Community Opinion: Who was the Better Villain Between Fire Lord Ozai and Amon?

Christmas Korra

December has finally arrived in 2012 and even though the world is supposed to end pretty soon, the future is still packed with loads of fun for Legend of Korra fans. December 25th is rapidly approaching and Old Saint Nick is currently busy preparing tons of Legend of Korra merchandise for us avid ‘Korra’ fans.

That means games, posters, action figures and quite possibly DVD’s.

My cousins and I actually plan on tracking Santa Claus this year on the popular satellite tracking website Norad Santa. It’s loads of fun for the older ones that love the Christmas season, and perfect for the younger ones that still believe in the jolly-old man with the big red coat (he IS real).

Anyways, with Legend of Korra news slow once again, I thought it would be a good idea to launch another Community Opinion post. The last one was a great success and I wanted to thank all of you who commented and shared your opinion with us. The general idea for this particular Community Opinion post is the same: Use the comment section below to interact with other fans and talk about the discussion topic at hand. Don’t forget to state your opinion!

Now for the topic:

Fire Lord Ozai and Amon were both undoubtedly fierce villains. Both of them had their fair share of strengths and weaknesses, but every fan probably has his or her preference as to which villain they liked the most.

Use the comment section below to share your thoughts on which villain you preferred. Don’t by shy to reply to your fellow ‘Korra’ fans, but remember: Keep it friendly!

30 Responses

  1. I think they were both bad but I think out of the two, Amon takes the cake! Who takes away bending if there a bender? But anyway, my cousin and Shay are going to be doing that Santa Claus thing but chances are ill be up all night with a telescope watching for Jim to come and writing my manuscript! Merry Christmas!

  2. I felt that Amon was a much more interesting villain than Ozai. As terrifying and deplorable as his tactics may have been there was a great deal of truth in his message. Ozai on the other hand was a more or less irredeemably evil character and rather flat, more like Yakone than Amon. In my opinion the most interesting parallels can be drawn between Ozai vs. Yakone, Azula (maybe Jet as well for the shared belief of ends justify the means) vs. Amon, and Long Feng vs. Tarrlok. As my list is missing Hiroshi I guess he and Jet share the inability to separate in their minds the people who killed their loved ones with people in general. The rough riders killed jets family so the whole fire nation must be evil and a bender killed Hiroshi’s wife so all benders must be evil. As for Amon vs. Ozai, Amon all day every day.

    • The comparisons you made were really good. I actually never thought about it that way.

      And I agree with you, Amon for sure.

      Thank you for reading and commenting! 🙂

  3. I think Amon was better because he was more complex than your typical “I’m going to take over the world” bad guy like Ozai was. There was actually an interesting and complex background to Amon that showed why he became the way he is. Also, he takes people’s bending away–that’s the most unique ability I’ve ever seen a villain have. So, yeah, Amon.

    • Yeah Amon definitely had a bit more story to him and his motive was much more original. Ozai had the typical Take Over the World idea that is covered in a lot of other stories.

      Thank you for commenting!

      • yeah i love the son of a former gangsta back story and how he left the show was well written, if they got rid of him any other way they would just be flushing him down the toilet. another reason why Amon is so great is that he is an interactive character, there was this hilarious thread on the message board called ask Amon, the funniest part was that they answered just like Amon would have. i also heard of this pic someone took at comic con were one guy was Amon and he had his 2 friends jump into the air so it looked like he was bloodbending them :). All Oazi did was sit on his butt all day giving orders, lame. Amon is definitely the most memorable villain in the avatar world, the only way they can top or tie up with him if you ask me is if they somehow give a really dangerous airbender villain, could there be a dark side to airbending like waterbending? on a slightly unrelated note LOL korra in a Santa hat 🙂

      • A villain that’s an Airbender would be CRAZY! Would have to be a descendant of Aang, but that would make it even better! Bryke should think about that. Would be intense!

        And yeah, I made the image myself in like 2 min LOL. Microsoft Paint for the WIN!

  4. Both villains were undoubtedly interesting, and while I feel Ozai was the more evil of the two, Amon’s character was more intriguing and mysterious. In TLoK, we saw that Amon may of had a smidgen of good in him (I inferred this through the flashback we got of his childhood self in ‘Skeletons in the Closet’), but on the other hand, Ozai was shown to be just a firebending megalomaniac, among other things (such as being a terrible father). I don’t believe Amon was genuinely evil, but more confused and misunderstood than anything. Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Aang and Korra totally beat these suckers! Lol 🙂

    • Yeah, Ozai was definitely pure evil. I read a comment on this blog a while ago stating that Amon was kind of like Hitler. He was evil in our eyes, but he truly believed in what he was doing. In other words, he truly believed that he was the good guy.

