Legend of Korra Currently behind My Little Pony for the Best Animated Series of the Year – by A Lot

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably already know how baffled I am at the fact that The Legend of Korra trails My Little Pony in the Best Animated Series award. Let me be clear that I’m not angry at the fact that My Little Pony is leading The Legend of Korra. Obviously, that show must have some pretty dedicated fans and they deserve the support that they have claimed.

What surprises me is the margin of victory My Little Pony is about to have over The Legend of Korra. Currently, The Legend of Korra is in second place with about 263,000 votes. My Little Pony is in first place with over 2,000,000 votes. That’s not a typo; My Little Pony literally has over 2 million votes to Legend of Korra’s mere 263 thousand.

Now to be quite honest, I have no idea why the margins are so big. I’ve never seen My Little Pony, so I have no intentions of bad-mouthing the show, but I’m fairly confident that it isn’t a show that I’d particularly enjoy. But what puzzles me is how far The Legend of Korra has fallen behind.

Does this show still have the kick that The Last Airbender had? From what I’ve scene, The Last Airbender was definitely a better series so far, but has Avatar really fallen that far? Or maybe people just aren’t voting. To be fair, animated series’ such as South Park and Family Guy only have about 28,000 votes TOTAL. Those shows have always been popular, so those totals don’t exactly represent the show’s followings very well.

Maybe the same can be said for The Legend of Korra? Maybe people just aren’t voting. Or maybe, My Little Pony truly is a show that’s 10 times better than The Legend of Korra. The possible explanations are endless, to be quite honest.

When a poll is taken, the selections are generally the most popular selections of all. As a result, the margin of victory is generally fairly small. Maybe the first place selection will outgun the second place nominee by a hundred thousand votes if they’re lucky.

But 1.8 million votes? That’s unheard of.

Obviously first place is pretty tightly secured, but we wouldn’t want The Legend of Korra to slip down any further. So what should you do? Vote!

And don’t forget to comment your theories below as to why My Little Pony outgunned The Legend of Korra by so many votes. I’m always interested in hearing that.

27 Responses

  1. Sounds about right to me. As a fan of MLP: Friendship is Magic and Avatar, I can say with a clear conscience that MLP is the better show by far. It handles itself much better than LoK did (by a lot), especially with feminism. Korra has a lot of unfortunate implications that keep it from being as good as My Little Pony.

    • What would you say is the age range for a show like My Little Pony. I’m very unfamiliar with the show.

      • The show is rated for children (mostly girls) 2 and up. What makes it appeal to an older (and surprising male) crowd is that the show isn’t written just for 2 year old girls. It’s written to appeal to young girls and anyone else, similar to how Batman: The Animated Series and Spectacular Spider-Man appeal to people young and old. I would recommend watching the show if you have the time. The first two episodes aren’t the best, but it’s one of my favorite shows.

  2. Well brother it’s a little thing called three year olds loving horses. When I was little my aunt got me a dollhouse with a stable to go with it. I ditched the house and practically sleep with te stable and horse dolls. Trust me, little girls would kill for horses- period.

    • Yeah I figured it had a huge fan base because of all the little kids. Once they get hooked on something (like MLP), it’s hard to get them off. Kind of like me and Barney when I was younger. 🙂

  3. I don’t think LOK will win, but we can vote for it for the Annie Awards. It got nominated. Here: http://insidemovies.ew.com/2012/12/03/annie-awards-nominees/

  4. I watch both and I prefer Korra by alot. I think it is because My Little Pony is VERY BIG on the internet. Pretty much everyone one 9gag and facebook watch it. But not as big on TV and stuff. No one watches MLP on the TV, they all watch it on the internet. Its the opposite for Korra. Korra’s fanbase on the internet isn’t nearly half as big as MLP. But overall the fanbase for both shows are about the same amount of people (not just the internet fanbase).

    • Now that makes a lot of sense. MLP’s fan base is big on the Internet, thus they probably all know about the Best Animated Series award. I don’t think all the Legend of Korra fans know about the vote.

      Thanks for clearing that up!

  5. You have to be kidding me?

  6. I just voted (litterly) 100 times -_- Because I just love Avatar SOOO FREAKIN’ much!

  7. Though the pony series has a huge fan base, I have to admit it does handle itself better in certain areas, especially feminism, than lok. Lok has the implication that being traditionally feminine is bad and since Asami only got Korra’s respect after participating in a traditionally “masculine” thing like car racing, instead of what Korra assumed Asami to be “shopping and makeovers” like it was a bad thing simply based on her nicely made-up face. For all the raving of Korra being a strong woman, she fainted a lot towards the end, had to be held like a baby by a guy, and had her entire character tied to banging Mako, even to the point of her final climax being about saving him, while her air training was never shown since episode 2. The series also failed the bechdel test hard as most of the women never talked to each other unless it was about Mako or romance…that’s why even though the pony series might be overrated, i still prefer it to korra in terms of the way women are handled. Lauren faust did have a point when she said that having a romance often derails a girls’ cartoon, since it messes up the plot as well as prevents strong female relationships, so she did not include it in her own cartoon.

  8. What I find baffling is that the majority of guys in my high school – yes, HIGH SCHOOL – are obsessed with My Little Pony. I’ve never seen it either, but even so, if the shows anything like the toys that I grew up with, why the heck is the show attracting guys so mich? o.o

    • Because it’s not the toys that you grew up with. I recommend checking it out because Gen 4 is nothing like the old My Little Pony.

  9. In my opinion, just a lot of people on the internet are in love with my little pony, otherwise I can´t explain that.

    I never heard about this rating/voting before and I am a huge fan of Family Guy, South Park and of course LoK and so do others, but
    all of these shows have a huge Fan base and so does MLP, which most are in favroite older boys (men), who are a lot on the internet, what explains the huge amount of votes for MLP.
    If this vote asked more people off the internet, things may be diffrent.

    I can´t really tell you, why MLP is so huge on the internet or why people love it so much, but seriously everone should watch what they want to.

    I don´t give a izzy bizzy about those votings, because they can never tell a 100% exact view about the viewers of a show or its quality.

    So: NO, LoK is not bad at all, I like it as much as A:TLA and so do others, the vote had these result because of the huge Internet fanbase.

    Thanks for the article though, I didn´t know about that voting LOL.


  10. I don’t think My Little Pony’s 1.8 million lead is anything to be too concerned about. I’ve seen some people saying that, apparently, some of the show’s most dedicated fans are using scripts to continuously vote for the show; up to the voting limit per minute. This makes sense, because for all of the other nominated shows to only have between 10,000 and 275,000 votes, something has to be going on for My Little Pony to have 2 million. I’m sure the show is really good if it has this dedicated of a fan base, but a 1.8 million lead over a show like Korra is just completely ridiculous.

    Anyway, the main reason for such such a large margin of victory here is probably a mix of the scripting and the fan bases of the other shows simply being unaware of the poll. Only 12,000 votes for a big show like Family Guy in no way represents its overall followings.

    • Funny thing was as soon as I wrote this, I was looking for a script myself to up Korra’s votes. I probably would have shared it with all of you if I found it.

      • At this point, that’s probably going to be the only way that Korra would win over My Little Pony, which currently has nearly 2.3 million votes as opposed to Korra’s nearly 270,000 votes. They’re getting about 200,000 votes a day now.

  11. who cares? 😛

    • It’s just something to discuss. I’m not trying to make a huge deal about it, but it’s just a little something we can all talk about with the lack of news these days.

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