Fan-Made Legend of Korra YouTube Series Talks About the Aftermath of Book 1

The Republic

The biggest problem I’ve always had with Book 2 is the fact that it takes place 6 months after the events of Book 1. At the end of Book 1, the big picture of Amon and his tyranny were cleared up, but there were still a lot of loose ends in terms of the overall plot line.

The biggest loose end has to be whether or not the Equalist Regime ended completely or not. You can’t expect such a large rebellion to simply die out once their leader has been killed. But since Book 2 contains its own separate plot line, it’s doubtful that the regime will even be mentioned.

Thankfully for us, we have the creative minds of the fan base to help fill in the gaps that Mike and Bryan left for us. So what really did happen directly after Korra ended Amon’s wrath? Obviously, we all probably have our own theory, and we can probably tell it to as many people as we please. But the YouTube group known as The Republic Online has the unique ability to show it to us, and show it to us well.

The Republic Online has created a live-action YouTube show that essentially portrays their vision of what really happened after Amon and Tarrlock were killed (yes, they were killed). I don’t want to spoil anything because the shows are extremely well done and the special effects are surprisingly good, but I will say that they’re well worth watching.

So far they have two episodes uploaded, but they plan on doing several more in the future. Don’t forget to check them out on YouTube and you can watch their first episode right here:

Episode 2 is even better than the first in my opinion because the entire episode features a live action bending duel between the two characters. Check it out:

12 Responses

  1. Wow I will! Thanks for telling us this! I’m sorry if this is al shaky but I’m extremely nervous. My book was sent off for publication- fingers crossed to see what happens to it

  2. so why did they leap forward 6 months for? kind of weird…

    • because they ran out of ideas 🙂 usually they do that to create a sense of mysterys… and it can allways be flashback moment like *our relationship went down hill 2 month ago etc *

    • They did this so that Book 2 would have its own separate storyline. This way, the star arc back to Book 1 is as minamal as possible. Kind of stupid, if you ask me.

      • yeah they could have done a few episodes showing the city recovering after the attack and Korra air training some more, it’s not like they jumped a head by years but a lot can happen in 6 months a lot of ideas could have come out of that! they still have to fill the 70 year gap between ATLA and LOK, and they give us another huge gap! and are they ever going to find out what happened to Amon and Tarrlok!? i mean their short a concelmen now! who’s going to take his place!? if they don’t even mention those guys next season I’m going to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. fantastic into, but i don’t like the rest of it they got stuff incarnate Bolin never lost his bending 😦

    • We created original characters for the show, so the brother that the firebender refers to is not Bolin. The firebender is a former Triple Threat Triad member named Zhi, and the waterbender is a Republic City official named Karruk. We wanted to use original characters so that we could build our own story, separate from the TLoK cannon! Also, using original characters meant that we could take more liberties regarding the plot. Hope this helps clear things up! Thank you for watching and we hope you stay tuned!

  4. and not to mention the huge 20 year gap in Amon’s life, really what was he doing?. story gaps, story gaps every where

  5. to bad nick magazine went out of business they could have covered what happens in between the 2 seasons in a comic they would have given that whole story by now sense it was 6 months sense the finally and it’s a monthly magazine!, i use to love those comics and we could have gotten that filler that everyone else wanted. and i wouldn’t be suffering these horrible withdrawal symptoms ( X foams at mouth) the economy just had to go down the toilet, does anyone think it could start up again in the future?

    • Forgot about those magazines. Loved the commercial! I don’t think it’ll start up again, but I definitely hope it does.

      • yeah i use to have a subscription to it, i forgot about it to for a while too until the story gap issue came into question. if they made one issue dedicated to just korra it would sell like hot cakes. and they sold a whole book with just ATLA comics from the magazine and i think they also wrote a comic that took place in between book 2 and book 3 when Azula tried to kill Aang so heck yes they could have covered the book 1 and book 2 gap for LOK ggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrr please come back nick magazine!

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