      Thank’s for commenting!

  5. I think ozai was the better villain not because of who he was himself, but the dynamics he brought to the show. In particular his relationship to both ozai and Zuko really brought interest to the show. Amon, though related to Tarlokk, just didn’t bring in that personal impact that ozai had. In terms of evilness, awesomeness, and ability to create a plot, they were fairly even.

    • That’s a good argument. Amon pretty much had zero attachment to the characters in the show whereas Ozai was emotionally attached to 3 of the most important characters in the show.

      I feel like they gave Amon more depth by showing his full background, though.

  6. That’s awesome about the Santa tracker lol I’ll show my younger cousin as well :). I totally agree with SpiritMonkey! As much as I think Amon was the better villain because of his very evil back story (insane father who wants revenge against the Avatar), I think we have to take into consideration some things about Ozai. Compared to Amon’s only evil background coming from one person in his ancestry, Ozai and the way of life of most firebenders back during the time of ATLA were mostly on the more evil side. Ozai inherited a way of life that was encouraged by many to be the way he was and could trust many people. The guy had an official army and the backing of most of the Fire Nation. Amon had supporters in pretty much Republic City (not too sure about anywhere else?) and even some of the people in Republic City were either staying neutral in the Equalist conflict or opposed it. The overbearing fear of the Fire Nation was previously a huge threat compared to a movement by extremists. I think Amon wins because he was the better villain as a single person, However, Ozai definitely has a lot more support and could possibly defeat the Equalists. Besides, if an 11 year old boy defeated Ozai, I’m pretty sure a manipulating blood bender would win hands down. :)) Great topic! Can’t for Book 2: Spirits!!!

    • Yes, definitely show your little cousin the tracker. He’ll be screaming “SANTA!” within minutes!

      And I agree with what you’re saying. Ozai was definitely much bigger, but Amon was more powerful.

      Thank you for commenting and reading!

  7. Okayy..Wait..So we STILL don’t know when book 2 is coming out? And…We still have to wait soooo long,to have or know a realease date? I mean,it’s just a release date,not a top secret-thing or something..?

    PS: I’m a big korra-fan from Belgium,so my English isn’t the best!

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hey Obamaniqua,

      Your English is great! Greetings from the USA!

      To answer your question, No, we still don’t know when Book 2 will officially come out. Stay tuned, though, we should be getting a release date in the near future!

      Thank’s for commenting!

  8. I think both of them are awesome characters with a good story behind them, but I´m going with Ozai, because he has developed over three whole seasons to a big final evil mastermind while Amon on the other site “died” after 11 Episodes.
    So, all hail to the firelord. xD

    Greetings from the freezing Germany and enjoy the Xmas season, ;D

    • Hey Felix,

      Yeah, Ozai was definitely developed much more than Amon. I personally thought Amon was more powerful, but I liked Ozai more as a villain mostly because he was developed fairly well.

  9. Fire Lord Ozai was a much more oppressive villain. He had the entire Fire Nation behind him, including all benders and non-benders of that vast nation, and he also jeopardized the entire world. Amon, on the other hand, set into play a much smaller-scale revolution that took place in only one city. His plans never went beyond that. Also, the ability to take away bending only pertained to him: one person.He could never have achieved his goals in so quick a time Ozai could have, especially with Sozin’s Comet. Don’t get me wrong, I like Amon better, but Ozai posed more of a threat no matter how cliche his goals sounded!

    • Ozai definitely had a HUGE backing. That’s probably why Ozai’s goal of taking over the world was far bigger than Amon’s goal of taking over RC. Amon did not have the type of backing to take over the world.

      Amon was definitely a better villain, but I liked Ozai more as a character.

  10. I think amon was, because aang knew he could kill ozai, he just didn’t want to. Korra didn’t know how to defeat amon, making him more fearful. Plus, korra was really scared of amon (Remember the voice in the night) and i dont think aang was that scared of ozai. And amon had those chi blockers with him, so he can stand up to pretty much anyone.
    By the way, isnt it weird how aang, toph and sokka, the only members of the old group that are dead, were the last ones of the old group that were in republic city? Maybe they died doing a mission or something together that korra’s gonna find out about in later books. It’s not that they were that old when they died or anything.

