatic TV Actor on the Facebook app. As far as I know, there was no script available for votes on that.

      And it’s not all useless “best tv show” stuff either. This fandom has raised hundreds of thousands for multiple charitable organizations. Misha Collins started a charity himself after he realized our dedication. He started a fundraiser for Haiti a few years ago and got up the next day to $30k in donations.

      • I didn’t say that they were the most hardcore. I just said that they are intense. Bronies have done good, too. This isn’t about whose fandom is better. Just because some of them are using scripts in a poll doesn’t mean you can insult the entire fandom. I don’t think that anyone should be using scripts since it’s juvenile.

        And really, people make a bigger deal out of this than they should. It’s just a poll. I wouldn’t care if Young Justice or Adventure Time won. I really only think Korra shouldn’t win because Bryke totally screwed up Book 1.

    • MLP has little over one million viewers, most of which are actually men in college. And LOK has close to 4 million viewers. I’m to sure how MLP is beating Korra in votes.

      • Is that people who watch the show on Saturday morning? Because I don’t. I don’t wake up for it (except on some occasions). I usually catch it on Youtube through Equestriadaily. And believe me, there are more than just 1 million people watching MLP.

  2. I don’t think being hardcore has anything to do with it. If anything, and this is me personally, I think being hardcore would be losing with class. Unfortunately, I don’t think the MLP loving friends I have would think the same way lol.

    With that said, I’m not gonna talk down on fighting fire with fire, if they are truly doing this. If LoK took 2nd place by being legit, while first place probably would have already won without cheating, that just raises my opinion of the LoK fan base which I am a part of. If not, then like you say, it’s just a fun thing anyway. I’ve seen this kind of thing happen so many times that I was not the least bit surprised by the poll. I just hope no one actually believes that poll to be 100% legit.

    • Some people were taking this poll very seriously, especially Young Justice fans. Some of them were PISSED that MLP was on top.

    • Yeah, I hope you don’t get the idea that I’m trying to fight fire with fire. I’m just giving Legend of Korra fans an option, and it’s really not possible to come back and win now. With 2 million votes down, we’re surly out of the race.

      And yes, this is supposed to for FUN. I’m not trying to start a war, just want to see what happens.

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. did you hear MLP comics sold more than DC comics! holy crude

  4. so this is how avatar fan sprend the time waiting for another season lol it kinda sad 🙂 but go avatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Just as Toph once said, “I cheated a cheater. What’s wrong with that?” 😀

  6. Actually,I THINK taht they really cheat..I mean,I’ve voted and then I refreshed the page and then BOOOOOMMM 200 other votes. I was thinking : WHAAAAAAAAAAAATTT??? IMpossible!!! I refreshed again and : BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM another 200 votes…

    • Oh yeah, they are cheating for sure. That’s been confirmed. I noticed that too, lol 🙂

      •’s confirmed?? What sort of people are they..? Pathetic,that’s what they are,I’m not mad or something..It’s just sooo stupid that adults act like lil’ kids :s

      • Yeah, it is kind of stupid. Only reason I’m trying to rally people to do it is because I’m just curious to see how much we would catch up. We’ve currently obtained 35,000 votes since I posted this.

        And the people who are doing this are idiots. I saw their discussion board where they are organizing this, and it was idiotically comical. Never seen so many people go crazy about something that doesn’t matter.

        Oh well, we all know what the better show AND fan base is now 🙂

  7. The legend of korra should win. If any show beats it though, I hope it’s Young Justice. Anyway, if you didn’t get the script or don’t want to, just keep refreshing after every time you vote. I did that around 70 times and it’s effective.

    • Yeah, don’t worry about spam voting anymore, though. We are virtually a LOCK for second place unless the third place party starts scripting too.

    • OMG! I’ve done that too! But I stopped,cuz the others (MLP) are cheating 🙂

    • Refreshing and voting isn’t effective if you want to do other stuffs at the same time. Using this script you don’t have to keep on clicking and refreshing. Anyways, I can see that not many people are using, since the increase of votes isn’t much. But good to see TLOK tightly on the second place. Keep up the good work!

    • i could tell that the bronies were running scripts because i refreshed every second and they had over 20 more votes each time

  8. How exactly did you find out that they’re using scripts? I need to know, because I’d hate for Legend of Korra to be caught cheating and the MLP votes to be fairly obtained. It would not only be a disgrace to the creators and staff that worked so hard on this series to find that fans cheated unfairly, but that we accused MLP of cheating first in order to do so. I’m not against you at all, or the script; I just can’t do this without having believable proof that MLP’s votes are unfair.

  9. gee i guess it makes sense i mean how it be that many votes ahead without cheating. i like MLP but i would vote for LOK over it any day.
    and happy doomsday very one and happy winter solstice, ah monkey feathers!

  10. Did anyone see “The Search” sneak peak?

  11. Is the competition over? I didn’t see this post. I have 5 computers. I could have easily helped a lot!!

  12. Is the competition over? I didn’t see this post. I have 5 computers. I could have easily helped a lot!!!! Lol.

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