Support the Development of a Legend of Korra Lego Set

With Christmas right around the corner, the time of giving is now (NOT getting). If you’re a Legend of Korra fan or a fan of Legos, you currently have the opportunity to make dreams come true. Someone by the alias of GlenBricker has recently started a Lego Project in which he or she has created a Legend of Korra Lego set that contains Korra, Amon and the Mecha Tank that we saw Hiroshi Sato use to attack Team Avatar.

Unfortunately, the project will only stay an idea until Lego decides to begin production. And the only way for Lego to begin production is if the idea gets 10,000 supporters.

That’s why I have come to you, my readers, for help. This project currently only has 231 supports so it obviously has a long way to go. But with your help, maybe we can get this project jump started. Besides, choosing to support this project is entirely free of charge and extremely easy. Why wouldn’t you do it? (Don’t be a Grinch!)

Here’s what you have to do:

  • The first order of business is to Sign Up for a Cuusoo Account. Cuusoo is a website that developers upload their projects to in order to get supporters
  • Once you’re all signed up, Login and visit the Project Page.
  • Now simply click the Support button and answer some questions.
  • You will come to a question that asks how much you are willing to pay for this. They are not asking you to actually pay; rather they want to know how much money they should charge for the product if it is produced. I put $14.99, if you’re curious.

By doing this, you have increased the chances of GlenBricker’s product hitting shelves, not to mention the chances of every other Legend of Korra fan waking up on Christmas morning and finding a Legend of Korra Lego set in their stockings.


If you’re still interested in helping this project flourish, share this blog post on Twitter, Facebook or any other Social Network you may use. Spread the word in any way you can and you too can be responsible for having a Legend of Korra Lego set hit shelves in the near future.

2 Responses

  1. korra and Amon look weird… mecha is cool though

  2. Sounds awesome!

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