    • Good argument! Never thought about that. Amon was definitely a fierce villain now that I really think about it. Like you said, Team Avatar didn’t know how to kill him!

  11. Defiantly Ozai because he personally I thought he was a more interesting character considering he was the Fire Lord also you got to have more time to know hime throughout the tv show.

    • Yeah, I liked Ozai mostly because the idea of his character was so great. He had so many connections with other characters whereas Amon’s only emotional connection was with Yacone, who we never officially met in present time.

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

  12. Actually, you’ll be happy to know that the rest of the calendar was found in a hidden temple…so we’re safe! 😉 I hope the DVD’s are out by Christmas…! As for whose the better villain…I have to say Ozai. If Amon was the long term villain for LOK like Ozai was to ATLA, then it would have been close. 🙂

  13. Out of the two, I definitely prefer Amon. He is given more and better development, has a more complicated and believable past and backstory, and brings up genuinely difficult questions about the role of bending in the universe and about equality itself (questions not unlike those that are raised in the Star Wars universe considering the Jedi and the Sith). Comparatively, Ozai was not as interesting, complex, or developed. However, out of all villains, Azula is undoubtedly my favourite. However, she is not part of this conversation so I’ll leave her and her insanity out of it.

  14. There are a couple of points that are missing from this discussion. In fact I’m going to repeat what RepublicCityGal argued, and I really don’t see how anybody who has minutely watched the two Avatar-s can maintain something different.

    1. Firelord Ozai, shown for the brief moments as he was, was somebody whose villainy was established beyond doubt. When the repentant Zuko detailed his father’s monstrous plan of incinerating everything that lay in his way, Sokka, always mirthful as he was, paused, pondered over it, and referred to the plan and the mind behind it as ‘pure evil’. Ozai didn’t spare his own brother, wife and son, and in a sense was ready to sacrifice his own daughter as well to further his goal of becoming the ‘Phoenix King’. Can anybody remember his face when he created that huge fireball from atop the war balloon, the absolute hideousness in his expression? Where is Amon compared to that insane hatred for all living, breathing things?

    2. There were human reasons responsible for Amon’s deviation, and even then he tried NOT to KILL ANYBODY until the fag end of his career. He just wanted to level the playground as it were, impelled by an ‘equalist’ ideologue; and he only sought to empower the non-benders who were, admittedly, always mal-treated. What would ANYONE among us do, were we in the same situation, pitted with the life of a non-bender, knowing well that the person who is misbehaving with us all the time can kill us instantaneously, with even the administration solely consisting of supremely-powerful benders? Is that even a democracy? What is republican in that system? Amon was terribly alone, being a bender he sided with the commoners, understanding that a system based on inequality can hardly be an ideal one, with or without an Avatar in it, a gifted person who is, after all, the most powerful bender.

    The two characters are studies in completely different scenarios, representing two drastically separate personalities. Amon is not a villain; he is more of an anti-hero, in reality. I have more thoughts in this topic, but..well..I have written too much already!
    Stay safe guys! 🙂

  15. Of the two i would have to choose Amon. One thing I like about the two villains is their partial detachment from the story. Ok what i mean is, if we take Ozai as the example, the avatar had very little contact with him throughout the series, main contact being the middle and end of season 3. Many a times Aang had to fight his henchmen like General Zhao, I think that was his name, Zuko, Azula or some other emissary of the Fire Lord. With Amon though the Avatar would have had quite a number of encounters with him throughout the 11 episodes, if he were to walk by the Avatar without his mask, and the fake make up, Korra would have no idea who he is. But as mentioned earlier Amon takes the cherry for me for many reasons. The first being, to me, in the beginning of the series he seemed to have been underestimated. I mean hahaha please only one person can take away someones bending and he is dead so you must be insane. Second, the type of fear he instilled in benders, well some of them, and the fear he instilled in the Avatar was ingenious. In war the most feared enemy is the one whom you know nothing about. The third reason is his mannerism. So OK you just took down my entire fleet of henchmen, try that stunt on me now! Like a BOSS lol. Someone mentioned earlier that like Hitler he believed what he was doing was right and that mixed with all the other elements gives Amon an uniqueness that makes him one of the most nail biting villains I have seen for a very, very long time. Next to the Joker but that doesn’t count.

    I saw this post late.
    Hope the activity is still going.

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